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The Singing Potter

Sunday night while watching the Tony Awards, Daniel Radcliffe was on stage, presenting some trophy (can’t remember which one… sorry).  Filming just wrapped on the finale to the Harry Potter film series and as can be expected, there was a sense of sadness over the cast.  I would imagine that young adults especially who have worked together side by side for half their lives would find it difficult to separate themselves.  The first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows hits theatres November 19th.  The finale hits mutiplexes July 15, 2011.

Radcliffe is no stranger to the stage.  Just over a year ago, he was on Broadway in a tale about a boy and his horse.  As he was introduced Sunday night, it was announced that he would be appearing on stage in a revival of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.  When I heard it, I thought it was a joke and dismissed it totally.  Today, I read that he has indeed been cast in a new production of a 1961 musical that was last revived in 1995 when Matthew Broderick starred as J. Pierrepont Finch.  This made me question how soon is too soon to revive a show.  Or perhaps, it is a red herring much like the web-slinger’s much delayed debut.

I think it would be interesting to see if the wizard can sing and dance.

Viewus Potterius

I have been eagerly anticipating the premier of the newest Harry Potter film.  It was SUPPOSED  to be released last holiday season but for whatever the reason (most likely Daniel Radcliffe’s Broadway debut in a play about a boy and his horse… anyone for charades 😉 was postponed until today.  Last week when I learned that the movie would be showing at midnight at the nearest cinema I could find, I KNEW I would be there.  Sunday night, I asked Megan if she would like to come…Kwel she said.

So, I headed over and went to see what time the doors opened.  11.30 so we still had 45 minutes to get there.  There were about five young’uns in line so no big deal.  We left Megan’s about 11.20. The doors were open and the two screening rooms were nearly full.  When we found two seats, we were surrounded by some fellow thespians who seemed to be dressed to watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Before the movie began, I saw wands brandished with shouts of “Wingardium Leviosa,” “Viewus Potterius,” and other such whimsies.  FINALLY, 10 minutes  after it was supposed to begin, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince rolled.  I will not divulge too much only to say that the movie did not disappoint one bit!  Even the 2.5 hour length flew by.  I happened to glance at my watch and it read 2:15 (NO WAY).  Magical action, lots of humor, teenage angst aided by various love potions,  a few tears (especially if you are only acquainted with the movies and have not yet read the books), and QUIDDITCH (no matter how limited) helped make the young wizard and company’s return to the screen well worth the wait.  I have not read the sixth Potter novel in some time so I was surprised to find myself surprised by a few things I had forgotten… I Like that!  There was one scene in particular in which I knew something exciting was going to happen.  I kept waiting, and waiting.  I whispered to Megan: “Don’t jump.”  I let my guard down for  a millisecond and all of a sudden… “WHAM!”  I JUMPED! I love it when a director plays with his audience and at just the right moment gets you.  The adrenaline was palpable.

Like the book, the movie set up perfectly the climax of the series which will be divided into two films.  I don’t know that any singular book has ever been divided into two movies but I will definitely be there when the first half of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows opens.  I just cannot express the wonder and fun that both the books and movies bring.  Lots of fantasy, excitement, fun, the power of friendship and bravery in the face of mortal danger.  Life’s little lessons found in extraordinary places.  If you have never experienced either media form I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend doing so.  One minor quibble: on the Hogwart’s Express, Harry used something from Fred and George Weasley’s Joke Shop to turn himself invisible.  Did he not use his cloak in the book?  A minor detail.

Although getting to bed after 3AM and going to work from 12-9 made me a bit worn, it was worth every minute of sleep lost! I’m sure others had to be up earlier 😉