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Chicken What?!

Halloween… my SECOND favorite holiday.  I guess you could say that it began last Monday when I ran into my very good friend at Wal*Mart where we decided to get coordinating costumes.  I’ll share a photo or two later.

Friday evening was the quite festive game night… ALWAYS A TON OF FUN!  My niece and nephew have had a pretty tough couple of days so I invited them to come along with me.  Alex was his normal crazy self in his “professor who just graduated” costume.  Poor Shelby, I think, finally came out of her shell as the games began.  Later, I took them back home and returned in time to enjoy the very haunting Exorcism of Emily Rose.  A very good mix of The Exorcist and  courtroom drama.

Saturday night (or SUnday morning) I was awakened about 4am by my cell phone.  Oh, great!  What joker is playing around when I am trying to get my beauty sleep.  Somehow after I found out who the culprit was, I did manage to get a few more hours of shuteye.  All good!  I did get a good chuckle out of it 😀

After getting off my shift on the big day, itself, Dad, my second oldest brother and assorted nieces and nephews ventured to a relatives yard of terrors.  Year after year, they transform their house and yard into a fun, family-friendly fright fest complete with touring train.  After having your fill of frights, you are invited into the house to sign the guest book and  each family is invited to take a plate of treats and goodie bags for the kiddies.  All this for the exorbitant amount of $0.  Certainly is amazing that they can operate this year in and year out for the entire month and not charge a cent.  Most of the items that are on display are generously donated.  In fact, just the other day, a tombstone was given that had some defect which caused the original buyers to turn away.  Visitors even bring along bags of flour and sugar for baking help.  But leave your checkbook at home.  They may take donations in form of decorations but never monetary.

Even more amazing is the number of people who have signed the book in just the last month.  Over 2000!  From word of mouth and flyers passed around the area.  We were shocked to learn the distance travelled by some of the visitors: Louisiana,  “New” England (from “across the pond”),  France, Germany.  WOW!  So… when next October creeps its spooky head around… be sure to visit the Geren’s.  I have not visited the site after daylight hours for more than a few years but I do remember that after the sun sets is when the real frightful fun begins.  Unfortunately, some of the little ones are a little young for that.  Even some of the older ones were a bit fearful of the maze in the daylight.  OH, Puh-lease!

Hope you all had a Ghoulishly fun holiday weekend!

What WAS I Thinking?

AHHHH…. Thursday!  It is my favorite day of the week (After I get done at work, that is… today’s 6 hours is another blog entirely).  My voice lessons are progressing quite nicely and my coach and I are REALLY pleased with the progress I am making.  I just have to wonder what the heck I was thinking in choosing some of the songs I am quickly perfecting.  I think I have three (maybe 4) serious selection… the rest are my favorite types:  CHARACTER driven pieces.  Not only character-driven but requiring different accents.  I think we counted three different distinct accents.  What do you think… should I reprise a love/hate character?

We have also been brainstorming a bit about staging these songs and some of the ideas we have make me think that a slightly larger stage is going to be needed.  I’ll leave those ideas on the drawing board for now and mull them over to see if any of them are viable.  But the possibilities intrigue me.  So while I am memorizing, polishing, and otherwise perfecting each piece the pictures in my mind are beginning to take shape.

But 3 DIFFERENT ACCENTS!  WHAT WAS I THINKING! 😀 Ah, well… if I didn’t think it possible, would I have done it?  Probably.

Paranormal Weekend

Well… this being the first weekend following the wrap of a show, I found myself slightly down.  I had to work Friday night (only to come home and watch the Bombers get sent home by the Rangers… but it IS their first time EVER in the World Series… but really how long is that).  Saturday, I had the entire day to myself… so I watched the Buckeyes dominate the Purdue Boilermakers and some season one Bionic Woman (the original and best).  It’s about time both bionic series got out of legal brouhaha and finally are being released on DVD (Six Mill is set to be released next month).  Finally, I went to church Saturday night.

