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My Favorite Day Of The Week

is every other Saturday… my second day off each week.  Today was jammed packed.  It started about 10 AM when I turned on the radio waiting for a familiar voice to be on during the Blizzard Auction that benefitted the WCCT.  I also happened to hear about one of the items that was up for bid that sounded absolutely thrilling: a guest directing gig with the City Band during one of their concerts this summer.  I not only walked away with that but also a $25 gift certificate to a local restaurant as well as a night’s stay at the Holiday Inn.  Unfortunately, I missed the voice I thought was to be on from 10-12 this morning.

This afternoon, I went to my niece’s 4th and 5th grade basketball game.  The game was thrilling in that it ended in overtime. Unfortunately, Elizabeth’s team came up a few points short.  What was even more (I’ll say) interesting was the opposing team’s coach.  She not only was off the bench yelling and screaming at the 9-10 year olds much of the time, but at one point, she went on the court and attempted to demonstrate to one of her players how to play the game.  For her efforts, the coach was given a technical foul.  Setting a good example for the young Catholic Schools teams.

Later, I went to mass and then met Megan for a walk.  At least the wind has died down considerably since Thursday.  We walked from her house to the Little Theatre where I picked up my items from the auction.  We made great time but by the time we reached the theatre we were quite welcome for the break and warmth inside.  After walking back to Megan’s place, I went to McDonald’s for a quick bite on my way home and some hot chocolate!

Here’s hoping that the theatre makes a bundle from the proceeds and puts it to good use.

Family Time

This morning, Mom and Dad and I went to pay our respects at the funeral home.  None of us could go last night so we went for the gathering before they processed to the church.  We KNEW that the rather small church would not hold many people and with 10 children, 38 grandchildren, and who knows how many great grandchildren, there would not be many places available for other than very immediate family members.  I was hoping to catch Britt there but she must have been running late.

After, we returned to watch Elizabeth play basketball.  A riot watching the young girls begin to develop.  Autumn was great although she missed a shot and her mother yelled “USE THE BACKBOARD!”  Yep, definitely her father’s daughter 😀 .  I thing Elizabeth did more sliding across the slippery floor.  More than once, she got the ball and OOPS… whistle blows and traveling called.

I was also asked if I would like to get tickets to Wicked coming in April.  Of course… most musicals are worth at least a try.

And tonight, I am taking my sister and two young ladies to see the Santa Claus play.  They have been asking, and asking about it and finally it is almost here.  I must say that I am pretty excited myself.

3-0! And No Vultures Circling

I don’t know of anyone else who can claim that ranking in our annual WCCT Family Fun Day softball game but since neither of my other compatriots here at tangents can, I will gloat just a bit… not that it was entirely my doing…. never underestimate the underdog and I’m not speaking of the canine do-gooder  I just really enjoy another excuse to get together on any day with some of the best friends one could have… even if some were missing.

I will try not to report on too much that has been mentioned before.  I did arrive a bit earlier than everyone else which gave me the chance to listen to most of the remaining first stanza of the Ohio State/Toledo football game.  By the end of the first quarter, the Buckeyes were up 14-0 at the home of the Browns in Cleveland.  Just a bit of interstate competition at a neutral site…. or maybe a chance to get an Ohio team there who would win a game… this seemed likely since both teams are from Ohio.  I remember going to Cleveland my senior year in high school to watch the Bucks play.  The day after the sousaphone incident.  I must say that Mr. Tressel loosened his vest a bit instead of playing it conservative which has led to many a big game letdown… the USC game a weekend or two ago comes to mind as well as a few past bowl games.

Back to the Fun Day.  As usual, it was a very enjoyable event although there were only 8 of us (plus an all-time pitcher) who took part in the actual game.  Prior to the main event, we tossed a football and then I really showed by prowess on the basketball court.  Thank goodness for the granny shot or I would have reached “h-o-r-s-e” long before I did.  As I have said before, I know where my talent lies.

Prior to the big game, Megan and I warmed up a bit tossing the softball back and forth.  WHAT… no batting practice?!  I played shag in the outfield and was kept bust chasing flies until the final inning when it seemed one side got a bit more winded than the other.  I am pleased to say that I hit the ball every time I was up… ok, so maybe one at bat took about seven pitches for me to do so… we will blame the pitcher.  But what a ball!  One of the events I hope to look forward to for years to come.

The game ended long enough for us to return to the pavilion to chat a bit before I had to leave and song lead at mass.  But once again a great afternoon with friends.

Back On The Mound

On Sunday, the Seattle Mariners defeated the Oakland Athletics 8-7 in 15 innings.  While neither team is high on my radar to follow, the Mariners possess one player with very close ties.  Denny Stark pitched to four batters in the game.  This came after an absence of 1747 days (last appearing on the mound in 2004) and two Tommy John replacement surgeries on his right elbow.

How well I remember back in the day (he was a year behind me in school) when Denny was on the mound or on the hardwood either scoring 1000 points in basketball or pitching on the mound at EHS.  Totally amazing and he was definitely one who started out as soon as he was big enough to throw a ball to his father.  I know for a fact that his parents encouraged his talent and gift.  His father, “Connie” (and mother, Roz), coaching, developing him, but never being the stereotypically domineering parent.

Sometimes, coming from a small town and knowing everyone and what they are doing is a good thing.  In little league, I remember having Connie as a coach who never demanded anything less than what you were capable of giving.  So often we hear of coaches or parents who push as hard as they can in order to realize their own dreams through their players or children, but it was absolutely untrue in this case: THIS IS DENNY”S DREAM and it has been realized once again… if only for four batters.  Hopefully, this is only the beginning.  Perseverence does have its rewards.  I remember going to a Ft. Wayne Wizards game one summer when Denny was scheduled to pitch for the opposing team.  However, we were unable to see him pitch as he was called up to the next level.

UPDATE: According to a more local newspaper, Denny will be used in a middle relief capacity.

Another Office Party

This evening, I watched the final three episodes of the premiere season of The Clinic (ooopssss…. The Office). I am now absolutely hooked and need to seek out the second and third seasons before April 10 (although I am sure that I will not be able to watch them all.. unless I have an Office party :0). The first segment found Jim jokingly forming an “Alliance” with Dwight in order to investigate the downsizing rumor surrounding the Scranton, PA branch of Dunder-Mifflin. Dwight ends up being taped inside a shipping box to spy on other employees. Hilarious!!!!

The second episode found Michael and the staff taking on the warehouse workers in a “friendly?” game of basketball. Each side places a small bet on the outcome. Michael chooses the players that he thinks will defeat the other team in typical stereotypical fashion and hilarity ensues.

In the final episode of season one, an attractive new saleswoman (Amy Adams) enters the office to sell purses. Michael, Dwight (something strange about that one), and Jim each try to win her affections. Pam’s fiance Roy (David Denman) also makes it known that he finds the new arrival very fetching.

After the final segment, I found myself wanting more. I was hoping to hear that Pam finally dumped her jerk of a fiance (after a three year engagement) and moved on to Jim. Of course, just watching the first season it seemed like a forgone conclusion. Who would be the victim(s) of downsizing? A few of these questions were answered by those who know, but I do want to catch up eventually.

I just cannot believe that I have not discovered this hilarious comedy full of great characters, a fantastic ensemble, and brilliant creative staff before now. I also like the references to other series some of which are not part of NBC’s lineup of shows (Survivor to name one).

Please forgive my allusion to The Clinic at the beginning of the post. A wonderful one-act play which I was part of in January 2007).