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Paranormal Weekend

Well… this being the first weekend following the wrap of a show, I found myself slightly down.  I had to work Friday night (only to come home and watch the Bombers get sent home by the Rangers… but it IS their first time EVER in the World Series… but really how long is that).  Saturday, I had the entire day to myself… so I watched the Buckeyes dominate the Purdue Boilermakers and some season one Bionic Woman (the original and best).  It’s about time both bionic series got out of legal brouhaha and finally are being released on DVD (Six Mill is set to be released next month).  Finally, I went to church Saturday night.

Sunday, saw work, room cleaning (funny how messy a room can get after three months), and fun with friends.  Mare sent me a text early in the afternoon asking if I wanted to go with other friends to see Paranormal Activity 2.  I did not hear very glowing reviews of the original so I went expecting little but with great friends, it was worth it.  I do not remember ever laughing so much at a “horror” film but some of the things involved were just so hokey that at times, I wanted to crack up especially the loud comments made by other moviegoers.  I will say that one of the biggest complaints that I have heard about the previous film was the slow pace and the fact that anything scary did not happen until the last 20 minutes of the film.  I will say there was a great amount of creepiness.  Not the best suspenseful movie ever but if you go in with limited expectations surrounded by friends going out for a good time…

Some of the coming attractions:

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I (I’m sure a certain nephew of mine will be hitting me up for that one)  REALLY looking forward to this one.  Interested to see where they divide the film.
  • Yogi Bear… I think the main draw is Justin Timberlake as Boo Boo.  But Dan Aykroyd is playing the “smarter than average bear.”
  • The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (The third movie in the Chronicles of Narnia series).  I wasn’t even aware that this was coming.  An eventual viewing will be in order.
  • No preview of Tron:Legacy I’m sorry to say.

So… all in all an enjoyable weekend!

Farewell to the Boss

Praise him or curse him, George Steinbrenner accomplished what he set out to do when he purchased the New York Yankees the year I was born.  His fiery, hands on approach helped lead the Bombers to 11 pennants and 7 World Championships during his tenure.  He holds the record for the most years as owner of a franchise.  Early this morning, The Boss succumbed to a massive heart attack.

Mr. Steinbrenner was, for better or worse, responsible for turning the team around after it was struggling under the ownership of CBS.  During his 37 year ownership, it has been well publicized about the revolving door of managers.  He changed 20 times in his first 23 years including the five time dismissings of Billy Martin.

Also memorable is the grooming policy for the team.  Hair length and facial hair were closely monitored.  Goose Gossage’s beard which turned into his trademark thick moustache; Don Mattingly’s mullet (which was lampooned on the classic Simpsons’ episode, “Homer at the Bat”).  When Johnny Damon was acquired from the Red Sox, I often wondered the price the outfielder was payed to clean up.

In 2006, George turned the day to day operations over to his son who seems to have inherited the same fire and approach.  So, it would appear that the Steinbrenner Empire will continue.

Another Year Older, A New Role, And More

Thank you everyone for the many birthday greetings: facebooked, emailed, phoned (from one of my best friends), or delivered in person.  They all were greatly appreciated and helped make my day.  I am happy to announce that I have been offered and accepted the role of Barrymore in The Hound of the Baskervilles.  A much more limited role than my last but important, nonetheless.

Following my audition, I returned to E-town for mass which was being given in memory of Aunt Carol.  Quite a memorable experience.  No one beyond the back 3-4 rows of the church could hear the opening hymn because something was afoul with the sound equipment.  The organist leaned over the loft railing and asked me to run upfront to see what I could do with it.  Being the technological genius I am, I went into the closet and flipped the switch and voila!  Father Steve wears a pack on his vestment and usually turns it off when he is not speaking.  However, he for some reason, kept forgetting to turn it off and lets just say that he does not possess the most glorious voice ever.  Just being honest.  To lie about a priest surely is not a good thing.

