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Fireworks & A Pool On An RV

Quite an enjoyable Independence Day Weekend for us.. made even longer by most everyone having Monday off, as well!  Sunday, I work from 8-noon… four hours at time-and-a-half, pretty quick and the extra will come in handy.  After work, I came home to see the All-Star picks for the game on July 13:  Captain Jeter and Robinson Cano will be starting for the Bombers.  After the selections, we watched a thrilling 6-7 Yanks win over the Blue Jays with Marcus Thames (just of the DL) driving the winning run in during the bottom of the 10th.  Ace catcher Jorge Posada is day-by-day as he received a finger sprain as the result of a foul tip.

Later on the 4th, we commented that we were all hungry for some hot dogs cooked over a fire but no where to build the fire.  So, my oldest brother ran to WalMart to pick up a firepit.  That night, we enjoyed hot dogs, toasted marshmallows nearly falling off the stick, and s’mores.  Then the kids enjoyed throwing some poppers (ok, I did too) and sparklers that must have been duds because most of them would not light.  And we were entertained by the approach of a bullfrog that some thought was a bird.  Have we never heard the sound of a bullfrog?  There was another sound that can only be described as a laughing monkey or some crazed woman laughing hysterically.

To conclude the evening, I returned home and watched a few episodes of The Greatest American Hero on Syfy’s (yes, the SciFi channel changed its identity about a year ago.  I believe, Derek pointed that out) day long marathon. An interesting tidbit about the name of the high school teacher turned questionable superhero.  Click the link above to discover the link between Ralph and a would-be presidential assassin.

Monday afternoon to beat the heat, two of my siblings and their families and I went to the area pool. Jeff  has a pool at home but decided against opening it this year.  The public pool was very fun especially watching Chad jump off the diving board and getting stuck coming down the water slide.  He did, eventually manage to boost himself along.

Monday night, I watched RV starring Robin Williams, Jeff Daniels, and Kristin Chenoweth.  I thought Vacation in recreation vehicles.  Suburban dysfunctional family takes a summer vacation to “become closer.”  May have been cliched but it still had lots of laughs.

I hope all my fellow tangenteers had a fun holiday weekend!

Highway Tuneage

Our two day Chicagoland adventure began yesterday around 1PM when Mare and I hopped onto the ‘pike and headed west.  It was amazing to me how fast we flew there.  We arrived at our hotel around 3PM (according to my chauffeur’s cell phone time… she did not realize that her device automatically accounted for the change in time zones).

Our journey was seemingly made even more quickly with our listening variety.  I brought along my Carousel Score.  Mary I believe said that she played the part of Cousin Nettie Flower in a production of one of my favorite musicals back in the early part of the decade.  REALLY!  WHERE WAS I when they staged it?!  Then, we popped in some Josh Groban and by that time we were very close.  So…. we let “Vera” guide us the rest of the way.  Little to no traffic. Surprisingly, very little construction on our side of the highway.  A very fun, easy trip.

Coming back, Megan joined us on the return trip.  We made a slight detour to South Bend and took a drive-by tour of the perimeter of Notre Dame.  Since it was rather rainy and a home football game, a more close up tour was out of the question.  We did get a glimpse of the golden dome and Touchdown Jesus.  Very fun!

One of the most interesting music selections in Mare’s catalog was a CD of Beatles hits recorded by some interesting actors.  Imagine Robin Williams and Jim Carey giving voice to “Come Together” and “I am the Walrus”.  There were lots of very interesting Beatles classics including a strangely bluesy rendition of “Hard Day’s Night” by an even more interesting actress choice who none of us could figure out was Goldie Hawn.  But no recording of the classic William Shatner take on “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” A very fun if at times a bit strange tribute.

All in all, a very fun trip on the road.  Stay tuned for my take on the big fun in the city.

The final selection on the Beatles tribute was by the best Bond that seemed a bit odd because he stated his dislike of the Fab Four in Goldfinger.

