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Rowling Along

Yesterday, Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling announced the title and brief synopsis of her first foray into more adult fiction. The Casual Vacancy
will be a darkly comic novel set in the seemingly idyllic British town of Pagford in which everything is not as idyllic as it seems.  It opens with the sudden death of a popular man whose unexpected demise shocks the town. The battle for his seat on the local council sets off “the biggest war the town has yet seen,” with rich people fighting poor, parents battling their teenagers, and wives in conflict with their husbands.

Given the juggernaut success that is the Harry Potter brand, I believe the world will be moderately interested to see if magic can strike again with a tale aimed at a more grown-up demographic. We have until September 27 to find out.  Since the Potter books were accepted by a large amount of adult readers as well as the target adolescent audience, I think the book will have a moderate amount of success.

Speaking of Mr. Potter, once again Warner Bros. is going for the jugular when it releases the Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection (Blu-ray / DVD Combo + UltraViolet Digital Copy) this fall.

If you have the $400.00 to throw around you can perhaps be mesmerized by the 31 disc set full of the obligatory bells and whistles contained in an attractive display box.  I suppose that if true collectors are willing to pony up the money, then whoever is behind these merchandising schemes will continue.


Apparently, the end is just the beginning when it comes to the Harry Potter verse.  July 15th will see the final cinematic adventure take place.  BUT in October will come a website known as “Pottermore” created by J. K. Rowling herself.  The content of the site is being held under wraps (for now, the site is “Coming Soon”).  Speculation by fans ranges from an online community full of message boards and chat rooms (hopefully it is not that… do we really need another social network?) to the e-book release of the seven novels to an on-line game of the world of Harry Potter.   HMMM… the site has changed even since a few days ago when I heard of the site.

I’m of two minds on this.  I’m not sure that this is not an attempt to bleed every drop out of the franchise… too much of a good thing and all that.  However, if it is what the fans want… I guess it will be worth at least a peek once it is fully presented.

Potter Fever

While watching a documentary on the making of the Harry Potter movies, I felt the anticipation and excitement of the approaching climactic cinematic experience building.  What is it that has made this series of first books and now  motion pictures so phenomenal cannot be answered simply.  There are layers and layers of brilliant creative aspects created by J.K. Rowling that you can not name one.  But I do have a favorite aspect of the series.  Character development is so integral to the world.  Not only MUST the big three of Harry, Ron, and Hermione develop and grow but it is so amazing how even secondary characters are almost as important as the core trio.  How many other series contain so many wonderful characters that even the actors profess to being surprised at their growth and the challenge that growth created.

One of my favorite characters, Neville Longbottom, has grown tremendously since his introduction.  In the first 3-4 movies, poor Neville had trouble with even the most elementary of spells.  Who can forget the scene in The Chamber of Secrets in which he is suspended from a chandelier by two cornish pixies (“Why is it always me?”)? By the end of The Order of the Phoenix, Neville has nearly come into his own by joining Dumbledore’s Army and proving his worth.  Hopefully, we will see him grow even more in the final film.

The youngest red-headed Weasley child, Ginevra, has developed from the bashful 10 year old who watched Harry, Ron, and Hermione being carried away on the Hogwart’s Express.  During her first year at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Ginny was possessed by the 16 year old  Tom Riddle… not a good way to begin one’s education.  As Neville has, Miss Weasley has become more vocal, more active, even so far as to come to the defense of her hero, Harry, on the quidditch pitch.

What would a post from me on Harry be without a mention of my favorite character, one of the most mysterious creations I have ever encountered, Professor Severus Snape.  At the start of term festivities in The Sorcerer’s Stone, the glance that Harry and the teacher share is filled with so much meaning that its implications will progress through the entire series.  The loathing seen in Snape’s eyes will not fully come to light until the final film.  Not only did Harry feel a burning in his scar, it made me tingle.

So… three characters… three SUPPORTING characters who are as instrumental in the World of  Harry Potter as the title character himself.  Just the tip of the wand in the marvelous creation of J.K. Rowling. 37 days and counting!  A Potter movie fest (non ABC Family fest with commercials) will be a fun way to build up to July 15!  Yes… Even The Half-Blood Prince.