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Saturday In The Sticks

WOW!  My first Saturday off in at least 2 months (I’m not counting the three weeks I was pretty well incapacitated… no fun!).  Gloomy, wet, cold day that it was there were moments of enjoyment.  Decided to tag along with Mom and my oldest niece to grocery shop and use my gift card to pick up a certain DVD that came out yesterday.  As we parked at the grocery, I noticed a vehicle with a very recognizable license plate holder.  I told Shelb “Guess who’s here?”  Always fun to run into your best friends (all 6 of them).

Tonight, Shelby and I went to see the musical version of the Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore flick The Wedding Singer.  Although the cast and crew were phenomenal, I would definitely not have taken any of my nieces and nephews under the age of 15.  I’m sure that the innuendo would have flown over their head but some of the language would be cause for concern.

The show was great fun and a great transport back to the age of excess with catch phrases, pop culture references of 1985, and the CLAPPER!!! YOU HAVE TO LOVE THE CLAPPER!  And who doesn’t love seeing the fake Rainbow Brite (Played by another one of my nieces… Alyssa Davis… and I thought she was only 7), Joan Jett, Cyndi Lauper, Brooke Shields, Punky Brewster, and I did spy a nerd who had the orange and black striped shirt and rainbow suspenders of a certain Orkan.  Plus, a Princess Leia wannabe complete with a cinnabun hairdo.  I wonder if the script called for the Princess Leia character; knowing the actress, she probably had some input.

The leads and ensemble were all wonderful but there were several standout scene-stealing cameos particularly the always engaging Tiff who brought the house down as Linda, Robbie’s fiance.  Another pure delight was a fellow tangenteer who was ALMOST unrecognizable as Robbie’s grandma.  The rap she performed with the flamboyant George was a hoot! If I’ve said it one, I’ve said it a million times… lots of times a show is not all about the leads.  Give a cameo or supporting role to the right thespian and they will steal the show.  It just so happened that this show had more than one great cameo role 😉

I stopped at the entrance after the show long enough to congratulate Carol and say hi to Megan.  My leg was getting tired and I did not want to fight the mob but the show was a TOTALLY TUBULAR!

As an added bonus, I even get NEXT Saturday off!  Not going to complain since I will have a Saturday and Sunday off (provided that the store I work in continues to recognize the resurrection of our Savior).

Dearly Departed We Are Gathered Here Today…

I hope that I am not stepping on too many toes by posting on a show that some readers have not sen so I will try not to give too much away.  WCCT opened its 2010 season in high form with the hysterically touching comedy Dearly Departed.  Every redneck stereotype (southern Baptist… correct?… ministers, beer bellied loafers, etc) you can imagine is put on huge display.  It was almost a lost episode of Mama’s Family.  In fact, Deb’s performance as the family matriarch made me flashback to Vicki Lawrence herself.  An extended group of hicks gather to say their farewells to its beloved(?) head of the family.

As with any family centered piece, the dirty laundry is aired and there is a lot to share!  It is so much fun to sit back and watch friends on stage create such lively characters.  Fellow tangenteer, justj positively stole the show in not one but two outstanding roles.

So… if you haven’t already, be sure to catch one of the remaining performances of the premiere show of the season.

The Holiday Season Can Now Begin

I have seen Miracle on 34th Street… not the 1947 classic, not the made for TV redux, nor the most recent big screen treatment.  Tonight, I treated my sister and her two little angels to a live production.  I absolutely LOVED IT! The entire cast was magnificent… from the smallest child, to the briefest cameo, to the big guy himself.  The set was a stroke of genius.  The entire production flew by.  Everything that makes the classic film such a treasure was in place along with a few added bits that were pure delights.

Since purchasing the tickets on-line Tuesday, I had been overwhelmed by shrieks of anticipation by a certain 6 and 4 year-old.  Finally, the night arrived and I treated everyone to McDonald’s before going to the theatre.  A miracle in itself was that the girls actually were done eating BEFORE the time I said we had to head out.

During the show, Sydney was on my lap the whole time and was totally enthralled by the magic on stage.  Alyssa, on the other hand, was asleep before intermission.  After going down to the “confession” stand (as the 6 year old calls it),  Sydney began to share her M&Ms with Megan and I.  How cute was that?  And on the other side of me, Alyssa was again sawing logs.

After the show in the reception line, I told the girls to go sit on Santa’s lap but they wouldn’t… until I apparently moved down the line.  I didn’t see it..  I saw some fans in the audience who asked why I was not on stage and I put in a plug for a little show coming up in a mere 5 days.  I CANNOT WAIT!!!!

Once again… brilliant job one and all.  You created the Christmas spirit in everyone in the audience and made us all believe.  BRAVO! My favorite part as it is in the movie… I just love the little Dutch girl who hasn’t a friend but sits on Santa’s lap and they begin singing a song from her native land.


unless you have seen WCCT’s extremely fun-filled production of Little Shop… Little Shop of Horrors.  Megan and I checked it out tonight since I figured a Thursday night showing would need more help filling the seats than a Friday night.  I must say that it was very well done.  The set took you to Skid Row, U.S.A. full of bumbs and trash laden streets.  Someone mentioned that the first weekend shows were a bit loud in the musicians area, but I did not notice it.  The man with the fingers and the gal with the sticks must have toned down a bit?

The entire cast was great, but I will pick on a few remarkable standout performances.  I have to say that Travis is Seymour.  He had the bumbling, nerdy, inept orphan turned flower shop attendant down to an art.  So many great scenes that it would take an entire post to detail it all.  SUPERB PERFORMANCE, my friend!  I can’t wait to work with you again.  If it were in my power, you would be the Willie Award winner!

I must say that I was extremely taken aback by Shelley’s performance of Audrey.  She usually has this great, big, powerful voice that truly commands the stage.  This time, she backed off the power to give a touching, sincere persona to the meek, “semi-sadist” dating character.

Finally, the trio of Mary, Amber, and PEGGY! They very nearly stole the show and for good reason… they were incredible.  I’m running a bit long here, so I will comment on the young lady whom I have known since the 5th grade on her stage debut.  I couldn’t be prouder!  Where were you !& years ago in high school?!  For her first time on stage, Peggy had to deal with some truly powerhouse stage veterans but she held her own brilliantly.  I was asked to tell her if I could hear her.  Going against my trained experience, I tried to hone in on her voice during the trio numbers and yes, I could hear you.  More importantly, the mixing of the three voices was great!  The attitude was dead on.  During the scene changes, the three divas kept things lively by ad libbing which brought some chuckles from the audience.

So.. if you are in the area this weekend, take a few hours down on Skid Row.  You will be in for a treat!