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A New Challenge

So, today I am auditioning for what will surely be a most challenging play! Miracles is a very dramatic play focusing on a father, his teenage daughter, and her teacher.  After reading the script (Twice) which was so kindly provided to me by the director, I thought it very thought-provoking but with a few moments of lightheartedness so as not to make it totally heavy.  There is even a bit of singing  and dancing (not too much dancing… of course if I’m cast that could be one of those light moments, right?!).

Hopefully when the play is presented in May, a huge crowd turns out.  Small dramas generally are not big crowd magnets but sometimes they are the most rewarding for both performer and audience.   I think it is well written and the subject is very touching.  And who say challenging can’t be fun as well?

Summer Planning

There are three shows being presented by area theatres that pique my interest.  First on the list is the Village Players little three person cast play, Miracles.  I was loaned a copy of the script and I read it twice.  It is very emotional and thought-provoking with a few moments of lightheartedness.  Definitely would be the most challenging show ever.  It does have a little singing in it for the one male character and the teenage girl.

ACT is performing Seussical in July.  I discussed this with my mentor and we both agreed that while it would definitely be fun, it would also be a cakewalk.  It has been years since I last was in an ACT’s production of Fiddler on the Roof and would like to one day return to their neck of the woods.

I have nothing really against Oklahoma! (the final show on the horizon) but it has been done so many times in HIGH SCHOOLS.  I’m sorry but I really want to challenge myself with something outside my safety zone.  But I will audition for it if neither of the other two shows pan out.  Plus, being the last show to audition for, I wouldn’t have any other choice… trying out for no show is not an option!

Westward, HO!

OK… Mare and I will soon be on our way to the state of ILL in America Country.  I have Vera loaded up with directions along with mapquest printed directions, hotel check in sheet, and printed tickets (Justin Case), and cell phone.  Mare had to work last night and just called and told me she would be here soon!  WHHO HHHOOOO!

Last night’s audition went well.  I listed all the male roles I could think of (the adult ones, anyway ). I still think I could pass as one of the Bailey children.  I did forget another role, that of Mr. Martini who is an Italian immigrant who has a traveled to America with his a wife.  That a could a be fun!

Lots of people came out.  LOTS of kids.  Squirmy and his daughter came up and he read well.  But Jade… OMG… if ever there was a heartwarming, scene stealer… I think it would be very hard to find a more adorable Zuzu.  Results Sunday night.  Read-through hopefully next Thursday.

Often Imitated But Never Duplicated

Tonight, following an extra long day at work, I will be heading over to the Huber to audition for a role in the holiday classic It’s a Wonderful Life.  There are so many great roles in the show starting with George Bailey, himself.  I’m tempted but 300+ lines sounds a bit daunting to me.  I thing Clearance would be fun to play.  I love playing an evil villain so Mr. Potter is definitely on my radar.  Of course, there is the duo of Bert and Ernie whom I have been looking into and the people behind Sesame Street state uncatagorically that it is mere coincidence that the muppet friends are named as such.  Of course, I will be pleased to accept any role offered to me.  So many great roles in the beloved tale that ironically was a flop when it was released in 1946.  So many variations on the theme but has it ever been duplicated?

It’s A Wonderful Miracle

I am in a quandary.  Next week, opening week of You Have the Right to Remain Dead, is audtion dates for WCCT’s production of Miracle on 34th Street, a show I dearly love.  However, I do not see much in the way of a possibility to try out when there is rehearsal each of the three nights.

However, the next production of the Village Players is another holiday classic, It’s a Wonderful Life.  I’m not entirely sure when auditions for this show will be; since Travis (director for IAWL) and Mare and are both in Little Shop of Horrors at the same time as my show, I do not see them being held until after that.  Maybe when our time-strapped tangenteer has time to read this post, she might be able to provide a bit of insight or I may be able to ask at our next gathering.

But I think either show would be fun to be a part of.

