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For The First Time

Yesterday, I received an email from one of my fellow actors from The Odd Couple.  He organizes a comedy/magic show for an animal safari park in the area.  He sent out a mass email looking for anyone interested in spending the summer at the park performing in the show… 7 days a week/ 7 times a day… $80 a day and the possibility of housing being arranged.  I seriously considered it but I am already committed to Miracles at the end of May which surely would conflict with rehearsals and the opening of the park.

I even got an email from another recipient who thought that I would be interested.  Interested, definitely… so why not tell the original sender that I was interested.  So I sent an email explaining my situation and that, unfortunately, I would be unable to involve myself.  I was not got going to bail!  I did however ask him to keep me in mind next year.  To which he replied:

You would have been perfect for this one!!!  I have gotten a few candadites (how it appeared in th email) we will see, thanks for the reply.

WOW!  What a compliment!  Not looking back on it but what an opportunity… to perform in front of an even broader audience from who knows where… statewide, countrywide, or dare I say… worldwide?