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Truly Divine Intervention

The past few days have been a big ol’ slap in the face, whack over the head, ice water thrown in your face.  Monday morning, I got out of the shower and noticed that my left leg was swollen to twice the size of my right.  I had a doctors appt made to see what he could tell me about my on-going aches.  It is a good  thing I did.  Five minutes after arriving I was on my way to the hospital for an ultrasound.  Shortly after, I was admitted with a “extensive blot clot that extended from my left groin to my foot.”  So much for a little nagging ache.

A few hours later, I underwent a CT scan which informed me that the clot had broken up and was now in both lungs so I was moved to ICU.  I was indeed very fortunate.  SOmeone was really looking out for me!

This is the first time I had been in the hospital since my tonsilectomy back in the 5th grade some 20+ years ago and that was pretty much in and out.  I was home by Thursday but man… all that poking and prodding and not sleeping can take its toll.  And more to continue… words like blood thinners and blood tests…. YUCK!  But I am here and mean to reflect on that and ask HIM to take control and help me go forward in what ever ways HE deems necessary.

The doctor is convinced that the 2 hour plane trip to Florida a month ago was a major factor in the clot.  I know I am not as old as I was in ’92 when I flew to Hawaii, but WOW!

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and hopefully with His help, I will be back 1000% soon.

Goodbye, Andy

Just moments ago, ace New York Yankee pitcher Andy Pettite announced his retirement from the team he has been with for 13 of his 16 year career. He will be sorely missed. Instrumental in many Bomber seasons, notably in 5 Championship seasons. Physically, he is ready if he was needed. Emotionally, it is time for him to move on.

Pitching has got to be the most taxing and demanding position on the diamond. So many injuries and surgeries reported that one may wonder how many are able to continue into their mid and even late 30’s. And now with only three starters returning (A.J. Burnett, Phil Hughes, aaaaand C.C. SABATHIA), it looks like the Yanks will once again be looking to strengthen its starting rotation.

Long-time catcher Jorge Posada has also been re-assigned to full time DH duty. Let’s hope that Cervelli is able to step up and assume the position full time.

Less than a month before Spring Training games begin in Tampa!