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Keep Them Safe

I was debating upon how long to wait until I put my reaction to the latest in what seems to be an endless stream of tragedies of late.  The events which befell the community of Newtown, Connecticut have left yet another indelible mark on not only that town, not even this country, but I am positive the entire world.  The lives of 20 SMALL, INNOCENT children taken so senselessly by a literally ill human being before he ended his own life just sends chills through my entire body.  It is not for us as humans to ask why this continues to happen because there is not a person alive who can definitively state the reason.  A person can hear just so many takes on the gun rights issue.  To me, the most important thing we can do is to pray for those children and others who lost their lives, those injured, the survivors, the families, and the entire community which we are all a part of.  For a time yesterday, school prayer had returned to Sandy Hook Elementary School in the closets, bathroom stalls, and other secluded places where teachers led their students.  One teacher told the children that if they believed in the power of prayer to do so and if not to think happy thoughts.

Last night, the family attended the concert of my junior high school aged nephew, Alex.  Before the music began, the elementary principal gave a word about the tragedy and without saying the word “prayer” asked for a moment of silence.

Another issue driven from this… how soon and what to say to our own children.  I don’t know that there is a definitive answer t that problem, either.  I would think that being open and honest with them as the situation presents itself.  I do know that there is no way that they can be totally shielded from the tragedy but lending an open ear and loving words will help them and maybe ourselves take strength from that sharing.  I do think the media takes these things a bit too far. I don’t think it can go any farther than having a young child being asked questions hours after their school had gone through such an event.

One good thing did come out of this event.  Hours after Alex’s concert, a couple in the audience welcomed a healthy, new born son into the world.

May God welcome the little children home in his warm, gentle embrace where they will celebrate the coming birthday with He who saved us all.  And may we all continue to pray for those who lost their lives and those families who have lost so much.

Final Miraculous Thoughts

To say that the weekend of Miracle on 34th Street was great is putting it mildly.  I am so proud to have been part of this wonderful cast of on-stage and off characters.  Several newcomers who have never before been in a show, some who have not been on for years, and the veterans who just seem to come back for more ALL made it stupendous… well, judging from the great numbers and reviews from the audience.  There were several performers I have worked with previously whom I consider it a delight to work with.  Others that I have watched from being in audiences and have wanted to work with or have heard good things about.  And some of the most adorable kids starting out (when they are on stage… off-stage in the basement could get a bit hairy).  But overall, another worthwhile venture.

I always find myself totally grateful yet humbled by all the comments especially when it is directed to my own performance.  So hard to define what that feeling is but always remember to take it all in stride and acknowledge that it is a total group effort.  Especially for this show with a few of the casted performers decided to not show up during the rehearsal process after they had been called and said that “Yes, I’ll be there.  I’m still in it!”  Thank Heaven for our director of  many hats who stepped into at least three cameo roles.

Several on-stage and off memorable moments.  One of my favorites occurred opening night  when “Duncan” made his appearance as a witness during Kris Kringle’s sanity hearing.  The reindeer keeper walked over to the witness box, took off his hat, and off came his wig!  I also had fun during the courtroom scenes BEFORE Sawyer was fired!

Thanks Carmen, Bruce (the Totally maniacal and  vicious Kringle) , Harriet and Carol (had a ball during the courtroom scenes before Sawyer was fired), Bobbi Jo, Terina and Natalie, Travis, Michael, John (I can’t believe he fired me), Dusty, Bill, Carla, Beth (who did not flash me THIS show… LOL), Anna, Stefanie, Kate, Sydney, MacKenzie, Grace, Riley, Julia, Racer, MaGuire, Terri Lynn, AND MARY.    Still not so sure about the karaoke celebration Saturday night/VERY early Sunday morning but it was…. Interesting.

Sawyer learning from Mrs. Walker about Macy’s new Santa Claus.  I had a ball working with Terina and the entire cast!

Sawyer asking the “dangerously deranged” Kris Kringle a simple mathematics problem.  Bruce was an exceptional Santa!

A little eye twirl goes a long way.  With the vicious maniac.

The entire cast. Thank you all for a wonderful experience!


Nuttin’ For Christmas

Last night…. Another Op’nin… Another Show!  Have to work at 8 this morning so I saved my post til 7:17AM.  This is WHY I LOVE THE STAGE!  The first moments of a live production in front of an audience is so exhilarating.  So pleased and blessed that nearly all of the evening was a tremendous success!  Thursday night, Mare informed us that we had nearly 100 reservations for just this one night.  This might not be anywhere near capacity but A HUGE number and they were very receptive.  At least 15 of those reservations were for my family and co-workers plus I saw others that I knew during the meet and greet.

The cast was tremendous!  Everyone from the “dangerously deranged” Kris Kringle to the smallest elf were in top form.  Sitting backstage, one my favorite scenes is when the kiddies sit on Santa’s lap telling him their wishes.  And if you know the 1947 classic, the little Dutch girl sends an “AWWW…” tingle.

Following the show as I made my way into the house, the bank manager yelled over her shoulder to me.  When I made my way to my family members, my mother informed me that I would be getting “nothing for Christmas, this year.” YES!  “Kris’s” 17/18 year old nephew informed him that he wanted to come up on stage and punch me. Another huge compliment.  Finally, a Village Player regular elated that in her opinion I was “the star of the show.”  (SHUCKS….  I don’t know about that…).

The Huber ghost must have been pleased with the production as he wrecked havoc with the light and sound in a few bits.  Nothing like the scene in Hound of the Baskervilles in which “Selden” is found lying dead and the spotlight failed to go down so I could rise and exit the stage.

However, following the show Mary had to rush off the stage as an older gentleman had fallen outside and needed medical attention.  Some of the steps at the front of the theater are in great need of repair and apparently the audience member had stumbled over them… BADLY.  Praying that the gentleman is not seriously injured.  Hopefully, this sends a message to the building owners to repair the steps as I have noticed their condition over the course of the last few years.


One performance down… TWO TO GO!


And I could not be happier.  I know that it has been two years since Hound of the Baskervilles but it really seems like yesterday especially this week when the last three months of fun work come to fruition.  Each experience is a different challenge and along the way I am lucky to meet new performers and work again with those I have previously been on stage before.  It really does feel like a family over time… at least in this neck of the woods.  Of course, tech week is full of interesting events:  New sound system that will be extraordinary I am sure; Mishaps with the set; Attempting to control the young ones in the cast when they are off stage; and other assorted chaos.

Yes, I once again was cast in the role of the slimy villain.  My favorite type of role!  When Mare asked me which role I would like (after I was informed that I was not old enough to portray Kris Kringle), I did not hesitate when I told her… “Sawyer.”  I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the role and make it my own but still have some of the nuances of the original in the 1947 movie, Miracle on 34th Street.  It must be paying off because Miss Mary told me after rehearsal tonight that she loves my character and what I have done with it.  AW, Heck!  As someone told me after I announced the role I had received “This could be your best role yet.  Both as a challenge and fitting your acting forte.”  One of my cast mates even compared me (the role, I assume) to a Bond villain.

Come and like us on Facebook and hope to see some of you in the audience with the great talent on and off stage.