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Many Blessings This Week

Today, I became an uncle yet again. Kyndal Grace Hazelton was born at 3:46pm weighing in at 7lbs 10oz and measuring 19.5″.  It has been a long haul but she arrived safely.  Calls at 12:30am… 3:00am…7:45am.  Finally, Charnel’s water was broken around 11 this morning.  We have two little girls and a Bandit sharing the house with us for the next few days.  Two special healthy little ones arriving in less than a weeks time… WHAT A BLESSING!

A touch of sadness also.  Ma2’s mother passed away Saturday at the age of 88.  But I am sure that Mrs. Foster is now with Emily and  Mr. Foster in a place where there is no longer any pain or suffering.  May HE watch over the family and may Jonathan return from his deployment safely.

I have the final piece of my Weekender gig coming soon.  In the next four months, I will put the spit and polish to the lineup of “Songs I Have Learned” including finding 4 male voices to fill the finale out.  One I have asked (any other interested gentlemen out there? Two other fellow tangenteers are (I will assume) out of the question.  One from a distance perspective; the other admits that he “doesn’t sing.”

Well It’s Been A Long, Been A Long, Beenalong (Few) Day(s)

Started on Wednesday afternoon.  Dad came home from his crossing guard duty and headed to his bedroom (in itself not unusual) and fell asleep (which is a little strange).  Around 6, he cam out for a bit and told us that he was not feeling well and shortly turned in for the night.  Around 11, I heard the parents talking and all of a sudden, I hear Mom calling my name.  So I run to the bedroom and see her holding him up trying to steady him in an attempt to get him to the restroom.  Before I get to him, he (not so gracefully) tumbles to the floor.  To me, he looks kind of pasty and sweaty and he is mumbling but coherent (unlike the stroke adventure).  Call 911 and by 11:15 he is on his way to the hospital.  Mom and I get there about 11:45.

While sitting in his ER room, his heart rate goes on a roller coaster.  Up and down, down and up.  The lab tech came in and attempted to draw blood and wouldn’t ya know… he was being stubborn an didn’t want to give any… but eventually cooperated 😉 Around 3:30AM, we are finally informed that he is going to be admitted (course, we didn’t see THAT coming at all).  So, 4AM finally get to bed.  I got a few hours. Mom got 45 minutes.

Thursday, he was given a pint of blood.  ABout 3-4 years ago, he had to be given 7 pints after suffering a bleeding ulcer.  We had to wait until the battery of meds he has to take everyday to travel through his system before they can do anything extensive to determine what his problem is.

Friday morning, Dad is scheduled for a colonoscopy.  I had to go over for my own lab work so I arrived in plenty of time for his voyage to the OR.  Mom arrived shortly before the procedure began as Dad made sure.  The procedure did not last long and showed that he had suffered another bleeding ulcer, nowhere near as bad as the previous one.  In fact, it had stopped.  Apparently, he is really prone to these because of his susceptibility to the acid in high acid foods: citrus fruits, tomatoes and the like.  I guess when we order fruit from our school’s FFA later this season, he will not sit and indulge in 2-3 huge grapefruits in one sitting.  Back up in his ICU room (it seemed a bit different than the last time I was there), he fell asleep so I did not feel guilty when I left to meet some friends around the corner for lunch.

Today, at least we know what the problem was and is being treated.  He probably will not be able to come home today as his “numbers” are still not where they need to be.  But with the help of the doctors, prayers from loved ones and with HIS guidance, I’m sure Dad will be back to his “normal (?)” self in no time.


Well… yesterday was another voice lesson.  It went much better than last week’s meeting… perhaps it was because I focused on 4 or 5 pieces I have been working on since almost the beginning.  Once again, a deceptively simple song is one of the most problematic (well… the last part of it is rhythmically tricky, but will come).  Another piece, I need to find that spot of greatest emotional impact.  I KNOW where it needs to be but need to back off just a bit on some of those other big moments.  I have to skip next week as the j-o-b asked me to come in an hour early on Thursday.

Today, I had my first follow up with the doctor.  He seems to think all is well…. progressing nicely.  He asked me what I have been doing… how long I am on my feet each day, etc.  Well… given my current job, I am on my feet probably 95% of the time. I have been taking short walks as the seasons have changed but not quite up to the 3-4 mile hikes I was accustomed to taking but those will come in time.  As we have both commented, “I miss my walking buddy.”  I told the nurse, who lives two houses south of me, that I didn’t think that trying out for The Wizard of Oz or Annie was such a good idea.  Once again, I did bring up the idea of trying out for Roosevelt and brought a chuckle.  But I have been going to my weekly voice lesson so once my leg is closer to 100% I will once again be doing something.  The actual appointment was nothing more than hearing things I had already known.  He did feel my leg and commented that it is still a bit tight.  I guess his prescribed 4 month check was nothing more than witnessing my charming personality 😀 KIDDING… I know it is necessary but doesn’t hurt to display that indelible Jamiahsh charm.