Sunday, saw work, room cleaning (funny how messy a room can get after three months), and fun with friends.  Mare sent me a text early in the afternoon asking if I wanted to go with other friends to see Paranormal Activity 2.  I did not hear very glowing reviews of the original so I went expecting little but with great friends, it was worth it.  I do not remember ever laughing so much at a “horror” film but some of the things involved were just so hokey that at times, I wanted to crack up especially the loud comments made by other moviegoers.  I will say that one of the biggest complaints that I have heard about the previous film was the slow pace and the fact that anything scary did not happen until the last 20 minutes of the film.  I will say there was a great amount of creepiness.  Not the best suspenseful movie ever but if you go in with limited expectations surrounded by friends going out for a good time…

Some of the coming attractions:

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I (I’m sure a certain nephew of mine will be hitting me up for that one)  REALLY looking forward to this one.  Interested to see where they divide the film.
  • Yogi Bear… I think the main draw is Justin Timberlake as Boo Boo.  But Dan Aykroyd is playing the “smarter than average bear.”
  • The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (The third movie in the Chronicles of Narnia series).  I wasn’t even aware that this was coming.  An eventual viewing will be in order.
  • No preview of Tron:Legacy I’m sorry to say.

So… all in all an enjoyable weekend!

A Page From Reameasblog

Warning: Some of the content of this post may be questionable to some readers.  Proceed at your own risk.

Like our newest tangenteer, the little store I am employed at has its share of cute little callers with nothing on their little mundane plates than to make obnoxious calls.  Admittedly, I was one of those at one time or another so it should come as no surprise that I like to play along when the opportunity presents itself.  Wednesday night, the newest teenage employee asked me to take a phone call after she failed to clearly “hear the person on the other line”:

Jamiahsh: Hello… may I help you

Customer:  Yes, do you sell breasts?

J: Why, yes we do.  As a matter of fact, we have a 40lb box on sale for $1.49/lb (usually $3.99/lb)

C:  How are they?

J:  Oh, they are nice, plump, round, firm.  Just your type.

C:  Ok… thank you very much (sounding rather shocked but with a chuckle being heard in the background.  I think I was on speakerphone)

J:  You are very welcome.  Have a nice evening.

The teenage cashier was grinning from ear-to-ear after I hung the phone up.  I must admit that I thought the incident rather humorous myself.  Fun to be in charge once in a while.

Farewell To A Couple Of TV Parents

This week, fans of 50s and 70s television lost two beloved character.  On Saturday, Barbara Billingsley who played June Cleaver on Leave it to Beaver passed away.  Throughout the 1950s Ward and June were the parents of Wally and Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver.  It is almost inconceivable in today’s world to have a mother who wore a pretty dress and apron all day long and would have a plate of cookies and a pitcher of milk waiting for you when you got home from school.  It seems that some of the biggest problems she had to deal with was the Beaver’s refusal to eat Brussel Sprouts.  Of course, there was the time when Beaver and his pal Larry Mondello were stuck in the giant coffee cup on the  billboard.  Not to mention enduring the frequent visits by one Eddie Haskell and his “My that’s a very lovely dress you are wearing, Mrs. Cleaver.”  Not only did she later reprise the role of one of tv land’s favorite mothers, Ms. Billingsley also was the voice of “Nanny” on the animated Muppet Babies series.

Tuesday, Tom Bosley who played hardware owner/father for eleven years on Happy Days lost his life.  Week in and week out, Howard Cunningham leant and ear and sage advice to Richie and Joanie.  Not so much to Chuck… who wasn’t around long enough but maybe to bounce a basketball during the first handful of episodes.  Long after Fonzie “jumped the shark” on skis in his trademark leather jacket, Howard and Marion watched their children grow, move out, and (in their daughter’s case) move back in.  Years after the series ended, Mr. Bosley originated the role of another father, Maurice (Belle’s father) in the Original Broadway Cast of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

AH… simpler times with simple problems.  Rest in peace June and Mr C.

