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It Was The Rat Poison

Last night, I FINALLY was up to attending a great game night with marvelous friends and one newcomer (a newcomer to me although, he had been to at least the Super Bowl extravaganza, I believe.  My first game night in three months was full of laughs and great times.  I got to see dear friends I have not seen since New Years or before and this also helped my continued progress.  Laughter and wonderful times with some of my closest compadres is indeed the best medicine… better than rat poison, that is for sure.

I also got to see the four kids (plus two tagalongs which one of our regular game nighters brought along).  Poor Beebs definitely was NOT feeling up to his normal self.  The other little ones played on the Kinect system… something which I think looks interesting in the near future.

After the merriment of the evening wound down (about 12:30), I set out to make the 12 mile trek home.  Before I even left town, I was traveling along and all of a sudden, a raccoon jumped out in front of me.  Instinctively, I swerved and crossed the yellow line.  Unbeknownst to me, one f B-town’s finest was right behind me and turned on his red and blue lights.

“Did you see the raccoon I had sicced on you?”

Indeed I had!  Apparently, the town has gained quite a surplus of the critters… living in the sewers until they plot their take over.  Sounds like a bad B-movie to me.  The friendly officer and I engaged in a conversation about any future theatrical endeavors I have coming up which led to the tale of my 3 month journey.  After my identity was confirmed and I was not deemed a known terrorist, I was sent on my way.  Good thing I did not indulge in the wine that was brought to our night of fun!  I don’t think it would be good to mix with the rat poison, anyway. 😉

THEN, I got back home and learned that the Buckeyes were defeated by two points by Kentucky with a buzzer beating shot.  So much for my bracket… and I was doing so well for my first time 🙁

Definitely NOT Feeling Blue

Please, someone remind me to ask for this weekend OFF next year.  It may not have been a very exciting game for non-Buckeye fans, but I must say (from what I heard from the radio) it was OUTSTANDING! Running back a kickoff following a Michigan TD.  An interception.  Hearing that Nick Swisher was honored.  Wonder if his fellow Yankee, Captain Jeter (a Michigander… nobody’s perfect) was at the ‘shoe.  And the FINAL SCORE: OSU 37… UofM 7.  WOO HOOOO!!!!  It sounds like a tie for 1st place in the Big Ten which I believe gives Wisconsin the Rose Bowl berth… correct me if I am mistaken.  Next year will see the Big Ten decided playoff style; however, the tradition will continue for the Buckeyes and the team from the North.  GO BUCKS!

I must agree with several of my family members and co-conspiators! Michigan should KEEP RICH RODRIGUEZ as head coach!  7 in a row for Coach Tressel and his men  and 9-1 since the man in the sweater vest came to the helm.


Unsportsmanlike Conduct.. 15 Yard Penalty

After Saturday’s OSU/OU football game, I saw on a friends fb account that the OSUMB’s halftime performance was less than outstanding… full of Looney Tunes, Flintstones, and other cartoon themes. However, I wonder if the Bobcat alumnus thought the following was so extraordinary:

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Apparently, the heinous display by Rufus Bobcat upon the unsuspecting Brutus was premeditated.  The no-goodnick tried out for the role of mascot a year ago with the ultimate goal of tackling the Buckeye.  He has since been summarily banned from all Ohio University affiliated athletic functions.  The funny thing is, the miscreant no longer attends the Athens, Ohio college. He now attends nearby Hocking College.  OU has issued an apology to the Buckeyes.

In every way but personally, the shenanigans were for naught as the Bucks handed the Bobcats a 43-7 thrashing.  They should have tackled the player with the ball instead of the mascot.  Kind of funny especially after the games outcome.  A streaker running across the field was even more shocking and hilarious.

Farewell to the Boss

Praise him or curse him, George Steinbrenner accomplished what he set out to do when he purchased the New York Yankees the year I was born.  His fiery, hands on approach helped lead the Bombers to 11 pennants and 7 World Championships during his tenure.  He holds the record for the most years as owner of a franchise.  Early this morning, The Boss succumbed to a massive heart attack.

Mr. Steinbrenner was, for better or worse, responsible for turning the team around after it was struggling under the ownership of CBS.  During his 37 year ownership, it has been well publicized about the revolving door of managers.  He changed 20 times in his first 23 years including the five time dismissings of Billy Martin.

Also memorable is the grooming policy for the team.  Hair length and facial hair were closely monitored.  Goose Gossage’s beard which turned into his trademark thick moustache; Don Mattingly’s mullet (which was lampooned on the classic Simpsons’ episode, “Homer at the Bat”).  When Johnny Damon was acquired from the Red Sox, I often wondered the price the outfielder was payed to clean up.

In 2006, George turned the day to day operations over to his son who seems to have inherited the same fire and approach.  So, it would appear that the Steinbrenner Empire will continue.

Goodbye To Simon’s Pants On The Ground

And congratulations to Lee DeWyze from Mt. Prospect, Illinois.  Even if Crystal had not been from our neck of the woods, being talked about continuously on the 4 local stations, I would definitely think that she was the clear front-runner.  From what I have seen of American Idol this year, the paint salesman has grown by leaps and bounds and deserves to be crowned.  But why, oh why do we need two hours of it.  We had the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Some of the performances by the top 12 were good… others not so good (Siobhan), and others were downright UUUUUGLY!  (I was almost afraid that one of the myriad of guest performers was going to have another wardrobe malfunction).

