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It Was The Rat Poison

Last night, I FINALLY was up to attending a great game night with marvelous friends and one newcomer (a newcomer to me although, he had been to at least the Super Bowl extravaganza, I believe.  My first game night in three months was full of laughs and great times.  I got to see dear friends I have not seen since New Years or before and this also helped my continued progress.  Laughter and wonderful times with some of my closest compadres is indeed the best medicine… better than rat poison, that is for sure.

I also got to see the four kids (plus two tagalongs which one of our regular game nighters brought along).  Poor Beebs definitely was NOT feeling up to his normal self.  The other little ones played on the Kinect system… something which I think looks interesting in the near future.

After the merriment of the evening wound down (about 12:30), I set out to make the 12 mile trek home.  Before I even left town, I was traveling along and all of a sudden, a raccoon jumped out in front of me.  Instinctively, I swerved and crossed the yellow line.  Unbeknownst to me, one f B-town’s finest was right behind me and turned on his red and blue lights.

“Did you see the raccoon I had sicced on you?”

Indeed I had!  Apparently, the town has gained quite a surplus of the critters… living in the sewers until they plot their take over.  Sounds like a bad B-movie to me.  The friendly officer and I engaged in a conversation about any future theatrical endeavors I have coming up which led to the tale of my 3 month journey.  After my identity was confirmed and I was not deemed a known terrorist, I was sent on my way.  Good thing I did not indulge in the wine that was brought to our night of fun!  I don’t think it would be good to mix with the rat poison, anyway. 😉

THEN, I got back home and learned that the Buckeyes were defeated by two points by Kentucky with a buzzer beating shot.  So much for my bracket… and I was doing so well for my first time 🙁

Work And Fun On The 4th

As with last year, I had to work on Independence Day.  I usually flip-flop Fridays and Saturdays with a co-worker.  This was SUPPOSED to be my Saturday off so I did not feel the need to ask for it off.  Sure enough, I was informed that I was going to be closing.  Funny thing is, I was told that the worker I alternate days with told the boss that it was indeed her Saturday off…hmmm.  When I got to work, I was delighted to discover that we were closing at 7 instead of the 8PM I was scheduled until.  However by the time 6PM rolled around, my co-worker and I agreed that we should have closed then.  At 6:45, one of our regular customers came in and grabbed a cart.  At 7, I locked the door and we waited in the office until the couple was finished.

After finally getting out of the store, I ventured to pick up some friends to check out some AMAZING fireworks.  Getting to the site was a great adventure.  I was armed with my mapquest directions and Megan had “Vera” with her, so we were sure to arrive with little problems.  Before getting out of town, the adventure began.  I misjudged the city limits and began to accelerate maybe a mile before acceptable.  We did see the state patrolman as we made our way along.  He pulled out of his parking location, began to follow us, and I don’t know why it took soooo long but he turned on his lights and pulled us over.  Megan had brought along some beverages but we were all of legal age and none were open, so we were safe there.  The officer asked why I was going so fast and I “innocently” explained that I was not sure where the limits were.  We were mere feet from it.  However, the generous officer asked when my last violation was (about three years ago) and he sent us on our way.

As we approached our destination, my companions informed me that they had to visit the facilities and to stop at the next available location.  We passed a rest area and then came up to a nice, clean port-a-potty (thankfully, there were no planes in the area in danger of crashing into it).  OOPS… did I say that I would not mention this?

After we finally found our friends (which was not too far from the location at which we found the restroom.  We watched some GREAT fireworks.  I saw something I don’t believe I have before.  Some began as if a machine gun was being fired, rapidly spurting out in a back-and-forth motion.  Really cool.

Around 2AM, it was time to drive back.  Coming home was an adventure as well as some fog had developed (pretty thick in spots) but I don’t think it added a great deal to our return trip.  So about 3.30, I got to bed in preparation for work at 9.  But definitely worth a few hours lost.

Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday weekend.

Curses… Foiled Again

On Monday in a very small rural community in Ohio (approximately 60 miles west of Toledo), a very intelligent individual attempted to rob a small bank in broad daylight while several people looked on. It seems that the would-be robber got out of his vehicle with a heavy coat, pulled on a ski mask, and got his weapon from the back seat. Some of the employees saw the suspicious gentleman and ran out of the bank. A chase involving townspeople ensued. Apparently, the perpretator did not know the area very well as he was forced to turn his car around and re-enter the village.

Residents near Ohio-Ind. line help snag bank robbery suspect

I’m not sure if this is normal behavior for a bank robber. It would look awfully suspicious to me if a man put on a ski-mask, a heavy coat, and produced a gun from the back of his car in the middle of a 60 degree sunny day. Maybe, he was TRYING to make it on a broadcast of “World’s Smartest(?) Criminals.” At least the man was intelligent enough to attempt the robbery on a Monday. On Friday, the street is generally populated by patrolmen who enjoy lunch at the local steakhouse. OOPS…. I hope I did not give any bright ideas.