Looking Ahead

Tonight was my introduction into a new theatre board.  I think this organization will be a fun, challenging, and ultimately rewarding crowd to be a part of.  Hopefully, the passion I have for the dramatic arts will be beneficial.  This summer, the group will be presenting the beloved, immortal classic The Wizard of Oz.  I have dreamed of playing one particular role for as long as I can remember.

However, another nearby group will be presenting another of my favorite shows.  I believe that I have mentioned a time or two that I have been in two separate productions of Annie.  Back in 1992 at good ol’ EHS, I played Rooster.  Daniel Francis Hannigan will forever be one of my most memorable and favorite roles.  Back in 2001 (I believe it was), I was cast as a Hooverville-ite and as one of Daddy Warbucks’ servants.  As we approach the 35th anniversary of the musical’s Broadway debut (and it’s planned 2nd revival in 2012 as part of the celebration), the opportunity to audition for Rooster once again would be a delight!

Thank goodness, I have a few months to ponder the conundrum.

For any lurkers who may be out there who deem themselves qualified to fill one of the PAID technical (director, pit director, vocal director, etc) positions for a full-scale version of the Wizard of Oz, visit the Fountain City Festival website within the coming weeks for more information.  If you drop by the website now, you can take  tour of the past few summer shows the group has produced.

Baskerville Hall No More

In a most shocking affair, Baskerville Hall has fallen.  The caretaker and his wife, the Barrymores were so shaken by the tragic passing of Sir Charles that within days of the heir’s arrival the couple decided to leave service in hopes of succeeding in some other business.  The Baskerville fortune left the loyal servants enough money to set out on themselves.  In order to start their life afresh, Mr. Barrymore altered his facial appearance not an hour following their departure.  The walls, curtains, furniture, bookcases, and all the trimmings lay in rubble.  Unfortunately, the relater of these events failed to have his camera to add photos to illustrate the unfortunate event.

However, the good times shared by all will be remembered in the coming DVD which chronicles the events of the last days of the once great estate and the mystery surrounding Poor Sir Charles’ demise.

Thank you Mare and everyone else involved in the Village Players production of the immortal Sherlock Holmes mystery The Hound of the Baskervilles.  Once again, a delightful time was had by all (even those two people who fell asleep who shall remain safely anonymous).  And who knows… it may not take another 9 years for another facial hair growth.  I’m sure there are several roles which call for it.  I am also pleased to announce that the ghost upon the moor failed to wreck havoc with Selden’s death… if only for the show’s swan song.

The Ghost Upon The Moor

Well.. last night’s opening night performance of The Hound of the Baskervilles was quite a success.  What began with reservations numbering 17 turned into a crowd of over 70 before curtain time.  Quite a feat when the small village had a home high school football game.  Of course, everyone is not a sports fan and the weather is starting to get that chill once again.

The audience was very good in their reactions to he events which unfolded on stage.  As predicted in at least one review, Holmes received the most chuckles.  However, there were some unexpected guffaws as well.  One involving a ghost which must just now have decided to wreck havoc with the lights upon the moor.  Holmes and Watson come upon a corpse and investigate.  Usually, this is done with the assistance of not only their illuminated lanterns but a greenish glow surrounding the deceased.  At the end of the scene, the ghost decided to raise the stage lights prior to the “corpse’s” exit from the stage.  “He’s ALIIIIVE!

The cast was brilliant!  Even Sir Henry seemed to have relaxed and created an entirely new dynamic to his character.  Wonderful what a great audience can do!

After the performance, the cast and some VP members gathered for a small reception.  I got to chat with my favorite Tevye (who was to be “Potter’s goon” but more important matters arose) , his wife, and their growing little one who was a wee babe the last I saw her at January’s awards banquet… now she is up toddling around.  I was surprised to see Me and Ca in attendance… no idea they were going to be there.  Ca is bringing a bus load of students to this afternoon’s matinee.