After mass, I traveled to H’ville for an impromptu birthday celebration.  I provided a bag of Sun Chips.  The reason for this… the bag they come in is made of some type of material that creates a very loud, obnoxious sound when the bag is rustled but the Harvest Cheddar variety is tasty.  Thank you Mare for the yummy, German Chocolate Brownie cake… a little too much water necessitated the need for an additional package of brownie mix and the result was delectable.

Travis brought an assortment of games.  I was really tempted to pick my obvious choice and was encouraged to do so since it was “my day.”  However, I picked Trivial Pursuit.  Started off well and went downhill.  Later, Amber brought Star Wars Trivial Pursuit and we divided into teams.  I tried to be intelligent and attempted to pick the person I thought would help me most, but that idea was nixed.  I did all right the first round until I received a question I had not excuse for missing.  “Who lives out beyond the Dune Sea?”  UGH!  I was victorious in round two.

After some stargazing and a return to Mare’s house, it was time to hit the road at 4.30AM!  Megan pooped out shortly before.

July 11, is always memorable as I have a liitle buddy who turned TWO!  After I got home @ 4.50Am, I sent a cool ecard as well as a response to my own birthday ecard.  Hope you had a super birthday, BEEBS!

Also yesterday, Yankees fans lost a great one.  Bob Sheppard was the voice of the Bombers from 1951-2007 when his health prompted him to retire.  The voice of the great ones… from Dimaggio, Mantle, and Berra, to Mr. October, and to Captain Jeter.  Ups and downs throughout but Mr. Sheppard had one of the distinct voices in the box.  So beloved that Derek has the voice resonate each time he steps up to the plate.  An honor which humbled the announcer.

And I still have today off until I go back to work!  A fact that stymied a co-worker of mine who thought I was going out of town.  How she came to that conclusion is beyond me.  Coming from one who likes to change schedules without informing the other person involved I didn’t really pay much attention to the comment.  I will be going out of town next Monday and Tuesday.

Ok… this post is quite long enough thanks again everyone!

Fireworks & A Pool On An RV

Quite an enjoyable Independence Day Weekend for us.. made even longer by most everyone having Monday off, as well!  Sunday, I work from 8-noon… four hours at time-and-a-half, pretty quick and the extra will come in handy.  After work, I came home to see the All-Star picks for the game on July 13:  Captain Jeter and Robinson Cano will be starting for the Bombers.  After the selections, we watched a thrilling 6-7 Yanks win over the Blue Jays with Marcus Thames (just of the DL) driving the winning run in during the bottom of the 10th.  Ace catcher Jorge Posada is day-by-day as he received a finger sprain as the result of a foul tip.

Later on the 4th, we commented that we were all hungry for some hot dogs cooked over a fire but no where to build the fire.  So, my oldest brother ran to WalMart to pick up a firepit.  That night, we enjoyed hot dogs, toasted marshmallows nearly falling off the stick, and s’mores.  Then the kids enjoyed throwing some poppers (ok, I did too) and sparklers that must have been duds because most of them would not light.  And we were entertained by the approach of a bullfrog that some thought was a bird.  Have we never heard the sound of a bullfrog?  There was another sound that can only be described as a laughing monkey or some crazed woman laughing hysterically.

To conclude the evening, I returned home and watched a few episodes of The Greatest American Hero on Syfy’s (yes, the SciFi channel changed its identity about a year ago.  I believe, Derek pointed that out) day long marathon. An interesting tidbit about the name of the high school teacher turned questionable superhero.  Click the link above to discover the link between Ralph and a would-be presidential assassin.

Monday afternoon to beat the heat, two of my siblings and their families and I went to the area pool. Jeff  has a pool at home but decided against opening it this year.  The public pool was very fun especially watching Chad jump off the diving board and getting stuck coming down the water slide.  He did, eventually manage to boost himself along.