An Unidentified Flying Egg

Nanu, Nanu…Tonight, I was treated to a blast from my childhood. There was a mini-marathon of the series that launched the career of Robin Williams. Mork & Mindy was one of several series that spun off of Happy Days. Mork is an alien from the planet Ork who was sent to Earth to observe the primitive inhabitants and make weekly reports to his boss, Orson. The alien is taken in by a young single woman (played by Pam Dawber) and as one would suspect, their acquaintance eventually blossomed and Mork laid an egg that produced a bouncing baby boy who looked like a 50-something Earthling (Orkans age in reverse) named Mearth (appropriately enough). One of Mr. Williams’ heroes, Jonathan Winters, played the rather large bundle of joy.

One of the episodes in the marathon involved Mork’s encounter with a bully. Although he came from a world that had abolished violence and embraced peace, the alien ingeniously dealt with the bully by traveling inter-dimensionally and moved so fast that the combatant totally missed and embarrassed himself completely. Shazbot, indeed!

There were also a number of guest appearances by other actors on the verge of stardom. David Letterman played a motivational speaker named Elsworth(?). Unfortunately, his is the only one I can remember. Anyone want to help on other appearances?

So, it was kind of nice to revisit one of my childhood favorites.

Believe It…Or Not

In almost every film made, there are casting issues. The actors seen in the final product are not necessarily the people originally chosen to fill the roles. Well known to most trivia buffs, Shirley Temple possibly would have been Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz had she not been under contract to MGM rival Fox at the time. Buddy Ebsen was cast as the Tin Man until he discovered that he was allergic to makeup used in the costume.

-Imagine how different Gone with the Wind would have been if Lucille Ball had been cast as Scarlett O’Hara or Groucho Marx as Rhett Butler.

-Moving forward a few decades, the Bruce Willis starring action movie Die Hard was originally planned as a sequel to that fine Arnold Scharzenegger masterpiece, Commando. However, after the Governator turned the role down, the film was changed and eventually starred Mr. Willis after four other casting attempts.

-Speaking of Ah-nuld, could you possibly imagine O.J. Simpson as The Terminator? Seriously, it could have happened.

-Bill Murray was considered for the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne in the 1989 film. Has Mr. Murray ever done a non-comedic movie? Or maybe, the movie was originally supposed to be lighter in tone and closer to the ’60s television show. Robin Williams was considered for the role of the Joker in both the original Tim Burton directed movie and also for this summer’s The Dark Knight (which will be Heath Ledger’s swan song).

You can view other possible casting choices for your favorite movies at

Click for the Warner Bros. Online

Second star to the right….

and straight on til morning. This quote is from Sir James M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. Since the characters introduction in 1902, the boy who never grew up has been the subject of stage plays, movies, cartoon series, books, AND PEANUT BUTTER. In 1991, Steven Spielberg brought to the big screen an adventure that few thought imaginable: a grown up Peter Pan in the film Hook.

Robin Williams is cast as lawyer Peter Banning who has no time for his young son Jack’s baseball games and carries his cell phone wherever he goes. In an ironic scene at the beginning of the movie, the cell phone goes off during his daughter Maggie’s performance of (what else) “Peter Pan.”

The Banning family travel to London to honor Granny Wendy and her orphanage. While there, Jack and Maggie are kidnapped by Captain Hook. Wendy informs Peter that he is indeed Peter Pan and the children have been kidnapped in an attempt to lure him to Neverland for one final battle. Unwilling to believe Wendy, Peter is eventually knocked out and dragged by Tinkerbell to Neverland.

The title character is played magnificently by Dustin Hoffman. The makeup makes him almost unrecognizable. Part of the fun in watching the DVD is seeing how many actors you can discover in the background: Phil Collins and Glenn Close both have small cameos.

Hook makes even the most stubborn of adults believe that buried deep inside of themselves there is a bit of the kid which all of us have inside. A great family film.