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No More Truth, Justice, &

the AMERICAN way.”  In Action Comics #900, the Man of Steel renounces his U.S. citizenship to embark upon a more global “neverending battle”.  Quite a milestone in the 72 year life of the superhero who was sent to Earth from a doomed planet, raised in America’s heartland by a kindly midwestern farm family who would instill within their adopted son the morals and ethics which would become his greatest weapons, and finally become the World’s Finest while disguised as a mild mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper.  Flight, near invincibility, X-ray vision, and all the rest could be used for other things than engaging the likes of Lex Luthor, Doomsday, and Bizzaro if not raised in a loving environment.  Yes, I know that opinion could be debated infinitum but still…

In other Super-related news, Brandon Routh (rhymes with south) and Sam Huntington who played Superman and Jimmy Olsen, respectively in Superman Returns are teaming up in a new zombie-hunting film.  Routh plays detective Dylan Dog in the aptly titled Dylan Dog: Dead of Night.  Judge for yourself, but it looks like the curse may have claimed its latest victim.

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A Change For The World’s Greatest Detective (Not THAT One)

It began with Wonder Woman… and now the Dark Knight is going to undergo a costume change.  However, Batfans do not despair.  The change is nowhere near as dramatic as the Amazon Princesses.  I do not follow comic books closely enough to know that Bruce Wayne has “retired” in the current mythology and will be making a dramatic return in November.  I do recall the “Knightfall” saga in which he was beaten and paralyzed by the villain known as Bane.  Paralleling the Death and Return of Superman storyline, the millionaire (or is it billionaire) playboy was replaced by a new Batman until Wayne recuperated enough to reassume the cape and cowl.  AH… only in the comics!

The only MAJOR change (That I see) in the Caped Crusader’s appearance will be the return of the black bat on the yellow background emblem.  Not an Earth-shaking switch by any means.  Besides, I do believe that he does possess an array of different costumes for different purposes.

The Current Look

The New Upcoming Design

A Wonder Through The Ages

Since 1941, my favorite Amazonian princess has undergone slight changes in her costume.  However, beginning in the 6ooth edition of the Wonder Woman comic book, Diana’s costume will dramatically change.  In the beginning, she wore basically the same outfit that millions of fans would come to recognize with one difference, her blue, white-starred lower half  was a skirt.  By the ’50s she was in the short short version which Lynda Carter would famously adorn for three seasons over a 40 year time period on the television series.

I see a certain logic in this I guess.  Who would take a gorgeous female Amazon fighting crime in a skimpy outfit seriously?  On the other hand… why mess with tradition?

Let’s look at Princess Diana over the years:

Classic version from 1942

Fall of '42. Skirt to shorts

Remember this horrid costume from the horrible failed pilot of the early 70s? Starring Cathy Lee Crosby from That's Incredible.

The 1st Season WWI outfit. Almost there...

No THAT is a classic look. "Modern" 70s look. How did they explain the forward in time with the same actor playing Steve Trevor?

And finally…

The new look. Not as revealing but there is something there.

So… what do you think… classic or new look.  I seem to have forgotten how to create a poll.  So comments will do!  I just discovered how to add a poll so here we are:

Which Wonder Woman Costume Do You Prefer

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