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HELLO EVERY PEOPLE! Morat Notboratnichkov a return to OHHO on his a way west to continue covering for de news election of new owner America country. I a visit the strange person once again a working at the Super Kaiser Market or something like that. When I a enter the store in Edgertown, OHHO a woman say to me: “You are Morat!!!!”

“WOOLY SHEEP! YES, I A MORAT. You a know Morat?”

“Yes, I took my children to see your show. You made me laugh.”

“So… you have little people so a you must be married woman?”

“No, I am not married.”

“OH, then it would not a be possible for a you to go on de Wife Swap trading on tv box. So sorry. Thank you for a shopping at Super Kaiser Market.”

Very strange person he a tell me he sing in wedding on Fiffelday. He a tell me that many people had de running problem to de bathroom today. He a say some sandwich chicken was a bad. Every people they a call his house and ask if everyone was ok. Very strange person he say he still has running to bathroom problem and had to go many times at the work. Morat say that is a very funny 🙂 Strange man person did a not look amused.

OK every people, I a must go to sleep so I a can continue covering for news election of new owner. Morat say “NO WOMANS.” And what is name of Obabadaba… I a no like so much.

Stories from Liswathistan

HELLO EVERY PEOPLE!!!! My name a Morat Notboratnichkov. Jamy a taking a break so I will a like to type a good story to every people. I will a tell you about two stories which I a tell my little people in Liswathistan. Maybe America country have similar story. You will like very much. The first is a called “The Three Wooly Sheep.” It is about three wooly sheep who a go and build their own houses. OK? The first wooly sheep he a build a house of sticks. He not a so smart because the sticks not strong. A big, bad wolf come and blow it down. “Wooly Sheep, Wooly Sheep let me in!!” The wooly sheep number two a not so bright also. She a build house of straw. Straw not very strong. And big bad wolf come and say “Wooly Sheep let me in.” But wooly sheep not let him in so he blew wooly sheep number two house down. Wooly sheep number one and wooly sheep number two both run to find wooly sheep number three. Wooly sheep number three very smart. He build house of brick. Brick is a very hard to blow down. Big bad wolf he try to blow down but run out of gas or hot air or something. He try to climb down chimney. But, at bottom of chimney inside house was fire in fireplace. He got to bottom and yelled “WOOLY SHEEP” and run all the way home and never bother the three wooly sheep no more. I sorry but Morat has time only for one story. Maybe later he tell you more story. EVERYONE WINS!!!!


Hello Every People.  My name a Morat Notboratnichnov>  I will a tell you many things about the life of the typical people from Liswathistan.  About the culture, people, past times, etc, etc, etc.  I a hope you all enjoy it.My friend also has a blog on this site.  Click here to see it.