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One More Episode

The end of a 10 year odyssey is upon those who have been able to follow the formative years of Clark Kent on the series Smallville. I like to think of the series as an Elsewhere’s storyline (one in which much of what you know about a character is somehow altered).  Characters were introduced earlier than what long time fans were accustomed to.  The “No Flights, No Tights” scenario concocted by the show’s creators has been adhered to but something tells me that this may change as the young man finally fully accepts his destiny.  If not, then I sense a HUGE letdown… even if it is for the last seconds of the series.

My favorite parts of the series were definitely the guest appearances of the past keepers of the Superman legacy.  Dean Cain played a villain.  Teri Hatcher played Lois Lane’s mother (how ironic).  Margot Kidder made an appearance.  Get this… Terence Stamp (who played the EVIL General Zod in Superman I and II) has been the voice of Jor-El (Superman’s father) for the last several years.  Finally before his untimely tragic death, MY Superman, Christopher Reeve made two memorable appearances as Dr. Virgil Swan who taught Clark more about his Kryptonian heritage.  The two episodes were definitely my favorite.  It was if a torch was being passed from one man of steel to another.  Not forgetting that Annette O’Toole (who plays Martha Kent on Smallville) portrayed Clark Kent’s high school sweetheart Lana Lang in Superman III.

So, while not always the most faithful of shows to what has come before, it will be very strange not to see new episodes of the series after this Fridays 2 hour series finale.  Which will leave one must see show on the air.

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No More Truth, Justice, &

the AMERICAN way.”  In Action Comics #900, the Man of Steel renounces his U.S. citizenship to embark upon a more global “neverending battle”.  Quite a milestone in the 72 year life of the superhero who was sent to Earth from a doomed planet, raised in America’s heartland by a kindly midwestern farm family who would instill within their adopted son the morals and ethics which would become his greatest weapons, and finally become the World’s Finest while disguised as a mild mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper.  Flight, near invincibility, X-ray vision, and all the rest could be used for other things than engaging the likes of Lex Luthor, Doomsday, and Bizzaro if not raised in a loving environment.  Yes, I know that opinion could be debated infinitum but still…

In other Super-related news, Brandon Routh (rhymes with south) and Sam Huntington who played Superman and Jimmy Olsen, respectively in Superman Returns are teaming up in a new zombie-hunting film.  Routh plays detective Dylan Dog in the aptly titled Dylan Dog: Dead of Night.  Judge for yourself, but it looks like the curse may have claimed its latest victim.

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Give Me What I Want And I’ll Go Away

If memory serves, Stephen King’s Storm of the Century was a mini-series in the late 90s.  It definitely was not a theatrical release since I watched the 2hr15min first part tonight.  I have seen many of King’s other movies and this one definitely ranks VERY high.  Maybe it’s because Mr. King actually had a hand in the production or perhaps it’s because everything about the movie is so compelling.  For a televised production, I thought the editing was very well done.  It is usually much easier to pick out where commercials would be inserted but it just flowed.

I caught the blink or you miss cameo by the writer and a reference to at least one of his other works.  I caught the Superman homage and chuckled when Tim Daly uttered it.  For those of you who don’t know, Daly was the voice of the animated Man of Steel from 1996-2000.  But Colm Feore who plays the creepy, enigmatic, brilliant baddie, Andre Linoge made me think of another equally brilliant villain: Dr. Hannibal Lechter.  But tell me, what was it he was whispering throughout especially when the sound of the storm was raging?  I don’t think it was “I’m a Little Teapot.”

I can’t wait to watch part 2 to find out just what exactly Linoge is.  Signs are given throughout that he might be a leftover from ‘Salem’s Lot but I think he maybe something even more sinister.

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Home Alone

So… now that I have the house all to myself for the next two weeks while the parents are in Alaska, I have found that I am not at a lack of things to do.  Of course, there are the hours I must spend at work.  Friday night, I did something I have never done before:  Monster Jam at the Toledo Speedway.  Megan, Carol , and I drove and met admin and family.  It was really a fun night even if Superman got jipped (not biased, even if I was decked out in my Man of Steel Cap… maybe I should have worn one of my t-shirts) in the freestyle portion of the evening.  I think obvious local favorite, Gravedigger was at only a slight advantage as I found his performance less than thrilling.  I have seen ads for the show in the past and remember Gravedigger announced prominantly.  Very fun and Vera got the three of us to and from the event quite nicely  And we did not have to make any pit stops along the way 😉 Plus in the 4 wheeler event, the Ohio team was beaten by the Michigan team (BOOOOO!!!!)  I have a feeling a bit of proximity favoritism was in evidence.

Sunday… short work day, cleaned the beauty shop, ran to B-town to pick up a few things.  Then, I did something I have not done for years.  I brought the X-Box downstairs, had my 9 year-old niece and another friend come over and play.  And play we did! We started at about 5 and it got darker and darker and by the time I knew what time it was, it was midnight.  HOLY COW! About 2AM, we decided to call it a night.  Elizabeth was asleep in the chair, anyway.