So shortly after midnight, the last of the revelers departed.  Good thing I convinced the boss to let me skip my 8am-10am shift.  She did not even realize I was supposed to be there this morning.  Now.. if only I can convince her of that on Sunday mornings.

One down… three to go.

Fun Rehearsal

Not that they are not all fun, but our next to final rehearsal was more of a chance for the cast to just hang out, eat some pizza and cookies which I DID BAKE MYSELF! and run through the show unencumbered by technical stuff. I had planned to bake up a batch of Toll House to take.  However, I decided to do this yesterday since I had to work today and did not get done with my shift until it was time to head to the Huber.  I was amazed that the cookies lasted this long particularly when there were a bunch of kiddies here yesterday after school dismissed 2 hours early for a parent/teacher conference session.  My warning of one cookie a piece must have worked wonders.  Of course, I did divide up a small bowl for home and still had some left to bring home.

When I arrived at the theatre, I was immediately asked if I had read the reviews from the two of three papers from Sunday night.  Apparently, I personally had quite a glowing review.  One publication remarked:

the wonderful Jamiahsh (who can speak volumes with a simple gesture or raised eyebrow)

The second paper noted that my performance was “stunning, once again.”

All I can say is “WOW!” I did chuckle a bit as I sat and read them.  But overall, both reviews were quite complimentary and made the anticipation that much more palpable.

All I can say is that I am extremely humbled and thank God that He has bestowed upon me a great passion, appreciation, and talent for the stage.  There really is no other place I’d rather be (unless it be with a great group of friends and family).  I honestly and truly do believe that that is my calling.  Sounds humble, doesn’t it? 😉

I did however, draw a blank on one line (sometimes, I wish we had a videographer to record these moments for a gag reel)… having too much fun on our fun night, eh?

A Hit With The 6 & 7 Year Olds

Today for lunch, I went across the street to my old stomping grounds to help my newly turned  first grade 7 year-old niece celebrate her birthday.  10-10-10… three months after I celebrate my own day  She could have had me over Friday but she did not like the menu.  Today’s offering of  chicken strips, muffin, and peaches was fine (I was never fond of the school’s cole slaw, so I let that go).

As you can imagine I was the most popular big kid in the joint.  All eyes were upon me.  Do you think I minded a bit?  I did have a hard time getting into the building.  All but one door is locked all day, and I did not know which one (it hasn’t been THAT long since I’ve graced the halls).  And a lot has changed.  The elementary section is now where the halls of my high school were.  Alyssa’s classroom is where the library/study hall used to be.

I did see a few faces from the past.  The same elementary secretary who was there humn years ago still occupies the desk (as she did the first day I entered the school back in 19–).  I also came across my fifth-grade teacher.  She has since retired but was subbing for a Kindergarten class.  All this while sitting at a table outside the classroom (usually meant that you were in trouble… ME!?)

It must be my size that made me think that the lunch room appeared to be smaller than it was.  But I thought for sure there were more tables set up in my day.  One change almost broke my heart: the milkshake machine was gone 🙁  DANG!  I also do not remember being so rushed to eat (maybe there are fewer tables).  Nope, just learned that the kids are rushed.  At least one parent has complained… possible while they were sharing lunch with their little one.

After lunch, Alyssa and I went to the Puppy Pound for a bit.  She got on one of the swings.  Shortly after, the swing set was occupied with little ones begging me to push them.  One kindergartener became a daredevil after he was pushed high enough and leaped from his seat.  I remember doing that back in the day!  Unfortunately for my new friend, the result was the same:  A whistle blown and an escort to the wall.  I tried not to grin as he hung his head.

If I had known that I was going to be the center of attention the whole time, I would have taken my camera.


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