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Climbing The Mountain To The Loft

I hope that everyone who frequents my blog had a blessed Easter weekend… however they choose to celebrate it!  On Good Friday for the first time since Christmas, I climbed the narrow steps to the choir loft for rehearsal for Sunday morning services (unfortunately, I could not join the group for services on the remembrance of the Lord’s crucifixion).  Although it seemed to take forever to reach the top of the climb, it was very rewarding and another step forward.

Saturday saw the little ones taking advantage of two of the multitude of Easter Egg hunts in the area.  Any more and two of the nieces would have been bouncing off the walls.  Happily, they both won at least one prize along with their trove of goodies.

This morning, as I was putting on my suit (also not worn since December), I noticed something strangely exciting.  It seemed as if I was swimming in the suit.  I cannot believe that I have lost ANY weight over the last three months rather long feeling as if my pants were about to drop (even with a belt on).  Don’t get me wrong, I am really pleased that I have lost instead of gained… just surprised!

After celebrating the resurrection, the family (lost count of how many children my siblings have total) went to dinner at a buffet the ladies in the beauty shop have been raving.  Actually a catering service which opens up on the weekend,  Grant’s (no brother, not the 18th President) Catering in Antwerp.  Good, filling fare… good Oreo pie… and since we all can indulge (a little)now that the 40 days are past, I did not feel guilty.

I did finally locate a DVD that I bought a few months ago but somehow got buried.  I am on the fifth and final installment of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians novels.  The first, The Lightning Thief, was made into a movie a year or so ago.  I like to think that Disney publishing was attempting to steal some of the thunder generated by the Harry Potter phenomenon.  The series centers around Perceus Jackson…(the demigod son of Poseidon) and his two friends: Annabeth (demigod daughter of Athena) and Grover (a satyr… half goat-half man).  This time, reading the novels ahead did help my enjoyment of the movie.  Not sure how much I would have been able to follow it otherwise. A passing knowledge on the legend of Greek gods and goddesses wouldn’t hurt either.  I don’t think anything will surpass the Potter juggernaut (at least for a while) but I found the books and movie to be fun.

So, a blessed and fun holiday was enjoyed with the family.  Wednesday, the house will once again be transformed into Walton’s Mountain 😉 as we welcome back our little family from Alaska who will be staying with us until they get settled back into the area.



A Happy Easter Weekend

My weekend kicked off to a great start!  On Good Friday after singing at services, I was dragged ( 😉 ) by a crowd of no less than 5 kids to see How to Train Your Dragon in 2D.  I didn’t find the idea of paying the extra money for the added thrill of three dimensions too appealing… THIS TIME!  I am pleased to announce that both the movie and my band of 5-14 year olds were excellent!  The story and the humor in the animated feature are enough to entice  both the young and adult viewer.  After taking someone’s “shortcut” to their mother’s house, I returned home.  Note to self… never listen to a 10 year-old’s directions no matter how many times she has been to the destination or how “easy” this way is… but it was fun.

Tomorrow after mass, the family (yes… Megan & Carol, too) are heading out to see WiCKED! My oldest brother has already seen the show and the fact that he wants to again and suggested that we get the parents tickets for Christmas tells me something.  At least it doesn’t look like we will be driving home in a snowstorm at 11 PM as was the case 2 years ago when Megan, Carol, and I went to the Stranahan to see The Lion King. Not forgetting Nick’s after the show!!!

Finally, tomorrow night will see the Yanks begin their bid for championship number 28!  We won’t elaborate on their preseason record because high or low it doesn’t really mean a great deal.  But why does the season opener have to be THERE!  UGH!

In the midst of all these fun, exciting events, let’s not overlook the reason for the season.  The ultimate sacrifice of the One who died to save us all from our sins.  As Father stated in his homily yesterday, how fickle is man.  Jesus entered Jerusalem amidst cheers and celebration. Five days later, he was crucified upon the order of the same revelers.  Then to complete the prophesy, he rose from the tomb saving all of us.

May you all have a Blessed and Happy Easter weekend!

Fridays Are Great

Not only because it was Good Friday, either.  I did join the choir yesterday for services at noon.  It was interesting because our priest skipped all over the place, leading many to believe that we were going to skip over the reading of Christ’s Passion all together.  Actually, one of my favorite moments of mass every year.  Resembling a play, with readers assuming various roles in the passion, the priest serving as Jesus and the congregation serving as the chorus of people sending Christ to his crucifixtion. However, Father Steve eventually got back on track and continued onward.  Someday, I would love to suggest that the choir (or soloist… never heard a choir version) sing “I Only Want to Say” from JCS.  The meaning of the song is found within the Bible if not the exact words.  Every year, I find myself reflecting on the sentiment.  Christ praying to His Father in the garden questioning whether or not He will actually be able to do “His will” moments before he is handed over.

I just learned that an EHS alum is part of the ensemble in a semi-professional production of Superstar at the Croswell Opera House in Adrian, Michigan that ends its run tonight.  If only Cindy’s mother would have let me know sooner…  Semi-professional since amateur rights are not available at this time 🙁