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Technically Sound But…

Not good enough in my eyes either.  A good lesson today.  Worked on two songs… one a light, fun, fluffy piece that includes a patter line (a long, section spoken in time to the beat) at the end. K suggested I do it as a rap instead of the traditional.  For this piece, I think not.  I envision a small group of  friends accompanying me as I recite the section full of alliteration.  Definitely will work on that!  Could be much worse, I could have to learn “I am the very model of a modern Major-General.”  (Not yet, please!)

My coach also decided to test me on another song.  Although the piece is written in the key of C (no sharps nor flats… shouldn’t be difficult to play), she kept hitting the wrong keys in order to find out how confident I am in the correct notes.  At the end, she told me that, technically, it is good but it is time to go beyond the technical.  A very dramatic piece which I believe is meant to show the lead character’s vulnerable side.  I was challenged to find that vulnerability and let it come out.  SELL THE SONG! OK! Homework! Character songs are easy… digging into the vulnerable side of a heroic character will be a fun challenge.  One I am confident that I will be able to rise to.

School For Bullies

I think it would be rather difficult to be the only male cheerleader in a relatively small school system.  However, even after being bullied to the extend that he received a broken arm for his pains, Findlay, Ohio sixth-grader Tyler Wilson has no plans to give up on it.  His trials have met with national press as he and his mother were featured on Good Morning America this morning.  He has also received phone calls and visits from male college cheerleaders. And although Tyler has stated that he has been threatened with another broken arm, he has no intention of sitting on the side lines.  GOOD FOR HIM! YOU GO DUDE!

As I learned long ago:  Find something you are good at and do it the best that you can. Wise words… wonder who came up with that.

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Not the GMA clip, but you get the gist of it.  One thing the clip does not mention.  After Tyler got home with the broken arm, he told his mother that he tripped over a curb and landed on his arm.  Just like a sixth-grade boy.

My First Professional Call Back

I could never, ever put the last 10 years down!  I have been in 17 (soon to be 18) stage productions and met the most amazing group of people anyone could hope to meet.  They really are my best, dearest friends!  Today, I went to my first professional call back.  I had absolutely no idea what to expect so I made sure to get a decent night’s rest (after watching the best season premiere of Smallville in its ten years… what a way to start off the final season) and eat something this morning.  I was a little nervous but a LOT MORE excited.

As I entered the call back space, the receptionist acted like I was from outer space. Not far off but after learning that I was the first to arrive (big surprise) she invited me to sit in the sitting room and wait so I had more time to read through my sides.  Only three other perspective actors arrive… two of whom I have had the pleasure of working with before… and one already professional from Indianapolis who has appeared in a commercial with a certain Colt.

After waiting the arrival of the producer (who ran a bit late as his car was attacked by a horde of rampaging wildebeast), we were subjected to horrors too gruesome  to describe on this little, family-friendly blog.  I must tell you that I have never seen such horrors.

Following the torture, we were given “the acting is not all peaches and cream speech”.  Even after the fearful events we were put through, I thought that it could not get any worse.  And I have heard the same speech more than once.

And the outcome of all the horrors!  EXCELLENT!  I am forbidden to say anything more.  But I am just a bit more excited than I was when I left this morning 😀

I wonder if I get to rid myself of the “scruff” after October 17.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct.. 15 Yard Penalty

After Saturday’s OSU/OU football game, I saw on a friends fb account that the OSUMB’s halftime performance was less than outstanding… full of Looney Tunes, Flintstones, and other cartoon themes. However, I wonder if the Bobcat alumnus thought the following was so extraordinary:

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Apparently, the heinous display by Rufus Bobcat upon the unsuspecting Brutus was premeditated.  The no-goodnick tried out for the role of mascot a year ago with the ultimate goal of tackling the Buckeye.  He has since been summarily banned from all Ohio University affiliated athletic functions.  The funny thing is, the miscreant no longer attends the Athens, Ohio college. He now attends nearby Hocking College.  OU has issued an apology to the Buckeyes.