Monday… great fun day.  I had some friends over for a pizza/movie night.  We started at Munchkin Junction.  Later, I had Elizabeth stay to play with the kids while the adults watched the totally captivating movie, The Island.  I don’t know why, but I kept thinking  The Beach with Leonardo DiCrapio (never seen that one either) but I am SOOO glad it was not.  This was a somewhat typical but nottoo typical Michael Bay production with lots of action.  I REALLY liked it… futuristic sci-fi with Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johannsen (whom I just learned will be in Iron Man 2… scheduled for release next summer).

Soo… the start of my two week adventure has been fun.  More to come.  And yes, the house is still standing.

Man Of Steel Stolen; Report At Eleven

While in the process of changing from his garb as “Clark Kent, a mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper” the Man of Steel was abducted from a red 1940s London-style phone booth.  Apparently, one of the Last Son of Krypton’s vile enemies discovered his alter ego and tracked him to the town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  I take you now to the report filed by The Steamboat Pilot and Today newsman Jack Weinstein:

— The Man of Steel is missing.

A mannequin dressed as Superman — complete with blue tights, the familiar “S” logo on the chest and red cape — was reported missing Monday. Superman dutifully greeted customers in front of the My Wireless location at 675 S. Lincoln Ave.

Superman was taken from a locked 1940s London-style red phone booth. It appeared someone had broken the lock with a rock, said Andy Brown, founder of the Steamboat Springs-based Verizon Wireless retailer.

Brown said the Superman mannequin and phone booth were placed outside the store shortly after the company opened its second Steamboat location there, about 1 1/2 years ago. He said it reflects the way My Wireless operates.

“We kind of have a light-hearted approach to everything,” he said. “We want everyone to smile.”

An employee noticed that the 6-foot-tall, 40-pound Super­­man had been taken and reported it missing. Steam­boat Springs Police Depart­ment Capt. Joel Rae said Tuesday that the incident is under investigation.

Aside from some scratched paint to the exterior of the phone booth and a broken light bulb inside, there was no other damage. There was also no damage reported to the store.

Because the store’s first location at 1755 Central Park Drive is open Sundays, the South Lincoln Avenue location is not. Brown said Superman could have been taken anytime after closing Saturday to when the store opened Monday morning.

Brown suspects the incident was just a prank and doesn’t want anyone to get in trouble. But for a prank to be a prank, he said, Superman would have to be returned.

“Hopefully someone will get their jollies in and bring it back,” he said.

My Wireless is offering a $100 store credit, free cell phone upgrade or accessories for the safe return of Superman, Brown said.

Which of Superman’s dastardly villains perpetrated such an act of villainy and who will follow the clues to his whereabouts.  Could it be the evil Metallo, the trickster Mr. Myxyzptlk, the sinister Darkseid, or perhaps the “greatest criminal mind of our age”: Lex Luthor.  Only time will tell.  Curse you evil doers!

So Much For Sleeping In…

Saturday morning, I had planned to sleep in a few hours especially following the late night (SO NOT COMPLAINING… others had it much worse) that is until Mother Nature had other plans.  So, I was up by 8AM and decided to make a small dent in my new book.  Later, I got a phone call asking if I would like to continue my birthday celebration at a site yet to be determined (either a Mud Hens game or a drive-in movie later).  Anything was great with me.  So, ah hour or so later, we decided on a return to the Toledo Zoo.

I have to say that my favorite animal this trip was the baby gibbon… well six month old “Quon.”  The little one was so adorable.  One minute he(?) was clutching onto his parent being carried around the exhibit on the ropes, etc.  then, he would attempt to grab onto a rope solo.  I loved watching Quon climb the fence with his little arms reaching.. adorable.

I also enjoyed the tigers.  To beat the heat, the kitties got into their pool of water and at times took turns and other times shared the relief.  The sloth bears were also out.  As expected, the social one came right up and sniffed.  I held out my Supes cap and sure enough was drawn to it… he must be a fan (but something tells me otherwise, but my post so I’m sticking to it).  TANGENT:  I must have left my cap somewhere along the way.

After the zoo, we went to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner and a point was made to announce that we were celebrating 2 birthdays… 35 years and one day apart!  Nothing exciting happened… no kazoo playing, cabaret singing, nor being led around the restaurant while wearing a sombrero (NOW THAT would be fun!).  But the big guy and I did get a dish of ice cream.

On the return trip, I got tracked down and informed that I was to be at work the next morning an hour early!  What a way to spoil a great day 🙁  So, after having some fun in B-town, and going to Sonic with the girls, I did manage to make it home by 10.  Everyone was tired and had to get up the next morning.  Once again, a funtastic day!

Saturday In The Park

I think it was the 20th of June.

