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New Adventures

This week has started off with two new new opportunities.  First, the casting results of the Village Players’ production of The Sound of Music.  I will be playing the role of Franz, the butler.  At first I was unsure of how I felt about that… Dejected, miscast?  I told me voice coach that I was really unsure.  Of course, this is knowing the film as well as I do.  It seemed that I would have very limited stage time.  However this morning, I researched the stage role and learned that Franz is in significantly more of the original stage version.  And I am determined to create yet another memorable role.

Although I have no idea of much of the cast I do know that Mare has been cast as the Mother Superior.  Anyone who knows her and the role would think that they two were tailor-made.  A very formidable presence on-stage with a  crazy powerful voice.  I am also happy to welcome Jessica and her daughter, Melody to the group.  Jessica played Gretl in high school and will be playing one of  the nuns this time.  Melody has been cast as Louisa.  CONGRATS ladies!

This morning, I was asked to begin contributing to a new blog which my pal has initiated as part of the group he began over the past year.  I will be providing my own personal views on the Catholic faith I was born into and have chosen to follow over my 39 years.  While C is still diligently searching for a new congregation to lead, he has started Disciple Day, a group initiated to help spread the good news.  It began back in September with the inaugural Famine Games and moved onto the adventurous “Slip ‘n’ Slide into the New Year” and just finished a makeover night given by a group of wild and crazy cool young ladies.

All this, plus, I am plowing my way through the 1463 page complete and unabridged Les Miserables.  I bought my copy back in the Spring of 1994 right before I went on tour with the BGSU Men’s Chorus where I first saw the stage version on Broadway.  Over that time, I have tried to make my way through it at least twice.  I think this time, I have been pacing myself and for whatever reason I am enjoying it more (although some of the long passages exploring Paris…. Napoleon, etc…. at the time can be a bit dry).

Check out the new site and come and check out The Sound of Music March 1-3!  And SEE the best stage to screen musical adaptation ever!


Apparently, the end is just the beginning when it comes to the Harry Potter verse.  July 15th will see the final cinematic adventure take place.  BUT in October will come a website known as “Pottermore” created by J. K. Rowling herself.  The content of the site is being held under wraps (for now, the site is “Coming Soon”).  Speculation by fans ranges from an online community full of message boards and chat rooms (hopefully it is not that… do we really need another social network?) to the e-book release of the seven novels to an on-line game of the world of Harry Potter.   HMMM… the site has changed even since a few days ago when I heard of the site.

I’m of two minds on this.  I’m not sure that this is not an attempt to bleed every drop out of the franchise… too much of a good thing and all that.  However, if it is what the fans want… I guess it will be worth at least a peek once it is fully presented.

Sam Is Not Spam!

While going through my myriad assortment of pending comments I do every once and again come across some interesting peekers to my blog.  The newest is a 6 year old gymnast from Great Britain named Sam Ramos, who along with his parents and older brother, are an amazing team known as the Daredevils which has appeared on such programs as Britain’s Got Talent!  The little guy might not have the site the others do but just follow the link to his site and watch his amazing acrobatics on the trampoline and read the article from The Sun.  Pretty amazing stuff!

Let’s show the amazing kid some tangents love!