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Should Have Gone And Fed The Ducks

Well… another year plus 3 days older.  This year has definitely been one of the most personally dramatic I have ever faced but with God’s protective presence through my wonderful family and once again the very best friends He has put out there for me, I feel that I am nearing as close to a full recovery as possible.

I always enjoy doing special things on my birthday.  This year, I was lucky enough to have a 4 day holiday (I will be paying for it since I now work until Tuesday without a break… I can handle that).  Saturday, my parents and my oldest brother celebrated with me at The Factory restaurant.  This is one of at least three family named (Don Hall) restaurants in the Fort: Triangle Park and the Gas House are two of the others… if memory serves there are a few others.  It had been years since we had eaten at the Factory and that being the case I decided on that.  Being only 5PM on a Saturday, there was not much of a crowd so we were seated right away.  The selection was NOT at all what it used to be.  In fact, I almost wished that I had decided to go to Triangle Park which has a small pond in which ducks and a few swans are known to gather looking for bread crumbs.  However, my surf and turf was wonderful.

Sunday (the actual big day), I was invited to spend the day with my second family.  This year, there was no other place I would rather be.  C&L saw me and continue to stand beside me as I improve more and more each week.  To say that they and their family are really special is an absolute understatement.  We met a few other friends at church service and then went to brunch.  On the way, I had two little ones trying to play with the windows in the car. Their mischievous plans were thwarted as they discovered that the driver’s door has a window lock. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!  Then back to the house and some play time with the littles.  Around 6, I had to make my exit as I had forgotten to bring my meds.

Monday, more fun.  I volunteered to take the three little ones to church while L took T to her camp.  Later, I had a meeting and was invited to help celebrate another guy’s birthday (he CAN’T be three already… I distinctly remember the day I was called informing me of his arrival).

Tuesday… a day to relax and think about nothing.  Started reading the original Gaston Leroux Phantom of the Opera. Not as dry as I thought it might be in fact it is pretty good so far.  Perhaps I will compare and contrast the longest running Broadway musical and the novel somewhere down the line.  I did get our team signed up to play Family Feud at our annual village fest on the 29th at 7.

All in all a Happy Birthday.  NOW I have to find a day to see the final chapter of Harry Potter opening this weekend.  Definitely on Tuesday since I close every night through Monday.  Anyone care to join me?


A Hit With The 6 & 7 Year Olds

Today for lunch, I went across the street to my old stomping grounds to help my newly turned  first grade 7 year-old niece celebrate her birthday.  10-10-10… three months after I celebrate my own day  She could have had me over Friday but she did not like the menu.  Today’s offering of  chicken strips, muffin, and peaches was fine (I was never fond of the school’s cole slaw, so I let that go).

As you can imagine I was the most popular big kid in the joint.  All eyes were upon me.  Do you think I minded a bit?  I did have a hard time getting into the building.  All but one door is locked all day, and I did not know which one (it hasn’t been THAT long since I’ve graced the halls).  And a lot has changed.  The elementary section is now where the halls of my high school were.  Alyssa’s classroom is where the library/study hall used to be.

I did see a few faces from the past.  The same elementary secretary who was there humn years ago still occupies the desk (as she did the first day I entered the school back in 19–).  I also came across my fifth-grade teacher.  She has since retired but was subbing for a Kindergarten class.  All this while sitting at a table outside the classroom (usually meant that you were in trouble… ME!?)

It must be my size that made me think that the lunch room appeared to be smaller than it was.  But I thought for sure there were more tables set up in my day.  One change almost broke my heart: the milkshake machine was gone 🙁  DANG!  I also do not remember being so rushed to eat (maybe there are fewer tables).  Nope, just learned that the kids are rushed.  At least one parent has complained… possible while they were sharing lunch with their little one.

After lunch, Alyssa and I went to the Puppy Pound for a bit.  She got on one of the swings.  Shortly after, the swing set was occupied with little ones begging me to push them.  One kindergartener became a daredevil after he was pushed high enough and leaped from his seat.  I remember doing that back in the day!  Unfortunately for my new friend, the result was the same:  A whistle blown and an escort to the wall.  I tried not to grin as he hung his head.

If I had known that I was going to be the center of attention the whole time, I would have taken my camera.



Another year and eleven minutes older…o maybe not exactly, I’ll have to find out what time I actually entered the world.  Well… yesterday, I had to run to the big city and get my picture snapped.  I abhor having my mug shot for my little piece of plastic for three years.  Look at the little smiley sticker, drop your jaw, now move slightly to the right.  UGH!  A fashioned model has it easier and they get paid for it!

Then, I endured a long nine hour work day.  Better yesterday than today especially when I get three days off in a row!  I don’t have to be back until TUESDAY!  Today, I have to go to an audition for Hound of the Baskervilles. I believe that I have stated that I will not be auditioning for either Holmes or Watson.  I think my talents are better served in a return to a more character driven role this time.  And I do not believe that the detective or the good doctor had facial hair… Watson, perhaps.

Tonight, mass at 6 is being given in memory of Aunt Carol.  After that, the sky’s the limit.  Spontaneity on your birthday is always fun!

Well… 22 minutes into another year. Tired, maybe I’ll get some sleep.

