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Climbing The Mountain To The Loft

I hope that everyone who frequents my blog had a blessed Easter weekend… however they choose to celebrate it!  On Good Friday for the first time since Christmas, I climbed the narrow steps to the choir loft for rehearsal for Sunday morning services (unfortunately, I could not join the group for services on the remembrance of the Lord’s crucifixion).  Although it seemed to take forever to reach the top of the climb, it was very rewarding and another step forward.

Saturday saw the little ones taking advantage of two of the multitude of Easter Egg hunts in the area.  Any more and two of the nieces would have been bouncing off the walls.  Happily, they both won at least one prize along with their trove of goodies.

This morning, as I was putting on my suit (also not worn since December), I noticed something strangely exciting.  It seemed as if I was swimming in the suit.  I cannot believe that I have lost ANY weight over the last three months rather long feeling as if my pants were about to drop (even with a belt on).  Don’t get me wrong, I am really pleased that I have lost instead of gained… just surprised!

After celebrating the resurrection, the family (lost count of how many children my siblings have total) went to dinner at a buffet the ladies in the beauty shop have been raving.  Actually a catering service which opens up on the weekend,  Grant’s (no brother, not the 18th President) Catering in Antwerp.  Good, filling fare… good Oreo pie… and since we all can indulge (a little)now that the 40 days are past, I did not feel guilty.

I did finally locate a DVD that I bought a few months ago but somehow got buried.  I am on the fifth and final installment of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians novels.  The first, The Lightning Thief, was made into a movie a year or so ago.  I like to think that Disney publishing was attempting to steal some of the thunder generated by the Harry Potter phenomenon.  The series centers around Perceus Jackson…(the demigod son of Poseidon) and his two friends: Annabeth (demigod daughter of Athena) and Grover (a satyr… half goat-half man).  This time, reading the novels ahead did help my enjoyment of the movie.  Not sure how much I would have been able to follow it otherwise. A passing knowledge on the legend of Greek gods and goddesses wouldn’t hurt either.  I don’t think anything will surpass the Potter juggernaut (at least for a while) but I found the books and movie to be fun.

So, a blessed and fun holiday was enjoyed with the family.  Wednesday, the house will once again be transformed into Walton’s Mountain 😉 as we welcome back our little family from Alaska who will be staying with us until they get settled back into the area.



Holy Chicken And Bingo

This weekend, I attended two masses. Saturday night was my scheduled service to lead the congregation in song. Went really well especially the closing song, “Let there be Peace on Earth.” I don’t know what it was but I felt a strange tingling and actually gave into the sensation and closed my eyes. Normally, I would consider this a HUGE faux pas IF others could see my face. Since the loft is behind the congregation, my momentary lapse was not that great of a deal. Maybe I had an angel on my shoulder.

The choir sang at mass this morning. Since this was unscheduled, I was informed that there was not going to be many members singing this morning so I said if I was up in time to be at 8.30am mass, I would be there. The group was actually singing a song that it had never done before but has always been a personal favorite, “Preciousl Lord, Take My Hand.” So, doesn’t happen regularly but I made the effort and went to church twice in one weekend. Happens occasionally especially when Christmas falls on an unusual day of the week (I have actually attended mass twice in one day). But it is good for me and if I didn’t want to I would not have. My mother attended mass every day when she attended Catholic school. The fact that my siblings and I never attended the same school has always puzzled me. Perhaps our proximity to the public school (right out our front door) had something to do with it.

I did get to catch a nap before I had to return to church for our chicken festival complete with bingo and dish washing (hooray). I won $1.50 after only 2 games (of bingo, not dish washing) at a quarter a pop. This was after only a few rounds had been called. Later, I heard the caller announcing $8.50 or $9.00 to the winner. My 12 year-old nephew was playing beside me. For his final game, Joshua laid down a dollar bill and played 4 cards at one time (not that it did him any good). Is bingo a huge Catholic thing nationwide or just around these parts? I remember that years ago, bingo was played on Monday nights in the church basement. No creamed chicken sandwiches for me… although they sold them at the concession stand under the bingo tent.

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