I Hate Long Waits

WOW!  This has to rank amongst the quickest audition results I have ever gotten.  Monday morning at 10AM (mere hours after I auditioned), I got a phone call from the assistant director of You Have the Right to Remain Dead and was asked if I would like to accept the coveted, intrigal part of Harnell Chesterton.  I’m not sure how much he’s involved but from what I read, he has a LOT to say and a hilarious bit.  Looks like yet another great role!

Unlike another show I know that has been cast for a month and a half and has less than 8 weeks to curtain, rehearsals for this begin next Monday with a read-through.  The costume matron (the same as for Meet Me in St. Louis) wants to get started immediately with her excellent ideas.  If anyone saw MMiSL, you surely remember the wonderful costumes created/hunted down for that show… including the menagerie of hats worn by Grandpa Prophater.   I can’t wait to be back onstage in general but to be back on the Huber stage will be a treat!

AHHHH… show dates are October 9-11 with a matinee and evening show on Saturday.  So those of you cast in Little Shop have no excuse for not seeing it.

The Only Fella At Auditions

Does this mean I got a part? If not, I will turn in my license to act tomorrow. Truthfully, I was the only male at tryouts. That is not to say that there were not other audition dates. In fact, this was the last one and the best time for me to go.

The play is entitled You Have the Right to Remain Dead. It is billed as an audience-participatory murder mystery comedy. The director describes the play in the play as Tennessee Williams on steroids. At least two character names made me think that (Fat Daddy and Blanche or Big Daddy from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Blanche from Streetcar…has anyone seen the Simpsons’ episode in which Marge plays Blanche and Ned Flanders plays a bare-chested Stanley in a musical version).

The audition was almost too relaxed…. but NOT complaining. We sat around a table in the community room adjacent to the stage. Being 90+ degrees outside did not help to cool off the room a whole lot. However, it sure beat the alternative of walking upstairs. I was up there last winter and noticed the warmth then. So, we just sat around the table chatting a bit, going over the plot and characters for those of us who were in the dark, and read some scenes from the script. I said too relaxed because there were times that I forgot that I was actually auditioning and almost cracked myself up just reading the lines.

In attendance were the directors, another female auditioner who I knew as the costume designer from Meet Me in St. Louis, Mare (who was there to give moral support and serve as an additional line reader since she is in WCCT’s Little Shop of Horrors whenever that is going to get started), and myself. We waited for two hours for others to come, but… We were having so much fun that we just kept reading lines, changing characters, and allowing me to become acquainted with the show in general. After, we sat around the table becoming acquainted with each other.

And I should be finding out tomorrow which if any part I get and the read-through is August 24th. Perfect, I hate long waits.

Wherever One Door Closes Another Is Sure to Open Soon

While at work tonight, my sister and cousin came into the store with some bad news.  The director for Little Shop called the house to inform me that I was not cast in any role… apparently my attempt at a Jewish accent did not meet with the director’s approval?  Have to work on that…. I would hate to think that he only one I am good as is one from Liswathistan 😉 .  I will have to think about the offer to work backstage this time.  It has happened previously and while it was fun, I really want to be on stage.  I know that the Village Players are doing a murder/mystery soon.  Another area theatre usually has a fall production… although the drive is a bit longer.  As I have noted before, I have been on different stages in the area and have had great times on each of them.  I dunno… is this wrong of me?   I love to be a part of the theatrical experience in any way especially when great friends are involved (two of them are producing Little Shop), but I am definately an on stage person.

Another great supporter suggested I research a theatre even farther away in Fort Wayne where they are doing Joseph in the near future.  I signed up to join their email list to be informed of audition dates and info.  That would be a GREAT BIG WONDERFUL adventure.  We shall see.  Until then…

Another Night Of Horrors

Tonight was the second and final night of Little Shop auditions.  Tonight, I did not travel from E-town alone.  A friend commented on my Facebook space that she would like to go and put her foot in the door of the world of community theatre.  If you are frequent guest of my blog, you know that one of my 50 high school classmates has been cast in a B-horror movie.  Peg told me that she would like to try auditioning for a live stage show.  Never having been on film (aside from a certain television news broadcast a year or two ago), I could only say how much I adore the smell of the greasepaint and the roar of the crowd.

