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Computer Course In The Tub

I have been debating whether or not to post on the events in my family that have occurred these past few days.  Because I know and trust the family and friends who read and comment here, I feel entirely safe.  I’m sure that it will at least (and most wonderfully) act as a prayer request.  Wednesday night, my Dad had a seizure which prompted a call to 9-1-1 by me.  Within minutes, Mom, Jeff, and I were on the way to our neighboring hospital. 2-3 hours later, Dad was taken to a larger hospital where they have a neurologist which is required of all first time seizure victims.  By Friday, the doctors were still uncertain as to the cause of the event: his blood sugar bottoming out, another mini stroke (he had a major one 6 years ago), or other reasons.

He has been progressively going downhill; yet, he still knows all of us.  Saturday afternoon, Mom, my siblings, most of the grandkids, and I were in the room.  He was able to communicate but we could tell that he was not all there.  He kept insisting that he needed an IV and a blood thinner.  We were, at times, able to get him off that train of thought but I believe that seeing the blank monitor triggered its return.  Even the nurse, who came in to check his vitals, was unable to convince him for long.

Sunday morning after church, we received a phone call from the hospital that is a 45 minute trip away.  Dad was really upset, confused, did not know where he was, and crying.  After finishing breakfast, Mom and Jeff left and were on the way.

In some ways, he has not lost his entire sense of humor. The other day, he was receiving a bath from his nurse (he can do little unassisted but lay in his bed).  He told us that “Liv” gave him a bath while her husband sat on the bed.  Mom asked if he enjoyed it which drew a chuckle.  To add even more veracity to the story, Jeff did see a Nurse “Liv” on the floor who did indeed give Dad a bath.

When Mom returned this afternoon, she told us that “Dad is taking a computer course.”  A bit surprising but sounded plausible until we were told that he had to go to Jeff’s to do his homework.

At this point, it is almost certain that Dad will not be able to come home for a while.  Who can say for certain how long that will be?  We just have to keep praying and put it in His hands.  I keep remarking what a good thing it is that my four siblings live within a mile of us.  However, I am still under the same roof and must take on even more of the household responsibilities which (while important) is not my main concern.  Attempting to be a source of strength for my mother is going to take a lot from all of us.  Knowing that we have a whole town (and more than that) who keeps saying that if we need anything speaks volumes. While walking to the post office this morning, I was stopped by no less than five concerned people. I was able to spend a few hours with my spectacular second family yesterday at a ball game.  I just hope that we all can draw strength from each other and pull even closer together.

So …whenever we are in need, we should come bravely before the throne of our merciful God. There we will be treated with undeserved kindness, and we will find help. (Hebrews 4:16)


35 Years Later And Still Rockin’

Today marks the 35 anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley. A record 75,000 fans were on hand at Graceland for the candlelight vigil held every year beginning last night.  This morning, his ex-wife Priscilla and their only daughter Lisa Marie were interviewed side-by-side for the first time inside the mansion.  Remarkably, Elvis’ biggest fear was that he would be forgotten as quickly as his fame rose.  Obviously, it can be argued that he is at least as popular today as he was in his prime.

Also highlighted in a 24 hour marathon is the Hollywood years. 31 movies made in only 13 years (in 1968 he made at least 4 movies).  A few show what he could have become.  Many are fun to watch while a lot are painful to watch and for him, personally, to make.  This afternoon while sick in bed, I tried to watch Double Trouble.  In one scene, he sings “Old MacDonald” to a 17 year-old girl who throws herself at him every chance she gets.  I gratefully rolled over and went back to sleep.

This morning, I also heard a rendition of one of my 3 favorite Elvis songs performed as a duet with Lisa Marie and found a video of it to share. Almost remarkable how much daughter resembles father. Over the years, I have come to not only appreciate the power and heart that he brought to the more “meaningful” songs but to prefer them.  What a loss at only 42 years of age.

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2 Decades Out

Saturday night, the Edgerton High School class of 1992 met to commemorate and reminisce on 20 YEARS  of life following graduation.  In total, 17 classmates (along with their significant others… well some with their s.o) gathered at Sam’s Place.  A golf outing had been arranged but those plans fell through which was fine with me (unless it was a round of mini golf). It was a special evening shared with some classmates I have not seen in 20 years.  James is a 20 member of the military and a Navy Seal (took him three times to accomplish that but WOW!).

It really was a journey back in time as we shared memories as well as where life’s journey has led us.  I shared a table with Cousin Dan (and his wife Carla), Amy, and Angie (and her husband Trent).  One of our memories took as all the way back to Mrs. Webb’s Kindergarten class where Dan met with the paddle (for what I did not catch).  He also mentioned that he wanted to have a book read to him so he brought one over to me.

I also caught up with Pastor Matt and Peggy (caught up is a loose phrase since we actually live a block or two away from each other).  Matt did not know that I was a fan of the superhero genre.  I was a bit shocked at this revelation since I have been for as long as I can remember and we discussed the finale to the Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale Dark Knight trilogy.

Following dinner, we remembered the three (or was it two?) classmates we had lost since graduation.  Unintentionally, this turned into a rather humorous debate.  We had a set of twins throughout our years and it was finally concluded that one of them in fact did not graduate with us.

Then, we remembered one of the sweetest girls who we were all pleased to call classmate and friend.  After receiving a kidney transplant, Heather’s system ultimately rejected it and she passed away on July 19, 1998).  Our hostess, Peggy, was able to locate Heather’s mother who provided a picture and a poem that Heather had written especially for us:



Hold a favorite memory,

Hug it to you tight.

Dream of it fondly,

As you drift to sleep tonight.

Don’t let it slip away like sand through

your fingers,

You’ll want to keep it close so that it

always lingers.





more valued

than gold,




never to be sold.


Make the most of memories, they’re

the best possession you’ve got,

just be sure you make happy memories

for they never can be bought.



Finally, came the obligatory photo session (unfortunately?, I did not make sure that my camera had a SD card).  However, a group photo was taken of the 17 of us.


17 Member of the Class of 1992



Just after dinner, preparing for the remembrance segment. You can just barely see the top of my head behind Peggy. 😀

Overall, a fun evening of remembrance!