Monday night, I watched RV starring Robin Williams, Jeff Daniels, and Kristin Chenoweth.  I thought Vacation in recreation vehicles.  Suburban dysfunctional family takes a summer vacation to “become closer.”  May have been cliched but it still had lots of laughs.

I hope all my fellow tangenteers had a fun holiday weekend!

Goodbye To Simon’s Pants On The Ground

And congratulations to Lee DeWyze from Mt. Prospect, Illinois.  Even if Crystal had not been from our neck of the woods, being talked about continuously on the 4 local stations, I would definitely think that she was the clear front-runner.  From what I have seen of American Idol this year, the paint salesman has grown by leaps and bounds and deserves to be crowned.  But why, oh why do we need two hours of it.  We had the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Some of the performances by the top 12 were good… others not so good (Siobhan), and others were downright UUUUUGLY!  (I was almost afraid that one of the myriad of guest performers was going to have another wardrobe malfunction).

Taking second place to the anticipation of the announcement was the farewell to Simon Cowell.  I’m not totally convinced that the show will be the juggernaut it is without him.  I don’t think it is now after nine years.  Video tributes, a hilarious segment by Ricky Gervais, and the inevitable return of Paula Abdul all ate time up.  I think it will all come down to who the new person at the table will be as to how it will fare.

My favorite part of the evening:  THE YANKEES WIN!  About time.  The win TWICE.  The suspended game from yesterday and today’s scheduled game at Target Field against the Twins.  Plus (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) but kudos to the Red Sox for sweeping the Tampa Bay Rays which inches the Bombers closer to that first place AL East lead.

Plus, the Pants on the Ground rendition featuring Season 3 standout William Hung was priceless.  Congrats, Lee!  And THAHHHHHHH YANKEES WIN!

And They Still Managed To Lose

Happy Earth Day a day (or two at his point) late!  Did anyone happen to see this remarkable play begun by a little-known third baseman in the top of the 6th inning against the Oakland A’s?  The first time such a feat was accomplished by the team since 1968 when one of the greats was involved.  The bad news is that he Yanks still lost.  The good news is… it did not matter, they still took the series!  There was even some squabbling between A-Rod and the pitcher for the A’s.  Something about how the Yankee made his way back to first base after a play… I dunno.

But check out the historic play… even though the A’s came out on top in the end.

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The Ring Was The Thing

Opening Day in the Bronx with the added spectacle of a little jewelry distributing.  Across the street the rubble that had been the home of the Bombers was little more than a memory of years gone by.  I was lucky enough to visit the cathedral in the 90s.  World Series Champs for the 27th time!  Presenting the hardware was the most decorated Bomber of them all… Yogi Berra (with 10) and former pitcher Whitey Ford (who has a mere 7).  Throwing out the ceremonial first pitch… another Yankee great: Bernie Williams.  I still have to question the release of two heroes from last season particularly in the post season: Johnny Damon (off to Tiger country) and Hideki Matsui (MVP of the 2009 World Series at the stadium today as an Angel of Anaheim).  However, new stars Nick Johnson and Curtis Granderson (from Detroit) have put an early mark on the team.

Some early naysayers have played the age card.  Admittedly, Posada, Pettitte, A-Rod, Rivera, and Captain Jeter are getting up there but they all seem just fine to me (even if it is only week two of the season).  The pitching is better than ever.  C.C. had a no-hitter going into the 8th inning on Saturday.

Today’s game was a dandy.  I could not watch it as I had to work but I kept checking the score via cell phone.  The last I remember, the Yanks were up 7-1.  When I got off at 5, I saw the final was 7-5!  It must have been a whale of the top of the 9th.  But The Great One dispatched his former teammate to seal the deal.  5-2 Record.. .5 games behind Toronto in the start of the season!