I thought Peg did fine her first time out.  She just lacks the confidence that only repeated auditions and experience will bring.  She has a lovely voice but just needs to project her voice more so that it can be heard.  When she read scenes from the script, I could see a bit of the ‘tude necessary for one of the trio of Skid Row gals come through.

Another newbie (well… someone who was not available to attend yesterday’s round) continued to amaze me.  Chris may have been running on fumes but his excerpt of “Love Changes Everything” was brilliant.  He asked me to keep him awake if we were ever called down to read together… never happened.  Dunno… too much talent to put on stage at once?  His plant voice was tremendous and brought a tear to my eye from laughter.  I did catch him dozing in his seat a time or two, but his stage presence still rocks!

I once again read mainly for Mushnik, a bit for Orin, and once for the voice of the plant, Audrey II.  I would be happy with either of the roles.  However, I think the part of the florist would be a hoot.  I was tempted to ask to read for Seymour but I thought why when I had already read for two of the supporting roles who have ample opportunity to shine.  I’m just not sure that I could do justice to the plant.  A bit of off the wall reading was asked of the men when we were asked to read a few lines as women.  Weird, to say the least.

Well, we were informed that we would learn of our sentencing tomorrow.  I have waited longer than that to find out the results of show casting  (one I will not mention).  So… good luck to all and once again… great job, Peg.  Hope to see you again!

Little Shop Of Which?

Tonight began auditions for WCCTs newest venture: Little Shop of Horrors.  I knew of at least two others who would be joining me.  Mare and Travis from my stint with the Village Players in Meet Me in St. Louis.  However, I began to wonder if they were going to show as Mary promised that they would be early.  Early turned out to be about 7.05 PM.  There was a wide range of talent… some young high schoolers to twenty somethings to the older set (30ish).

To break the ice, we all went around and introduced ourselves (including the director and asst. director).  We then sang our selected audition piece.  SOMEONE so kindly volunteered me to go second.  So, I handed my excerpt to piano man/producer.  I thought I did well.  Honestly, there were a few who I could barely hear singing.  Apprehension, nerves, but there were some who barely opened heir mouths.  Some sang with the MIDI track from the show provided by the director.  Only two others bothered to bring music that was not “canned.”  I have to mention Tim who sang something called “Ladies Choice”  (I have no idea where the song comes from), but the performer was flamboyant to say the least.  So much so, that he was asked to perform the song again.  This time with his hands in his pockets and not moving so much across the stage.

The role of Seymour (after night one of tryouts) seems to be down to two.  If it were up to me, Travis would have had it from the start.  In my eyes, the poor sap should have a whiney voice, totally lacking from self-confidence, and shy.  Travis not only had the voice, but the mannerisms.  He projected well while maintaining the meek, humble character.

As expected, Mary totally rocked as one of the pivotal doo-wop girls.  Her stage presence and “ghetto tude” was exceptional.  Until the director asked the girls on stage to develop a Spanish(?) accent.  Thankfully, that request was quickly abolished.

We also had a lot of readings done for Orin Scrivello, D.D.S.  Tim once again brought some chuckles from the audience.  I attempted to be sly, slippery, and sadistic, as I led Seymour to the chair (“Say, AHHHHH”).  Squirmy put a southern twang into his performance.  I’m just not sure that I could do justice to the dentist’s songs.

Only two were asked to read for the voice of Audrey II.  Tim put his own spin on the voice.  There was a young high schooler who seemed to have the voice.  For his audition piece, he sang with the vocal track for “Feed Me/You Can Do It.”

I was asked to read a segment of Mr. Mushnik’s lines.  After my first reading, I was told to be more Jewish.  After my second and third, I heard no comments.  Maybe I will rewatch some of Vincent Gardenia in the movie version before going back tomorrow night.  No one else was asked to read the role… no one else old enough, apparently.  Guess I am too old for Seymour… did not get asked to read for the role.  But, I think Mushnik would be a fun challenge… he gets eaten, anyway.

I don’t remember too many reading the role of Audrey.  Dunno, maybe tomorrow night.

So… if anyone else is interested, round two tomorrow night at 7.

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