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And They Still Managed To Lose

Happy Earth Day a day (or two at his point) late!  Did anyone happen to see this remarkable play begun by a little-known third baseman in the top of the 6th inning against the Oakland A’s?  The first time such a feat was accomplished by the team since 1968 when one of the greats was involved.  The bad news is that he Yanks still lost.  The good news is… it did not matter, they still took the series!  There was even some squabbling between A-Rod and the pitcher for the A’s.  Something about how the Yankee made his way back to first base after a play… I dunno.

But check out the historic play… even though the A’s came out on top in the end.

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The Lee Utley Show

Ok, ok… granted… Game One of the World Series was not C.C.’s finest pitching outing.  Cliff Lee pitched his behind off and the defending World Champs definitely came into the Bronx ready to go… but IT WAS ONLY GAME ONE, FOLKS! Yanks in 6! Very little to say that went well for a Yankee fan other than we are glad game one is over.  A-Rod silenced, Mark “Chris” Teixiera no help either, C.C. down in seven after getting no help from his offense.   In fact, very little offensively until the ninth when we finally got a run in.  Once again Fox Sports announcing duo managed their typical balanced commentary.  I do believe there was a total of two players on the field and neither wore pinstripes.

Final: Phillies 6, Yankees 1

Game 2 Tomorrow night.  Have a read-through so I will have to miss half.  GO YANKS!!! Maybe we will get to see a pie delivered by starter A.J. Burnett (hopefully not since they only come after a from behind victory).

Simply Awesome

Thankfully, the game really did not get started until I got off work at 9.  Up until then, the Yanks and Angels were scoreless through three, but that was soo to change.  Game 4 in the ALCS featured a remarkable one-two punch for the Bombers.  C.C. pitched eight incredible innings allowing one run on five hits on a short three days rest and giving the much used bullpen a rest of its own.

Alex Rodriguez with all the turmoil he has been in this year off the field has never had a better post season.  I cannot forget his arrival in the pin-stripes.  He was terrible in the post season.  This year… 5 home runs, 11 RBIs.  Tonight he was a triple away from hitting a cycle including a two run smash.

Last night’s questionable use of the bullpen and tonight’s even more questionable calls made by the crew chief along the third base line are now a distant memory as the Yankees are one victory away from THE WORLD SERIES.  Now… I just have to concentrate on other things until Thursday night (of course that will not be a problem for me… sorry guys, you will have to take a back seat until 9).  Hopefully, they can wrap it up Thursday night so I can go a-haunting this weekend safe in the knowledge that they will be back in the Big Apple waiting for next Wednesday.   But… it is not over yet.

For anyone not in the know… Yankees 10, Angels 1.

And today is the 99th birthday for the longtime former voice of the Yanks, Bob Sheppard.  In homage, Captain Jeter has Mr. Sheppard’s recorded voice announcing him every time he steps up to the plate (at hime, anyway).  Can we get a “Yankees win!   THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Yankees WIN!” Mr. Sheppard began announcing in the ’51 season with none other than greats like Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra leading the Bombers to another World Championship.

Ok… So It Won’t Be Another Sweeping

Yep… once again… an extra inning pitching duel.  Captain J started off the afternoon just after 4PM with a single homer.  A-Rod, Johnny D, and Posada added their own throughout the game.  However, single HRs often do not win games, correct?  I do think the Yanks went a bit too deep in the bullpen… but that is just a bit of armchair coaching.  Final: Yankees 4…Angels 5 in 12.  At least it was a late afternoon game unlike Saturday night into the wee hours of Sunday.  Game 4 Tomorrow Night 7:30… C.C. back on the hill!!!!!!!

Welcome Back To The Post Season!

Yesterday, the Bronx Bombers closed out the regular season in historic and dramatic fashion.  In the sixth inning, A-Rod blasted 7 RBIs by hitting a three-run homer and in his second at bat in the frame, belted a grand slam leading the Yanks to a 10-2 finish against the Tampa Bay Rays.  Two records were set… the most RBIs in one inning for an American League player (only Fernando Tatis of the St. Louis Cardinals has had more in one inning with 8, back in 1999).  The first homer of the inning was the Yanks’ 243rd rounding of the bases topping a team record set in 2004.  Rodriguez’s 30 long balls and 100 RBIs for the season seems exceptional considering he was sidelined (ok.. mixing sports terms here) for the first 28 games due to his right hip surgery.

