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Well…. the nephew, niece, and I have returned safely from the Hotel Transylvania.  Rather humorous tale how the trip was initiated.  I woke this morning to find a message from my eldest brother who is still down with SPOTTY(?) pneumonia…. honestly, has anyone ever heard of spotty pneumonia?  The message was sent at 3:43AM asking if I would take Noah since there was no way that Jeff would be able to.  While at work, my brother-in-law was in and somehow I volunteered to take his oldest along.  It was fine, one more would not hurt.

The show was actually really cute.  It centered around Dracula’s (Adam Sandler) efforts to protect his daughter Mavis (Selena Gomez) from the evil world of humans.  While still an infant, Mavis’ father build a hotel at which only the monster kind could check in.  On the eve of Miss Dracula’s 118th birthday, Jonathan,a young human male (Andy Samberg), happens across the hotel and the story takes off.   How long can a parent protect their child from the world outside?  Could monsters live amongst humans after 118+ years?  Just two of the themes presented in this entertaining little movie.

Some clever bits scattered throughout most notably the cavalcade of misunderstood creatures…. Frankenstein (Kevin James) and his bride Eunice (Fran Drescher); the Invisible Man  (who is a terrible charades player… David Spade); Big Bad, his wife Wanda, and their brood; Quasimodo; the Mummy; and countless others.  I found myself just attempting to recognize as many as I could.  Of course, Noah’s favorite part centered around Frankie’s all-powerful flatulence.

There was nothing too scary about the movie (I would say over the age of 5 would be acceptable).  Noah and Kyli both got a kick out of it as did their uncle.  At least, we all went to the facilities before the movie started and were able to sit through the entire thing.  Of course, that changed when we had to stop at Taco Smell to get a take out for a pregnant mother 😉

Next on the agenda, Skyfall with Alex…. did not know he was a James Bond fan.

Home Again

Sunday morning Mom and I brought Dad home from the nursing home. We got the call early last week saying that he would be able to leave as early as Wednesday, however, with the in-and-out schedules around here Sunday was the first possible day we could make the transition easily and as smoothly as possible.  We arrived while he was in church services so Mom filled out the paperwork and I sat in his room.  I sat on the bed that Dad has tried to sleep on during his stay.  I must tell you, it is no wonder he did not get much sleep… UGH!  After checking out, he was a bit slow getting into the car but getting up the porch steps to the house was not a problem at all.

Sunday afternoon, the rest of the family came at various times for chili.  I had to leave for a few hours for rehearsal but there were plenty of people here to keep Dad company while Mom ran to WM for prescriptions.

Monday was a little scary.  Dad’s blood sugar was really low.  However, he assured us that he felt fine and we got him something to eat.

Tuesday was a big day.  A rep from home health services came to the house.  We thought she was coming to set up a schedule for visits.  However, she came to the conclusion that no services would be necessary.  WOW!!!  Tuesday night, he went to a volleyball game with Mom.  Quite a switch from last spring/summer when he wanted no part of outdoor activity!

As expected, it is going to take some work to keep him motivate instead of sitting around in front of his Game Show Network.  We will see how that works out in the days ahead.  Until then… PRAISE GOD for all he has done and thanks to my fantastic friends and family for their continued thoughts and prayers!