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A Halloween Audience Of One

I have had a great Halloween thus far.  I did decide to go to my voice lesson in costume (anyone who remembers my costume from last year… recycled but still worth it).  It did give me an idea for a quick costume change for “Songs I Have Learned.”  I felt like Sky Masterson or “Good Ol’ Reliable” Nathan Detroit from the musical which an area high school will be performing in the spring.

I had a guest sitting in on the lesson this morning.  Seems that K has a female intern working with her who just completed her senior year at Appalachian State and is now at Bluffton University continuing on her Music Therapy degree… my coach had to visit the loo so I became acquainted with my audience of one.  I only made it through 3 of my songs but after today I feel almost PLEASED with the most difficult piece and EVEN MORE confident with another.  “The phrasing and coloring at the end were perfect drawing the audience right in.”  I felt like I was on American Idol or Broadway Star (if such a thing existed).  Definitely one of my top three out of the 12 and to receive such praise with 4 months to go.

However, the costume lent itself perfectly to another song that I chose not to focus on.  Perhaps it was a sign that I should use some more “Friends” to fill a little space.  We will see.

A Time For Catching Up

WOW!  Have I been lax in posting, or what?!  Think I will use this space to catch myself and all my faithful readers up on the past few weeks (that have seemed like months.  My second oldest brother went back to the doctor on Friday last and now waits until November 17th to go to the surgeon to learn when he is going to go in for his gall bladder removal.  Funny the time of this one!  A few years ago, the night before Thanksgiving, I went to my oldest brother’s house to sit with him following his own surgery… of which he had a photo taken (a nice mental picture for Halloween).

Speaking of tomorrow’s holiday… I was not able to join in much of the frivolity this year.  Last night was my Saturday to sing at mass and wouldn’t ya know “tricks or treats” was at the same time.  However, I did get to see some of the younguns in their ghastly get ups.  Elizabeth was Ghostface from the ghastly Scream films and her new friend of the male persuasion came as Fred Flintstone.  Noah was a Ninja.  Alex was a banana who decided to go as Freddy Krugger (with Jason mask and hatchet) and Charlie Sheen.  How he came up with Charlie Sheen is beyond me but he was “Winning” as he got a $10 prize at the judging.  Alyssa was a Ghoul Maid and Sydney looked like a young Glinda-like princess.  I did not get to see Shelby in her Whoopie Cushion costume.    Nor did I get to see the other three as Snow White, Wonder Woman, or the 2 week old as I Dream Of Jeannie.  Hopefully, there will be pictures of those three sometime soon.  Kyndall did win the prize for the youngest.

I just might have to dress up for my voice lesson in the morning.  Speaking of THAT… my final piece for my “Songs I Have Learned” Weekender arrived in the mail via Jeff’s mailbox last week (don’t you love the mail system?).  Now to get the other four voices together or at least inform them…

I hope you all have (or had) a frightfully ghoulish Halloween.  Now that the month is nearly complete, I pray that the final two months pass with a bit more good times because the last month seems to have had a bit more of the not so good.  And watch out for those signed documents that peculiarly are not notarized or you may get a football pulled out from under you.  UUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!

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A Hug For The Hugs

Strange how the events of a few days can change the atmosphere around you.  Just days after I was joyously welcoming the arrival of two special little ones, a life-long family of friends experienced not one, not, two, but three tragedies.  On Thursday,  one of my dearest friends welcomed a new granddaughter.  The moments Teresa got to spend with  her son Cody, his girlfriend Carly and their baby Cori were very happy and will be remembered forever but very short-lived as she was taken home above only a few short hours after she was born.

Saturday morning after finishing shopping for my nephew and nieces’ birthday, I found a message on Facebook asking if I had heard about Don.  She had read on a family member’s post that he had passed away.  Before we confirmed it, we decided to find out for certain.  A few moments later, I received a horrific phone call.  I said a prayer to calm myself down before I called mom’s cell phone.

