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More Screams And Other News

Tonight, the haunted house regulars (minus one) returned to ScreamAcres following last weeks travesty of Terror Town.  ScreamAcres was by far the BEST attraction we have been to this year.  And since a few naysayers laid the kibosh on ANY attraction site we had been planning be it a month long extravaganza or a one weekend well conceived plot, we still continue to create our own feast of fright.  This time, we had more groupies with us to add to the terror.  You know… the thing I enjoy most about this haunt is the fact that there were even more human actors within the corn mazes, buildings, the entire attraction.  Especially if you go through more than once.  Two of us made a second journey through the gallery of horror and one of us became the “go to” person for the actors to scare and they did a good job of it.  They pick up on something and then go with it and tell the other actors via well hidden communication devices to play it up… and they remember us… do we stand out that well?

When I returned home, there was a message on the machine from the director of Don’t Hug Me.  Short, sweet, and to the point. “I’m sorry to tell you and you did a great job and all but we decided to go with the other three guys who tried out.”  Perfectly understandable.  As I told a friend moments later, two no-casts out of 10 attempts in less than 3 years is not a bad percentage… correct?  I’m sure the show will be a great success.  Plus, I would be worried about missing the first rehearsals and trying to memorize my lines within days of being cast because I will be in Florida with some of my best friends.  Better to be a little upset after getting home from a great night rather than trying not to spoil everyone else’s evening by being a bit down.

An Entity Unto One’s Self

Once again, a group of close friends gathered together tonight to venture to another haunt. This time it was the Leader Family Farm outside Napoleon. Earlier, we traveled to Sandusky’s Ghostly Manor (which is nationally recognized and year-long). The Leader Farm is locally owned and run seasonally. In fact, this was the opening weekend for the attraction. Although many of the workers commented that they were not at 100% (a few bugs to work out), this was sooooo much more entertaining. The area was actually more of a complex, there was a play area for the smaller children; a LARGE corn maze to walk through, and ScreamAcres Haunted Corn Field. C, justj, and I were the only three who dared to take on the ghouls.

What I enjoyed most about the experience was that most of the frights were done by actual people, not too many big scary, animated devices to jump out and startle. Some of my favorite scenes were a tunnel room which was immediately followed by another equally disorienting room (to two of us, anyway). There were plenty of other nifty frights throughout and it lasted over a half-hour as opposed to the 15 minutes spent in Ghostly Manor.

The three of us went through the gallery of terror three times. Once again, it was really fun to see the actors attempt to do different things as we made our way through each time. Especially during our final crusade, when two of us became slap happy with either fatigue, euphoria, or something that was placed in the tall stalks of corn. Before we left the complex, we were given four passes to visit again later in the season when they had more people visiting and they became more accustomed to the atmosphere. I hope to once again visit before the season ends if it only gets better.

I think it would be fun to go through the corn maze. Our other companions attempted to do just that but did not seem that they enjoyed themselves quite as much as the three of us self-appointed “professional haunted house aficionados.” If there is such a job, SIGN ME UP!!! Or just get me into one as an actor. That would be so cool. Aren’t friends the greatest?