Taking second place to the anticipation of the announcement was the farewell to Simon Cowell.  I’m not totally convinced that the show will be the juggernaut it is without him.  I don’t think it is now after nine years.  Video tributes, a hilarious segment by Ricky Gervais, and the inevitable return of Paula Abdul all ate time up.  I think it will all come down to who the new person at the table will be as to how it will fare.

My favorite part of the evening:  THE YANKEES WIN!  About time.  The win TWICE.  The suspended game from yesterday and today’s scheduled game at Target Field against the Twins.  Plus (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) but kudos to the Red Sox for sweeping the Tampa Bay Rays which inches the Bombers closer to that first place AL East lead.

Plus, the Pants on the Ground rendition featuring Season 3 standout William Hung was priceless.  Congrats, Lee!  And THAHHHHHHH YANKEES WIN!

And They Still Managed To Lose

Happy Earth Day a day (or two at his point) late!  Did anyone happen to see this remarkable play begun by a little-known third baseman in the top of the 6th inning against the Oakland A’s?  The first time such a feat was accomplished by the team since 1968 when one of the greats was involved.  The bad news is that he Yanks still lost.  The good news is… it did not matter, they still took the series!  There was even some squabbling between A-Rod and the pitcher for the A’s.  Something about how the Yankee made his way back to first base after a play… I dunno.

But check out the historic play… even though the A’s came out on top in the end.

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The Ring Was The Thing

Opening Day in the Bronx with the added spectacle of a little jewelry distributing.  Across the street the rubble that had been the home of the Bombers was little more than a memory of years gone by.  I was lucky enough to visit the cathedral in the 90s.  World Series Champs for the 27th time!  Presenting the hardware was the most decorated Bomber of them all… Yogi Berra (with 10) and former pitcher Whitey Ford (who has a mere 7).  Throwing out the ceremonial first pitch… another Yankee great: Bernie Williams.  I still have to question the release of two heroes from last season particularly in the post season: Johnny Damon (off to Tiger country) and Hideki Matsui (MVP of the 2009 World Series at the stadium today as an Angel of Anaheim).  However, new stars Nick Johnson and Curtis Granderson (from Detroit) have put an early mark on the team.

Some early naysayers have played the age card.  Admittedly, Posada, Pettitte, A-Rod, Rivera, and Captain Jeter are getting up there but they all seem just fine to me (even if it is only week two of the season).  The pitching is better than ever.  C.C. had a no-hitter going into the 8th inning on Saturday.

Today’s game was a dandy.  I could not watch it as I had to work but I kept checking the score via cell phone.  The last I remember, the Yanks were up 7-1.  When I got off at 5, I saw the final was 7-5!  It must have been a whale of the top of the 9th.  But The Great One dispatched his former teammate to seal the deal.  5-2 Record.. .5 games behind Toronto in the start of the season!

Walkin Close To Midnight

Well… today was eventful.  The H.S. Boys Basketball team is in the District finalS for the first time since 2001.  The final will be Friday night at the “Grand Canyon.”  This made for a very UNeventful evening at work.  From 7pm-9pm, I probably could count the number of customers I had on one hand.  I then walked home and listened to the final quarter of the District semi-final.

About 9.30, I traveled to B-town and took a nice long walk with Megan.  About an hour and 15 minutes after, we made our way back.  As we passed another friend’s house, we wagered who would be bold enough to go and knock on the window.  After we both thought better of it, I did make a loud “HALOOOOO” sound, but apparently not loud enough.  So by 11.15, we made it back and the light misty rain made it wet enough that it was time to wrap it up.  Fun time and good exercise walking at a nice, brisk pace.  Good companion who kept up with me at what others have often complained is too fast a clip.


Light At The End Of The Snow Bank

Can it be?  There does seem to be an end to the winter.  After the last two days of up to 10″ of snow, I got a cheery email ad.  MLB pitchers and catchers are to report on February 17 (THAT IS ONE WEEK FROM TODAY FOLKS!).  Full team squad report on the 23rd.  Spring training game one for the Bombers is March 3rd against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

In unrelated sporting news… can you believe that their is a lack of snow at the site for the Olympic Games.  Snow had to be transported to Canada for the start of the games on Friday.  Seems inconceivable with the storms that have ravaged the East coast in New York, D.C. has had multiple storms measured in feet instead of inches.  I’m sure most of us would gladly relinquish some of the white stuff to our neighbors to the north.

Back On The Hardwood

So much for retirement, eh?  Tonight, my Uncle Bob returned to take command of yet another high school basketball team.  He coached the high school girls for 12 years and retired.  Last year, he co-coached the boys team and retired after the season ended.  Finally last summer, he got the itch again while on the golf course and is now coaching the varsity girls team of his alma mater’s biggest rival.

I really get a kick out of watching him perform.  Very emotional, vocal, and BOY CAN HE PROJECT (of course, I have known that most of my life 🙂 )!  Most of the family went to his return game tonight to support him… fun times, although… His team did well until the final act when the girls could not hit the broad side of a barn (the girls scored two points in the fourth frame) .  The score was tied 28 a piece at the end of the third act and even through the first two or three minutes of the final period.  I think the three pointer by the opposing team took a lot of the wind out of their sails.  But as Uncle Bob said, they have a lot of work ahead of them.

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