Happy Birthday, Aunt Carol

Today would have been Carol’s 54th birthday.  So many wonderful memories.  I know the last show she saw me in was Idol Night at the Karaoke Place and the character I played which is the same as my blog title.  In the show, my best friend sang my favorite inspirational song made famous by my favorite artist.  The music and lyrics are just perfection.  So for Carol:

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You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains.

You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas.

I am strong when I am on your shoulders.

You raise me up to more than I can be.

And yes, Mr. Groban is very high on my ipod shuffle.  I would consider it a Christian tune as I would many of my favorite songs by Josh.

Happy birthday to One More Angel in Heaven.

A Beary Super Birthday!

Yesterday started off slowly and ended in the best way possible.  I had to work on my birthday but I really wanted to have Saturday off just in case plans arose for an all day celebration (ya never know).  I decided to call my pal when I got ready before work to check up on him because we were still bumbed about the auditions.  After talking to him, I sensed that he was still not fully recovered.  Hopefully, the game night would help.

Before I went to work, I stepped out into the beauty shop and was greeted with birthday wishes from my mom’s co-owner and an old friend who remembers this day 36 years ago.  The mother of the first woman to ever break my heart.  Ok, so i was like 6 when I asked “Seeah” (could not say Teresa) to marry me then she went off and got married to another man.  To this day, she reminds me of this.

After a loooong, uneventful day at work, I called over to the game night festivities that had already begun to inform them that I had five minutes left!  Games, brownie cake with a “54” candle on top.  54=18 (another game night participant celebrating her birthday)+36.  I think it was 54… sometimes that short-term memory ain’t what it used to be.

Then the surprise package.  I received a thong with a lottery ticket ($2.00 winner) from Megan and a gift bag with a homemade card from Taylor, an invitation to Beeber’s 1st birthday party, a hardcover copy of The Death and Life of Superman, and a fantastic stuffed #1 Yankee fan bear.  I think I like the bear even more than the book it is sooooooo cute.  Thanks taylhis for going to the trouble.

As usual, I was the last guest to leave.  We got into a discussion of our status as guests in a roundabout way.  Something like you no longer are considered a guest if you stay long enough to help clean up.  I don’t know how much I cleaned but I definitely stayed long enough.

Thank you all once again for a Super birthday!!!  I hope it helped C as much as it did me 😀


I received this email today from a friend. I always enjoy reading Andy Rooney’s column periodically in the paper and caught him from time to time on 60 Minutes…. even if he seemed hypercritical I thought this was at times touching, humorous, but oh so true. A great thing to pass on today since a great friend is having a birthday today. I hope you have a great one, L and we will call it 29 and holding if you like 😀 !

In order to save on space, I am going to reprint my favorites:

I’ve learned…. That just one person saying to me, ‘You’ve made my day!’ makes MY day. (Go ahead, make my day).

I’ve learned…. That having a child fall asleep in your arms is one of the most peaceful feelings in the world (very true especially if you can get one to do it… a miracle in itself at times, but when it happens… it is magic)

I’ve learned… That being kind is much more important than being right. (of course there are exceptions to every rule)

I’ve learned… That no matter how serious your life requires you to be, everyone needs a friend to act Goofy with. (Gawrsh… that is my favorite of the bunch… wonder why. hyuck, hyuck)

I’ve learned… That sometimes all a person needs is a hand to hold and a heart to understand. (That is beautiful and very true)

I’ve learned… That love, not time, heals all wounds. (Again, very profound)

I’ve learned… That everyone you meet deserves to be greeted with a smile. (You may not like the person you meet, but a smile is nothing more than a frown turned upside down. I was also once told that you use more facial muscles when you frown. Myth or fact?  Going along with that….)

I’ve learned… That a smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks (not sure that I totally agree with that one, but never hurts).

Happy Birthday, Lis 😀 . You are my friend and I AM honored!

A Tragedy of Operatic Proportions

Yes, tonight was our final rehearsal for Little Women before we have an audience and any audience expects to be entertained and tonight while still good also had a few pitfalls. Huge gaps where a character forgot her entrances, fumbling backstage to move sets and props into place. Just little things that can and frequently do cause an audience to become distracted and lose interest. But overall, these were only minor things (admittedly the person who forgot her entrances was not so minor but I am sure that her professionalism will return and will be fine).

Also missing tonight was our assistant lighting person. When I returned from practice, I had a message informing me that Carol was really sick so I immediately called and talked to her daughter. I was really concerned because Carol is always so dependable (as well as a fun member of our game night gang who played my mother in our recent Murder Mystery night) and I was hoping most of the evening that nothing was seriously wrong. Thankfully, she was feeling better by the time I had called. This was on her birthday of all things to boot. So Happy Birthday Carol and I hope you feel much better 😀 . And see you tomorrow night. I will also have to attend some of the Summer City Band concerts on Wednesday nights through the summer as Megan plays the trumpet in the band. She should have told me sooner. I started playing trumpet in 5th grade and by the time I was in high school moved to the tuba (many tales about Susie and I 😀 ) with some gentle nudging from a certain high school band director.

I almost forgot to mention that a certain well-admired writer from a newspaper was in attendance.  Not to review as some feared, just to flash his camera and leave.  Hopefully, he does not bring his book Friday night and have it out before the first scene is over.