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A Great Dane

Weekday mornings (except for Mondays) I go to my “sister”‘s house at 7:45 to watch the youngest kids she sits with while she takes the older ones to school.  One of the younger ones is an extremely cool little dude named Dane who goes to pre-school later in the morning.  The kid is just a ball of fire!  Every time he is there he asks Charnel… “Where is Jamiah?!” There was a spider in the laundry room the other day and he asked if she was going to call and have me come and take care of it.  Over Christmas break, Dane and his mother came into the grocery while I was working and upon entering he exclaimed, “THERE’S THAT GUY!”

Wednesday morning after coming back from pre-school, he was absolutely not himself.  The poor guy had a tummy ache and a temp of 102º 🙁 Charnel called his father and he was on his way.  Until he arrived, Dane sat on my lap, cuddled with me, and we watched The Flintstones which drew a few chuckles but he really did feel warm.  Shortly after, Dane’s Dad arrived and took my newest little pal home.  This morning they were both sick!  Get well soon, little buddy 😀

Enough Excitement For One Day

At least of this kind.  The grocery was the place to be Saturday afternoon around 3:30.  A seven-year old young man and his mother came in and grabbed a cart.  As they are usual customers, I know how rambunctious the young lad can be.  My co-worker even politely warned him to settle down a teeny bit.  As I was working on my list of things to do I could hear the little one running up and down the aisles pushing the cart.  A sort time later, I hear someone shout “OH, MY GOD! OH, MY GOD!  I NEED HELP!”  By the time I got over to aisle 4 (of 4), my co-worker had the two of them up by the window.  I found an overturned cart and blood trailing up and down the aisle.  What really got me was the absence of a loud crash to announce the accident.

So I got the phone, called 9-1-1, and had the ambulance there in short order.  The child’s finger was cut down to the bone.  Understandably, he was quite inconsolable.  After getting off the phone with the dispatcher, I call the manager who told us to make out a report and get the party’s information for our records.  Since I knew the two of them, the report could wait until the situation was under control.

After the paramedics transported the little guy to the hospital, I set about cleaning up the area.  Amazingly, there was a glass jar of spaghetti sauce that was unharmed. I then grabbed a pair of gloves and bleached water and scrubbed the trail of blood.  The cart itself had no evidence of the mishap.  Strange…

Yesterday, the boy’s father stopped in and proclaimed me a “hero” (SHEESH! and I wasn’t even wearing my Superman t-shirt ;)).  Honestly, I was more interested in the welfare of his son.  Apparently, he had broken his finger and had to go to the surgeon to have it taken care of.

And who said that life in a two traffic light town was dull?

Creative Block

Call it a New Year’s resolution if you like, but I am embarking on a new, exciting creative venture.  Details will be coming as they progress.  Let’s just say that I am planning to put my gifts to good use here in the near future.  As I have been pondering how best to use these gifts, I have been brainstorming  A LOT but am having a bit of an issue with actually turning these ideas into something concrete and worthwhile.

On my other ongoing pursuit, my voice lessons continue to prosper.  As I expected, one of the hardest pieces (ok… THE MOST difficult) is one that is quite deceptive.  Literally beating my head over it 😉 Rather reminiscent of that little School House Rock show I was involved in a few years ago.  Songs you grew up with but when you are faced with performing them, they present quite a challenge.  However, whoever said that I did anything easy? I’m always up for a challenge.

Otherwise, everything else seems to be passing for whatever is normal for my family.  No one has been checked into the “Hilton” since New Year’s Eve and he Jeff was released Monday in time to watch the Buckeyes flounder.  Now thanks to some great decisions made by a previous coach and members of the team past and present, OSU will not be eligible for post-season football for another year.

Hope everyone has rung in 2012 safely, healthy, and lovingly.

What I Did To Ring In 2012

Quite an eventful day, really!  I checked out Facebook around 9 to see that my oldest brother had been in the B-town Hilton (more commonly known as the Hospital) for the past 4 hours and Mom had caught whatever has been making its way around for the past week (glad I am only battling a stuffy nose).  Dad was in true for as of late by dragging a bunch of his treasures out from their trove and piling them out around the house.  I see that he has finally started to put his carport together.  We’ll see if he can get it together before the snow hits.

While at work, I got a call asking if I could sit with Jeff’s kids while their mother worked 3rd shift.  I thought that I could beat Joshua at Harry Potter Scene It but he was too busy in the recesses of his fortress of solitude so I spent the evening watching DIck Clark’s 40th ball drop.  The entire evening event featured a countdown of the 40 top musical performances over the years (I guess they did not say 40 “Best”).  Seeing J-Lo prancing around in a skimpy 1 piece was not my idea of Best MUSICAL performance but, I did not get a vote.  Noah, bless his heart, tried so hard to stay awake for the ball drop but with about 15 minutes to the event he was off to lala land. Fifteen minutes later when that new unfit for anyone’s eyes and ears group rook the stage, it was time for the little ones to bid good night.

I thought I was done for the night and could relax.  I was mistaken.  About 2AM,  I heard the heavenly choirs announce that “Noah threw up in Daddy’s bed!” Up the stairs, strip the bed and Noah and toss one in the washer and the other in the shower.  I believe that I put each where they needed to go because at 7, I heard another deluge.  And at 8, Rachel returned to take command.

What a way to end the year!  HAHAHAHA!  The night could be turned into a modern day Marx Brothers feature which I was hoping to find on the box last night, but…Hope you all had a safe, fun, and eventful start of the new year!