Hours before Don’s passing, the twin sister of Blake’s (Jena’s son) girlfriend was killed in a car accident.

Such great memories growing up with the Hug family:

  • The family lived in this house until my parents bought it when I was about 6 months old.  My poodle, Buffy was one of Digit’s puppies and we took her out often so they could visit.
  • I was always “Seah’s” baby.  Marilyn sat for the four of us quite often.  In the summer, Teresa would take over.  I even asked Don if I could marry her.  On her wedding day, I went back before the ceremony to see her and she told me “Please, don’t cry.”  I don’t remember if I did or not (my memory fails me).  While she lived in Ft. Myers, we would write to each other ON PAPER! Does anyone do  that anymore? 😀  I was surprised when I rode along with Marilyn and my mother to pick Teresa up from the airport for Jena’s wedding.  I believe the ruse was that they had to go do something with the wedding dresses.
  • Sunday night caramel corn.  I put this on Facebook and Chad confirmed it!  I KNEW that I was not crazy.
  • I believe that I am too young to remember but my oldest brother Jeff was with them at McDonalds.  He wanted a cheeseburger his way (Just ketchup).  He did not get it ‘his way” and got sick.  ALWAYS The picky eater 😀
  • Like Teresa did with me, Jena took Christi under her wing and took her wherever she went whenever possible.  My sister was the flower girl in Ron and Jena’s wedding.

So many great memories and I’m sure that I have only scratched the surface.  But what an indelible mark the Hug’s have left on not only myself but on my entire family.  God, please watch over Marilyn, Van, Teresa, Jena, and Tod  and their families in these painful days.  Lift up their spirits and let Don, Cori, and Mickae rest in peace.  As Jena’s daughter Cassondra once stated: “We are like family who rarely see each other but know they are there,

Love you all!

Many Blessings This Week

Today, I became an uncle yet again. Kyndal Grace Hazelton was born at 3:46pm weighing in at 7lbs 10oz and measuring 19.5″.  It has been a long haul but she arrived safely.  Calls at 12:30am… 3:00am…7:45am.  Finally, Charnel’s water was broken around 11 this morning.  We have two little girls and a Bandit sharing the house with us for the next few days.  Two special healthy little ones arriving in less than a weeks time… WHAT A BLESSING!

A touch of sadness also.  Ma2’s mother passed away Saturday at the age of 88.  But I am sure that Mrs. Foster is now with Emily and  Mr. Foster in a place where there is no longer any pain or suffering.  May HE watch over the family and may Jonathan return from his deployment safely.

I have the final piece of my Weekender gig coming soon.  In the next four months, I will put the spit and polish to the lineup of “Songs I Have Learned” including finding 4 male voices to fill the finale out.  One I have asked (any other interested gentlemen out there? Two other fellow tangenteers are (I will assume) out of the question.  One from a distance perspective; the other admits that he “doesn’t sing.”

Sold Out Two Months Ahead

WOW!  I learned at my weekly voice lesson that the local community theatre’s production of A Christmas Story already has two dates sold out!  Not sure if a show has had sold out dates two months ahead in this area, but this is the first I know of.  K will be playing the role of Ralphie’s mother and her little man will be playing a little boy… no lines but he is already being instructed to develop the character to give himself some business on stage.

Now that I am five months out from my weekend gig, I have begun to plow through my books to find new things (or old things that are worth digging out) to not let my list become a lesson in tedium.  I dug out a favorite that I have never before been able to get because of range… (guess which part gave me fits).  Two octave range from a low A-flat to a floating high A-flat.  Poor K was commenting from the keyboard on the 5 flat key to the 4 (or is it 5) sharp key.  I probable should also pick some unfamiliar pieces just to take me out of my comfort zone.  I also visited an old friend that will be a part of the evening.  I really do not want to add too much to the program but if it goes from 45 minutes to 120 minutes before February…  NAH!  No one wants to see me on stage THAT long  😉