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Another year and eleven minutes older…o maybe not exactly, I’ll have to find out what time I actually entered the world.  Well… yesterday, I had to run to the big city and get my picture snapped.  I abhor having my mug shot for my little piece of plastic for three years.  Look at the little smiley sticker, drop your jaw, now move slightly to the right.  UGH!  A fashioned model has it easier and they get paid for it!

Then, I endured a long nine hour work day.  Better yesterday than today especially when I get three days off in a row!  I don’t have to be back until TUESDAY!  Today, I have to go to an audition for Hound of the Baskervilles. I believe that I have stated that I will not be auditioning for either Holmes or Watson.  I think my talents are better served in a return to a more character driven role this time.  And I do not believe that the detective or the good doctor had facial hair… Watson, perhaps.

Tonight, mass at 6 is being given in memory of Aunt Carol.  After that, the sky’s the limit.  Spontaneity on your birthday is always fun!

Well… 22 minutes into another year. Tired, maybe I’ll get some sleep.

A New Old Look

In preparation for what I hope is my next stage performance, I was informed that the role had to have a full beard…. the “handsome” part?  Well… the say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  More than a few summers ago, I was cast as Motel in Fiddler on the Roof.  Of course, the tailor had to grow facial hair as well.  Nothing new, it will just be a bit warm under there once again.  Of course, a Holmes play requires the cast to have English accents, or no go.  It would be very odd having a cast with American accents.  Maybe I could give a Liswathistani interpretation of the character.  A non-Jewish Fiddler would be strange for that matter.

Today, my mother had had enough.  I previously had an electric trimmer but after 8-10 years, it seemed to have died out.  So, she took me to the beauty shop to help it along.  She was worried that she would make a booboo, but I thought there is plenty of time to grow it back.  I think it only took a little over a month for the beard to develop on my last attempt; it has only been about a month since I started this one. I started the day after Miracles wrapped.  Nothing like preparing for future parts. Plus, I got a hair cut, such as it is. 😉  The script says nothing about a full head of hair. 😀