A Happy Easter Weekend

My weekend kicked off to a great start!  On Good Friday after singing at services, I was dragged ( 😉 ) by a crowd of no less than 5 kids to see How to Train Your Dragon in 2D.  I didn’t find the idea of paying the extra money for the added thrill of three dimensions too appealing… THIS TIME!  I am pleased to announce that both the movie and my band of 5-14 year olds were excellent!  The story and the humor in the animated feature are enough to entice  both the young and adult viewer.  After taking someone’s “shortcut” to their mother’s house, I returned home.  Note to self… never listen to a 10 year-old’s directions no matter how many times she has been to the destination or how “easy” this way is… but it was fun.

Tomorrow after mass, the family (yes… Megan & Carol, too) are heading out to see WiCKED! My oldest brother has already seen the show and the fact that he wants to again and suggested that we get the parents tickets for Christmas tells me something.  At least it doesn’t look like we will be driving home in a snowstorm at 11 PM as was the case 2 years ago when Megan, Carol, and I went to the Stranahan to see The Lion King. Not forgetting Nick’s after the show!!!

Finally, tomorrow night will see the Yanks begin their bid for championship number 28!  We won’t elaborate on their preseason record because high or low it doesn’t really mean a great deal.  But why does the season opener have to be THERE!  UGH!

In the midst of all these fun, exciting events, let’s not overlook the reason for the season.  The ultimate sacrifice of the One who died to save us all from our sins.  As Father stated in his homily yesterday, how fickle is man.  Jesus entered Jerusalem amidst cheers and celebration. Five days later, he was crucified upon the order of the same revelers.  Then to complete the prophesy, he rose from the tomb saving all of us.

May you all have a Blessed and Happy Easter weekend!

Light At The End Of The Snow Bank

Can it be?  There does seem to be an end to the winter.  After the last two days of up to 10″ of snow, I got a cheery email ad.  MLB pitchers and catchers are to report on February 17 (THAT IS ONE WEEK FROM TODAY FOLKS!).  Full team squad report on the 23rd.  Spring training game one for the Bombers is March 3rd against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

In unrelated sporting news… can you believe that their is a lack of snow at the site for the Olympic Games.  Snow had to be transported to Canada for the start of the games on Friday.  Seems inconceivable with the storms that have ravaged the East coast in New York, D.C. has had multiple storms measured in feet instead of inches.  I’m sure most of us would gladly relinquish some of the white stuff to our neighbors to the north.


Man, I wonder what time those people got in line to ride the double decker tour buses (remember those well) along the parade route… 37,000 people attempted to get tickets… so many that the server was shut down.  The first ticker tape parade for the Yanks since 2000!  I bet it is even more exciting in person… nothing like an NYC ticker tape parade.  Bombers greats past and present riding through the Canyon of Heroes to City Hall:  Yogi and Mr. October joining new heroes Nick Swisher, C.C.,  Mark Teixiera among others!  I see “snow” on the ground and it’s only November 6th.  Bring on the Fab Four… those who have been THHE HEART AND SOUL OF THE TEAM since 1996!  Every time I am the Big Apple, I get a chill but I cannot imagine what the millions of fans lining Broadway are feeling right now.

Even Captain Jeter said that he had forgotten what it felt like after nine years.  There’s a worker shoveling the snow.  INDEED WHAT A WAY TO CHRISTEN THE NEW HOUSE! Derek Jeter… what a class act!  Attitude, charisma, performance all rolled into one.  Wonder if Molly got to meet him along with the Boss a few years ago when his health was better.  And there he goes… on his float along with Jorge Posada.  An 18 month old heart transplant recipient named Jeter received a special gift from the superstar.

Even NY Governor Paterson… a confirmed Mets fan… is celebrating.

MO!  The greatest and most feared saver in Major League Baseball!

And the clincher… Andy Pettitte (name spelled correctly).  Winner of the clinching game of the ALDS against the Twins, the ALCS against the Angels, and Game Six against the Angels!

Ok… that’s a wrap!  Thank you fellow tangenteers for allowing me and putting up with my adoration!  I know you all have your own favorites and I fully expect you to do the same WHEN the time arrives.

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