In every way but personally, the shenanigans were for naught as the Bucks handed the Bobcats a 43-7 thrashing.  They should have tackled the player with the ball instead of the mascot.  Kind of funny especially after the games outcome.  A streaker running across the field was even more shocking and hilarious.

Boxing Day

No…I am not celebrating the British holiday a few months early.  Today, the family gathered at the home of my oldest brother to celebrate the birthday of two of our youngsters.  I guess once you go beyond 18 years, my family does not age.  We also got to meet big brother’s new friend who was introduced in typical fashion:  “This is (____). This is everyone.”  So our uncle got up and did a more traditional introduction.

Apparently, the two groups of parents failed to get the cake situation correct.  Both groups swore the other was to order it and pick it up.  As it happened, grandma ran into Big Brother and his friend at Wal Mart yesterday.   In the end, Grandma and Grandpa went to Dairy Queen in hopes of finding an ice cream cake.  No one better complain about the design.

As the party progressed, some of us ventured over to the Wii.  Bowling, boxing, and Guitar Hero seemed to rule the day.  The boxing is definitely one of the most entertaining games to watch others play as evidenced but the following video.  You may have to click the link… not sure if it will be embedded directly on the post.

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And it’s always a good day when the Cowboys get beat!  I’m sure there is another tangenteer who is absolutely ecstatic!

Not In The Clinic Anymore

Last night after waiting a week following my call back invitation, I got the details.  Not at all what I was expecting.  The call backs were to be last week and casting decided by Monday.  After Monday, I was becoming a bit concerned.  At this point, I was more curious about the filming then having a part or not.  We had attempted to film The Clinic a year or so ago, but that fell through.  So I emailed the writer of the play to see if he knew anything in his consulting role.

After returning from work last night, I opened up an email titled “Call backs.”  However, this was not for the film I was expecting.  The call backs are now on September 25 (the date we were to begin filming the short film).  The new film sounds like an original feature length film.  I was given a few scenes to memorize and familiarize myself with for the callback.

Not only that but underneath was instructions that all but a working title “Family Movie” was to remain mum.  I do know this much, if I successfully progress beyond the callback, I can expect a lengthy shooting schedule… months in fact.  Plus, a contracted, paid role!  Trying not to think that far ahead.

I am a bit excited.  I have read the scenes for which I will asked to read from and I think they look really good.  The fact that I received this news on September 15 has not been lost on me.  This is the third opportunity I have been presented (a job at Disney World, moving to a large city, and now…).  I think it is more than coincidence and I am at least going in and do my best…. but of course I will.  I would expect nothing less of myself and neither would any of my fellow tangenteers or readers who comment sporadically.  One step at a time.

Sam Is Not Spam!

While going through my myriad assortment of pending comments I do every once and again come across some interesting peekers to my blog.  The newest is a 6 year old gymnast from Great Britain named Sam Ramos, who along with his parents and older brother, are an amazing team known as the Daredevils which has appeared on such programs as Britain’s Got Talent!  The little guy might not have the site the others do but just follow the link to his site and watch his amazing acrobatics on the trampoline and read the article from The Sun.  Pretty amazing stuff!

Let’s show the amazing kid some tangents love!

Proud Of Your Boy

This marking the day before the 2nd anniversary of Ma2’s passing, I have made a promise to myself to annually honor her memory around this time.  To paraphrase one of my favorite quotes: She’s really not gone as long as we remember her.  May sound sappy to some but Emily really was like a second mother to me.  A strong, courageous woman… in fact the strongest and most courageous I have ever known.  I can still remember our last conversation over the phone.  We were to meet the next day to discuss my new found friends and my then anticipation of going to the big city.  Unfortunately, she had just found out that she was going to be returning to Columbus for another extended stay at the James.  Little did I know that this would be the last conversation we would have.  She was so determined to beat the leukemia.  I believe her words were: “I’m going to kick this thing in the ()”  I knew that if anyone could, it was her.  She also told me how proud she was in how far I had come in my theatrical ventures and pleaded with me to not give up.  That I had finally allowed myself to let my candle be uncovered by that bushel basket.  “He knows what he is talking about.”