Feelin’ Groovy

I can honestly say that I AM feeling better today than I have for a while.  I was able to stand throughout my entire voice lesson without feeling the need to sit.  Maybe this thing is not going to take a year to fully heal after all.  But if it does, I can deal with it.  Someone asked when I was going to be in another show.  It just dawned on me that I COULD have tried out for the role of FDR in Annie… no walking involved and he does get to sing and harmonize during the White House reprise of “Tomorrow.”  AH, well…

I am a step closer to replacing my blown Sunfire.  “Big” John and Edy are in the process of looking  for a new auto and they know I am in the market for a good, reliable mode of transportation.  I went to their house this morning and checked out the ’02 Honda SUV (a compact SUV).  Definitely a car that has been well taken care of and very nice, full of bells and whistles.  During my test drive, I commented to Big John that there was no “ka-chunk ka-chunk” as I approached a stop sign as there is in the car I currently drive.  I have been told that it is “nothing to worry about” but somehow….

Back to my latest lesson… I am thinking my list of songs I have been working on is about to be edited.  There are some songs which I do not think I am going to have performance ready anytime soon and there are others that I have been looking at which will take no time at all… one of which we ran today.  Plus, by the end of my first song, I was on my feet!  Much better than sitting on the chair.

This & THat

It seems that the addition one of our newest tangenteers (I see a newer addition… but it has been years since I have taken a French class)  I am quickly falling behind in my posts (although she does have a few hundred to catch me 😀 ).  Yesterday, I noticed real progress in the continuing dissolving of my blood clot.  I still feel it… not really painful but it is still keeping me at a slow clip.  Madame Peters was in tonight (haven’t seen her since the day before I went to the doctor nearly two or THREE (?) months ago.  I assured her that I am recovering nicely… however slowly.  But I will be back to my 3-4 mile walks 3 times a week before long.  Telling myself that I will be able to do the things I really enjoy doing in time helps with the psychological.

My recital with the rest of K’s students is less than 4 weeks away.  Memorizing my very wordy but very fun piece is challenging but I am really close.  I have nailed down a fine female to do the bit with and once she completes her run in The Wedding Singer, we will get together and get ‘r done.

Well… that is all… My food is probably over done and I have to watch The Office which I DVR’ed… Michael Scott’s farewell is looming.  I think next week is the extended special episode.  Is this the moment when the series will “Jump the Shark?”  How will Will Ferrell fare in the new role?  Time will tell.

It Was The Rat Poison

Last night, I FINALLY was up to attending a great game night with marvelous friends and one newcomer (a newcomer to me although, he had been to at least the Super Bowl extravaganza, I believe.  My first game night in three months was full of laughs and great times.  I got to see dear friends I have not seen since New Years or before and this also helped my continued progress.  Laughter and wonderful times with some of my closest compadres is indeed the best medicine… better than rat poison, that is for sure.

I also got to see the four kids (plus two tagalongs which one of our regular game nighters brought along).  Poor Beebs definitely was NOT feeling up to his normal self.  The other little ones played on the Kinect system… something which I think looks interesting in the near future.

After the merriment of the evening wound down (about 12:30), I set out to make the 12 mile trek home.  Before I even left town, I was traveling along and all of a sudden, a raccoon jumped out in front of me.  Instinctively, I swerved and crossed the yellow line.  Unbeknownst to me, one f B-town’s finest was right behind me and turned on his red and blue lights.

“Did you see the raccoon I had sicced on you?”

Indeed I had!  Apparently, the town has gained quite a surplus of the critters… living in the sewers until they plot their take over.  Sounds like a bad B-movie to me.  The friendly officer and I engaged in a conversation about any future theatrical endeavors I have coming up which led to the tale of my 3 month journey.  After my identity was confirmed and I was not deemed a known terrorist, I was sent on my way.  Good thing I did not indulge in the wine that was brought to our night of fun!  I don’t think it would be good to mix with the rat poison, anyway. 😉

THEN, I got back home and learned that the Buckeyes were defeated by two points by Kentucky with a buzzer beating shot.  So much for my bracket… and I was doing so well for my first time 🙁


My adventures for the week have been very rewarding and gratifying.  Monday, I went to a board meeting of which I have not been since January 🙁 Everyone was happy to see me and inquired about my well-being and progress.  Slow but sure and gimping along but progressing however little.  After the meeting, C,L, and I went to dinner and had a nice, engaging conversation that entailed a lot of topics not the least of was some possibilities about my next great adventure.  One VERY PROMISING possibility will depend upon my current manager.  Since I seem to see her less and less frequently, I left her a message informing her of the possibility.  I just pray that she makes a decision that will be beneficial to both of us.  I told her I will not pursue anything until I am as close to 100% as possible.

