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I Wonder If Henry Started Like This

Well… I have officially been a bank teller for three weeks.  I spent two at the main branch of the small community financial establishment watching videos (I honestly thought I was back at Wally World), learning the basics, and finally waiting on customers.  The customer interaction comes as no problem (after @) + years it should not be a problem).  It’s that part after that is still a bit scary. I mean to make sure you are doing everything correctly… not giving back too much or too little and above all…. READING THE COMPUTER SCREEN informing me what to do.  Sometimes my mind has been going at warp speed and makes my hands go faster than my eyes see what is in front of me.  Of course, it may still be the newness of the job and learning so much.  Not to worry, I’m sure it will become second nature in time.

On Monday, I began at my local branch which conveniently is right out my front door across the street beside the empty lot where stood the old elementary school.  I think the familiar atmosphere where “everybody knows my name” will help.  Of course, there are those customers who will come in and make sure that they test you just because they know you.  My former boss did just that twice last week.  She came in which bags full of deposits, change orders, and harassment.  After I completed the transactions, I gave back as much as I had received to the delight of my female co-workers.  But it has been fun to wait on customers who are accustomed to seeing me at the grocery store.  A gentleman actually ordered a gallon of milk and loaf of bread.

By Friday after working three weeks Monday-Saturday, I am definitely ready to settle into my new schedule (off Saturday at 1PM until Tuesday at 11AM and off no later than 6 at night).  Back to back days off? Evenings off?

Some neat coincidences. I had already known that the HR director was someone I have been acquainted with for a number of years.  I did NOT realize that the girl who called me in for my second interview was a classmate of mine from high school.  I also got to work with one of my fellow Wonderful Life cast mates during my first two weeks.

So… fun at times but at times a bit scary.  But something ALMOST totally new!