Proud of Your Boy.  I believe that I have posted about the “lost song” from Disney’s Aladdin that was shall I say a prayer sung by the title character to his mother.  I believe that the mother was written out in order to better portray the hero as being a “worthless street rat” with only his companion Abu by his side.  I think it is much more than a simple prayer.  I believe that deep down inside us all there is that little bit of ourselves that feels a need to prove to someone (be it a parent, other relative, close friend, mentor, whatever… perhaps even ourselves) that we are more than the sum of our parts.  That we will get over these “lousin up, messin up, screwin up times.”

I am so glad that with the release of the Platinum Edition DVD, the song was pulled from the archives.  It really is a gem as sung by Clay Aiken.  That tells you how long it has been since its release…. he hasn’t really been in the spotlight for a few years.  I was lucky enough to be able to work on the piece while Emily was still (physically) guiding me.

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I LOVE the orchestral accompaniment and the screen playing scenes in the background. HMMM…

Love you, Ma

Quite A Beard You Have There, Young Man

This facial hair is now starting to get to me.  Maybe if it was not the first time I have grown a beard in 8 years, I would be more accustomed to it. Perhaps it is because I seem to need to grow it in the summer.  (I always knew I was a bit odd, but…) But it has been the source of many comments… both complimentary and otherwise.  Those who like it never cease to amaze me.  “It makes you look very distinguished and dignified.” (Not too distinguished, I hope.  I would not want to spoil my sterling reputation ;)) “It really becomes you.”  (Ok)  “Keep it.  Dye it white and you would be an instant Santa.”  (There’s a thought!  At least it would be in season and would really be a conversation piece.)

The flip side has also been interesting.  “You look like an old drunk!”  (I’ll remember that the next time someone is casting a bearded drunk).  “I can’t wait until you shave that thing!”  (Which makes me only consider keeping it after October 18th). “Hey, Grizzly Adams!”  All in good fun.  Good for laughs.

However, last night, I got the ultimate compliment.  Who remembers the tv series Family Affair?  A lady I have known for ages told me that I resemble Sebastian Cabot who played the domestic Mr. French (was not aware that there were two) to Uncle Bill, Cissy, Buffy (who was played by one of the earliest child actor tragedies I remember… could be earlier ones), Jodie, and (of course) Mrs. Beasley.  Mr. Cabot also played St. Nick in one of the remakes of Miracle on 34th Street.  Never short on flattering me, my customer also gushed about having found my “niche in community theatre.”  Who am I to argue?

Perhaps I shall take a snapshot of the before and after shaving and post them.  Provided of course the naysayers do not continue voicing their disgust.

So Much For Verisimilitude

One of the most difficult tasks in filming Superman: The Movie was the casting of the Man of Steel, himself.  The list of possible candidates was a veritable who’s who of 1970s top box office draws.  Everyone from Burt Reynolds to Paul Newman to Dustin Hoffman… even Muhammad Ali?  That one is even stranger than the candidate I was going to blog about.  Can you possibly imagine “The Greatest” in the role.

Another contender for the dual role of Superman/Clark Kent was an actor who had (and still has) close ties to Warner Brothers Pictures.  Clint Eastwood had already established himself as a different kind of action-hero.  Can you imagine Dirty Harry rescuing a fluffy white kitten from a tree.  He would be more likely to growl at the little girl and send her running in tears to her mother. Instead, we got an excited little tyke exclaiming to her mother that a man swooped out of the sky and rescued Frisky.  Her reward… a slap for telling more lies.

As for Mr. Eastwood’s take on the offer made nearly 35 years ago:  “it’s not for me.  It’s meant for someone, just not me.”  Thank goodness for that.  He did agree that Christopher Reeve nailed the role.  Incidentally, Clint was also offered the role of another iconic character back in the day.  Read this to find out which one.

What Could Have Been

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