Today, I went to my first voice lesson in three months.  I was immediately bombarded by two adorable boys.  One who kept regaling me with jokes typical of a three or four year old.  By the time the 6 year old was read to whoop me at Battleship, it was time to begin my lesson.  I did AMAZINGLY well for sitting in a chair… of course, I tried to sit with correct posture.  But I narrowed my recital choices to two.  One requires a female to join me.  K informed me that there are a few of her other students who would be up to the challenge but she hesitated to have a teenager perform the number with a 30 something.  So, she allowed me to try finding a guest performer.  Very fun piece while just a bit challenging.  I can think of a few ladies I would enjoy performing with.

So… while still gimping along, the two days venturing around helped immensely!  Being with great friends and doing what I love to do definitely helped!  Just learning to accept the fact that it is a talent which I need to begin to share more and more.  One of the many gifts I have been told that I possess which can only come from Above.  Thank Him for that!

PLUS… as an added plus, I got to catch up with a GREAT friend from my WM days.  Via facebook on which I found her a few weeks ago.  Go to chat a bit, discuss lots of things including the dismissal of our former boss which seems to be interesting yet surprising all at once.

Feeling Adventurous

I’m not sure if it was the 60º+ weather of the past weekend (sure felt good) or just the idea of a little return to normalcy (whatever that is) but I have decided that this week I am going to set out on a few of the things I have been missing out on.  Last Friday, I ventured out to get my first refill on my meds.  A 90 day fill up… I guess I really am going to be on it for A LONG TIME, but it is for the best.

Later this afternoon, I am going to attend my first FCF board meeting since this all began (back in January… I refuse to miss more than 2).  I am so excited to be able to get back and help get one of my favorite shows rolling along.  I have finally come to the conclusion that thinking too much about auditioning for either The Wizard of Oz OR Annie (at another area theater) needs to take a backseat until I am 100% ready to go.  Even then, I really want to focus on what lies ahead after I reach that goal.  Still thinking about what that is going to be.

Thursday,  I am going to my first voice lesson since January.  K informed me that I picked the perfect time to do so.  Her students are preparing for their annual recital and she was hoping that I would be back on my feet ready to go by then.  I will pass along the details once I am confident that I will be strong enough to participate.  God and everyone else knows I want to be but I am still being a bit realistic.  It has nothing to do with my vocal ability; hopefully, my physical ability will be there as well.

AND FRIDAY…. MY FIRST GAME NIGHT SINCE JANUARY! I  cannot wait until I see some of my friends whom I have not seen since the start of 2011.  Even those I have seen since.  Hopefully, I can convince a little buddy of mine that I do not live in the hospital.  😀

Goal setting and pushing forward just a bit surely will not impede my progress.  After all… the doctor wanted me to go back to work the day after I was released from the hospital.

And in all this time,  I forgot to wish my fellow Tangenteers a HAPPY THIRD BIRTHDAY!  It has been a very fun and at times thought-provoking adventure and I truly enjoy continuing to get to know some of my best friends even better through their life experiences and thoughts!  And WELCOME TO SPRING… it HAS been a long winter.


Truly Divine Intervention

The past few days have been a big ol’ slap in the face, whack over the head, ice water thrown in your face.  Monday morning, I got out of the shower and noticed that my left leg was swollen to twice the size of my right.  I had a doctors appt made to see what he could tell me about my on-going aches.  It is a good  thing I did.  Five minutes after arriving I was on my way to the hospital for an ultrasound.  Shortly after, I was admitted with a “extensive blot clot that extended from my left groin to my foot.”  So much for a little nagging ache.

A few hours later, I underwent a CT scan which informed me that the clot had broken up and was now in both lungs so I was moved to ICU.  I was indeed very fortunate.  SOmeone was really looking out for me!

This is the first time I had been in the hospital since my tonsilectomy back in the 5th grade some 20+ years ago and that was pretty much in and out.  I was home by Thursday but man… all that poking and prodding and not sleeping can take its toll.  And more to continue… words like blood thinners and blood tests…. YUCK!  But I am here and mean to reflect on that and ask HIM to take control and help me go forward in what ever ways HE deems necessary.

The doctor is convinced that the 2 hour plane trip to Florida a month ago was a major factor in the clot.  I know I am not as old as I was in ’92 when I flew to Hawaii, but WOW!

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and hopefully with His help, I will be back 1000% soon.