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Welcome to the 2011 Season

I was planning to do this yesterday amid all the fanfare of Opening Day but in all the excitement, I totally forgot!  Excitement that built itself up until 1:05PM:  The Tigers and the Bombers were standing on their respective baselines.  The young lady sang the National Anthem.  And then suddenly and without warning there was this “TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN!” It must have been a freak occurrence as I heard nothing about it from anywhere else but it got very dark, I couldn’t see a thing and moments later when it got light again, the Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees were BLACKED OUT! What a way to spoil a perfect opening day.  I was informed that the game was on the Detroit feed of FOX Sports, unfortunately, we do not have the service.  I do have the ESPN app on my ipod which allows me to get updates which was no where near as fun as watching or listening, but it sufficed.  And the “EVIL EMPIRE” (cue the “Imperial March”) pulled off a 6-3 victory!

Warmer weather may be yet to come but the MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL SEASON has begun (for some).  No matter who you root for good luck to all teams in a fun, exciting, safe, and SCANDAL FREE 6 month run!  Number 28 and what is this UNDERDOG stuff!

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OK… so the video is a few seasons old but it was the best I could come up with featuring the theme.


One Day More

Ah…. opening day at Yankee Stadium, the last opening day at Yankee Stadium as the Bronx Bombers will be moving next year to the new park across the street. I was anticipating a great game with a huge opening ceremony and all the pomp and celebration to open the final season in the House that Ruth Built. Alas, it was not to be.

1;05 came and went. The sportscasters on ESPN kept promising to start the game as soon as possible. Then, the channel switched to the Detroit Tigers game. A short time later, the screen went dark announcing a blackout in the area. I then switched the channel to WGN to see if the Chicago Cubbies game was still on. They were also under a rain delay. How ironic that Chicago and New York were getting rain while Detroit was able to start their game on time. I’m sure a certain Tigers fan will have something profound to say about that.

In the end, the Cubs game started shortly after 3. However, it was raining enough in New York to postpone Yankee Stadium‘s swan song season for one day.

As of this posting, the Cubs were under another another rain delay and the Tigers were tied in the 10th inning