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A Muppetational Thanksgiving

What a fun-filled day full of loving (if a bit wacky) family with so many blessings given to us from above.  So thankful that He has led me through this one of the toughest years I have had to endure with not only my own physical hurdles but hopefully within a few weeks those of my Dad and Chad’s as well.  Chad is having his gall bladder removed on the 1st and Dad goes to a specialist on the 2nd.  I pray that both of them come out of these experiences better and stronger for the experience.

As tradition, I got up and helped set the table for the first of two feasts and then watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade getting a glimpse of some of the best of this year’s Broadway shows and a sneak at the coming Newsies!!!! that would be EXTREMELY fun to see on stage.

Before we sat down to two long tables in the dining room and Mom joined a few of the littles in the kitchen, Alex provided the blessing.  He is serving as chaplain in his Boy Scout troop.  He says he is also bugler but has yet to get a bugle.

After the noon day feast, I stretched out and tried to nap… NICE TRY!  Not sure what we did, just sat around enjoying each other’s company and viewed Elizabeth’s video she made for her honors English or Lit class (whichever it was) a faux trailer for a new version of H.G. Wells’ (not Orson, Jeff) The Time Machine.  And at 4, the annual Drug Cartel of Dallas football game.  And around 5, the Swary contingent arrived for the second feast.

FINALLY, a troop of us headed to the movies to watch The Muppets!  YAY!!!!!! Highly, HIGHLY recommended!  I would pay to see it again!  Everything that I love about the old series and the movies rolled into one and with nods to both.  The new character, Walter stole the show he was SOOOOOOO adorable.  Cameos, singing, dancing, fun for the ENTIRE family.  It could have done with a bit more Statler and Waldorf but still great fun!  Mahna Mahna!  In an interview, Jason Segel (who plays Walter’s human twin, Gary and served as a writer and producer) stated that every generation needs a Muppet movie.  No spoilers just plain, good, FAMILY fun!

Finally, Chad and Cynthia stayed to go to shop electronics at Wal-Mart for Black Friday while the rest of us drove home.

Hope all of you my friends AND family had a blessed Thanksgiving  filled with love.  Do DOO de Do Do! Mahna Mahna! I think that will be stuck in my head for a few days.

Help Wanted

Well… it seems that Oscar is in need of a host once again.  Yesterday, amid scandal and controversy the producer of next year’s Academy Award extravaganza Brett Ratner backed out of his duties.  Shortly after, Eddie Murphy stepped down as host.  This morning, I heard two possible contenders being promoted (two being rather subjective).  On GMA, there was a huge push for the soon to be returning to the silver screen Muppets to take the gig.  What a boon that would be!  An instant band for the evening courtesy of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem.  Comedy provided by Fozzie Bear.  Joan Rivers could be joined on the red carpet by the queen of fashion, Miss Piggy.  The Oscar parties could be catered by the Swedish Chef.  Gonzo could do…. Whatever.  Even heckling would be provided by the masters, Statler and Waldorf.  And of course, your Master of Ceremonies…. Kermit The Frog.  YAAAAAAAAAAA!  I cannot wait for the movie to open in time for the holidays.  There is even an on-line push for the Muppets chance at the gig

Later during my morning cup of cocoa (boy it is starting to feel like November), Regis jokingly threw his hat in the ring.  Of course, after next Friday, the Reege will have plenty of time to devote following the final episode of his 28 year run on his morning program.  I don’t know where they will possibly come up with a worthy successor to his charming, acerbic wit.  Maybe even an unknown… Mr. Philbin’s memoir is soon to be on bookshelves everywhere.  Of course, he is “JUST MOVING ON!” and NOT actually retiring.  If memory serves, Regis did serve as the host of a pre-Oscar show a few years ago and did take over on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve after Dick Clark suffered a stroke.  Maybe he should step up to the big show?

Or… dare I say… combine the two.

Wrap Session

Well today was our finale for You Have the Right to Remain Dead.  You just had to be there to understand how much fun the entire experience was.  The show itself was brilliant but the cast was another memorable group to work with and I befriended a 4th grade boy who was one of our “plants” in the audience.  Was it Saturday night when John exclaimed that he heard “gunshots  fired… sounding like Pt-oo! Pt-oo!” Today,  I KNOW it was him who nearly gave away the KEY clue to the entire show when he stated that instead of Harnell saying “Carefully” as he exited the stage he actually said “Careful, Leigh.”  Yesterday, as I mentioned previously, an innocent member of the audience figured out the clue by herself which is understandable.

And yes, I played Harnell Chesterton, “Your narrator for our little bit of mayhem.  A host to a muhdah as it were.”  And I WAS the one who was murdered.  I must tell you that the first few times I practiced being carted out in a wheelchair with my head down, eyes closed, and trying so hard NOT to move was some of the hardest times I have ever had on stage because some of the accents from the other characters and the lines are so funny that it was nearly impossible to not crack up.  Then I am covered up and wheeled off the stage “with the rest of the props” (how degrading).  The funny thing is… I never knew what position I would be in after the others are finished poking and prodding me to make sure I was indeed “dead.”  This afternoon, I was so messed up that my head was dangling over the side so far that I could not possibly fit through the door frame.  I attempted to slowly but unobtrusively straighten enough to be pushed off stage.

At the end of the show after the murderess is revealed, I am pushed back on stage still covered with the afghan (“You were knitting a dog?” a line that got a groan most performances).  Last night, I tried to raise my arm and give a royal wave.  This did not work as, somehow, I became caught up and ended up bringing part of the door frame with me.  I always did manage to have “Fat Daddy’s” hat on top of my head on top of the afghan.

Justj and his youngest were in the audience this afternoon on their way to Ft. Wayne.  He knew from the outset that I would be the one murdered (or maybe he was hoping that I would be but “Don’t assume”).  He however thought that the killer would be Blanche, the long suffering director who has had enough of Harnell’s “padding his part” by giving the audience insight on how to solve a murder.  She very nearly gives the narrator the old hook treatment while he is giving his spiel from his box seat.  I felt like both Statler and Waldorf but was not able to offer my sarcastic remarks to the play within the play.  Instead, I read “Doris’s” book of Complete Shakespeare (usually the Scottish play beginning with the letter M that is considered bad luck to mention in a theatre).

Following the show this afternoon of course came the striking of the set.  Travis and Mary came over after their Little Shop production was over.  Then, the remaining cast and crew members enjoyed pizza and each others company.  I have a really difficult time breaking away from a show; this one has been so much fun that I think it will take a bit longer.

Hopefully, I will not have to wait too long for the next show.  In a few weeks, I do plan to return to the Huber to audition for It’s A Wonderful Life.