HELLO EVERY PEOPLE.  Morat is a back in country of strange people.  I a come to go to the Droobile with sister of strange person and the little people. I a would a like to go to parade but I a go to the church to hear a strange person sing. I a ride many rides that go a very fast and I a get dizzy, but they were a very fun.  Morat also a meet people from other country who a work for the people at the Droobilee.  Two little people win a blow fish when they pop a balloon.  In Liswathistan, we a have Droobilee.  Morat almost ride one ride.  You a get in car and it goes over a steep cliff.  WOOLY SHEEP!  I a no try that.

Later,  a woman yell out a to Morat.  She a say she saw Morat on tv box and say Morat and friend very funny.  She a ask if group do hiring out for a party.  Morat say he a not know so woman give Morat card and Morat say he ask around.  She say she and her husband were a planning party for little people and a like Morat very much.  Maybe Morat no ask group and find out when a dis party is and ask friend to help… if he a free (OH, SURE!)  Morat a think about this.  I a not sure how long he a be in OHHO.  I a guess some people want a more Morat, yes?  Others a not so much.

At a ten of clock, we a watch the show of LASER.  I a no see anything like a dis before.  Lots of light and a smoke, and music.  I a see map of America country, picture of a Superman, and man bopping head (he a strange laser man).  I a hear number one song of Liswathistan, Jack and Diane by Cougar man.

Strange person he a say tomorrow is day for fathers.  I a not know what this a mean.  Another strange custom in OHHO.  And it also the day of birth of brother of strange person

Doomsday In Smallville

I can accept most things concerning the long, tedious 8 year run of Smallville… For example, character introductions much earlier than acceptable for the sake of increasing ratings.  For another, the Incredible Hulk meets Superman interpretation of Doomsday  HOWEVER, when viewers have been waiting all season long for what is supposed to be the much-anticipated knockout/dragout battle of Clark Kent’s life (still just Clark, no suit, no secret identity except for his moniker of The Red-Blue Blur) and they get next to nothing… well.  All season long, the arrival of Doomsday has been announced… even going back to the finale of Season 7.  And we get two minutes of less than thrilling spectacle.  This creature was supposed to be the end of Superman and it was handled poorly.  Sure there was a super catch of a flying automobile, rescuing a small child, a few big explosions, but that was about it… LAME!  I had been waiting all season for that.

Oh, yeah.  For two years, one of the comics mainstay characters has been a part of the show (even if he was once again one of those aforementioned too early to come to the canvas characters).  Jimmy Olsen was killed by Doomsday.  At his funeral, we find out that the characters name was Henry James Olsen.  The character’s younger brother is given his camera.  The new character’s name? James Bartholomew Olsen: the cub reporter of the Daily Planet.  UGH!

Next season, the show is moving to Friday nights which is typically the graveyard of network television.  Will I watch?  I have my doubts.  I enjoy Elsewhere stories as much as anyone, but I see this turn of events as an insult.  And on Thursday nights in the 8PM time slot… some teenage angst drama featuring vampires.  At least my other favorite show is still looking bright.

A Geek in The White House

Yes, our president-elect is a self-proclaimed comic book aficionado.  Mr. Obama is such a fan of the Amazing Spider-Man that he is being featured on the cover of an upcoming issue as well as a story within its pages.  This is not the first time that comics have met the real world.  Many heroes took part in stories following the events of September 11, 2001 especially the web-slinger since his home turf is in fact Queens, New York.  Presidents are not new to comic book pages, either.

  • President John F. Kennedy was seen in the pages of Action Comics #309 which was published months after the assassination.
  • President Clinton and Hillary were part of the World Without a Superman
    in the pages of Man of Steel.

Yes, sometimes the worlds of fantasy and reality do merge.

Time In A Bottle, Time On My Hands, Time After Time

This weekend was really weird.  It started off Friday morning when I was asked to work on my day off (now I am working like 12 days in a row).  Later, I went to the game night that I previously described (in my newly repaired automobile..l brake problems) where I learned that some friends were looking for a sitter for Saturday night.  The next morning, I contacted them and said that I would be happy to watch the four kids.  I get off at 4.  The plan ALMOST worked out.  Instead of a 12-4 shift, it was a 12-9 shift.  I felt horrible.  I immediately called and explained the situation.  Hopefully, there will be other opportunities when I ACTUALLY know my schedule.

Today was a fun day.  I only worked until 2 so another great friend and I went to see Four Christmases which was kind of cute.  You can read taylhis’ indepth review.  Some laughs, not the best movie ever made but it was worth seeing with a friend.  We then went to Wal-Mart and spent an hour there wandering around.  I ended up completing my  Batman movie collection (yes, I even am the proud owner of the horrendous Batman and Robin travesty; however, I still lack the original big screen adventure from 1966).  Along with my The Dark Knight DVD is a reproduction of the original comics in which the Joker and Two-Face are introduced.  One strange thing about the comic originally published in Detective Comics Issue number 66 (1942) the District Attorney who became the scarred supervillain was named Harvey KENT.  I’m not sure how long it took to change the name to Harvey Dent but this took away any confusion that might have been caused with Superman‘s alterego of Clark Kent.  That would have made for an interesting story.

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