AH… October madness.  Now we wait for a week before the Division Series begins.  Still a toss up between the Tigers and Twins as their records are tied prompting a final game to decide the AL Central title.  Let the party begin!

Sweeping the Stockings

Yahoo!  The Bombers finally have done something they have failed to do all season: completed a sweep of the rather lackluster (of late) Red Sox.  The first time the Yanks have taken a four-game home stand from their rival since 1985?! The one thing I grew sick of is the continuous mentioning of David Ortiz and his possible enhancement taking of 2003.  I mean, it seems as if (the last two games, anyway) that the games were more of a did he or didn’t he.  I think the whole scandal has gotten way out of hand and is ruining the great American pasttime.

The series began Thursday night with a 13-6 blow.

The excitement continued Friday night into the wee hours of Saturday until Alex Rodriguez smashed a two run walk-off shot in the bottom of the 15th inning.  Marking the first time a Yankee-Red Sox game  has gone scoreless  through  14 innings and only the fifth time in recorded history  that  a walk-off homer has been hit in  a scoreless 15 or more inning game.  A heartbreaker but the pinstripes came out on top.

Saturday, the Yankees also blanked the Sox 5-0

Finally, the first place AL East boys rallied to go up 6-1/2 games with a 5-2 victory.  One thing is for sure, Boston will be looking for blood when next the teams meet up.  But for now.. good luck to justj‘s beloved Tigers when they travel to Fenway Monday night.

A New HOPE From The Evil Empire

No, no this post has nothing to do with the original Star Wars film (or as it is officially known: Episode IV: A New Hope).  Such rather derogatory names have inundated my favorite baseball team for as long as I can remember and definitely beyond that.  This week, The New York Yankees have been on the streets, in apartment buildings, and in the new stadium giving back to the community that they call home.  Whether it be something seemingly trivial like throwing pop flies to a ten year old or participating in an event honoring a Navy veteran who is afflicted with Lou Gehrig’s disease, the NOW solo first place American League East sluggers have been receiving praise both on and off the field.

HOPE (Helping Others Persevere and Excel) week began Monday and has included the following events:

  • Alex Rodriguez and pitchers Joba Chamberlain and Andy Pettite were in Greenwich Village and visited a young boy who has Cerebral Palsay.  The sixth grader is confined to a wheelchair; however, the Bombers conducted a clinic for him and his little league teammates.
  • Ace closer Mariano Rivera, second baseman Robinson Cano, and outfielder Melky Cabrera visited a small Washington Heights apartment where a couple open their home to children for lessons in community and leadership.
  • Captain Derek Jeter and first baseman Mark Teixeira (who my mother claims closely resembles our admin… I don’t see it… sorry I cannot find a photo good enough to compare) participated in a ceremony honoring a Navy veteran with Lou Gehrig’s Disease and his wife.

Say what you will about the Yankees… overpaid, over-privileged.  The new stadium is a homerun hitters paradise.  Any team who takes time out off the field to help and inspire (yes, even if the team happens to be from Bean Town) deserves some appreciation.

A Turning Point For The Season?

Friday night saw the return of Alex Rodriguez to third base for the New York Yankees following his recovery from hip surgery.  Depending upon how the Bombers do by seasons end, this game may be seen as the one in which the team turned around… after losing a deplorable 5 games in a row (their longest losing streak in two years).  Even the unremarkable pitching of C.C. Sabathia was on par as he pitched  a 9 inning shutout and winning 4-0.

I’m not going to dwell on the past scandals of A-Rod.  Not his admitted substance use that has come to light, nor the more bizarre report of pitch tipping.  The first pitch he saw Friday night with no spring training was a perfect 98MPH fastball delivered by Baltimore’s Jeremy Guthrie.  The bat connected and travelled over the left centerfield fence of Camden Yards scoring three runs.  Although, he went 1-4, a message was clearly sent.  Hopefully, his return will brighten the field that is (as seemingly usual) plagued by injury.