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A Happy Easter Weekend

My weekend kicked off to a great start!  On Good Friday after singing at services, I was dragged ( 😉 ) by a crowd of no less than 5 kids to see How to Train Your Dragon in 2D.  I didn’t find the idea of paying the extra money for the added thrill of three dimensions too appealing… THIS TIME!  I am pleased to announce that both the movie and my band of 5-14 year olds were excellent!  The story and the humor in the animated feature are enough to entice  both the young and adult viewer.  After taking someone’s “shortcut” to their mother’s house, I returned home.  Note to self… never listen to a 10 year-old’s directions no matter how many times she has been to the destination or how “easy” this way is… but it was fun.

Tomorrow after mass, the family (yes… Megan & Carol, too) are heading out to see WiCKED! My oldest brother has already seen the show and the fact that he wants to again and suggested that we get the parents tickets for Christmas tells me something.  At least it doesn’t look like we will be driving home in a snowstorm at 11 PM as was the case 2 years ago when Megan, Carol, and I went to the Stranahan to see The Lion King. Not forgetting Nick’s after the show!!!

Finally, tomorrow night will see the Yanks begin their bid for championship number 28!  We won’t elaborate on their preseason record because high or low it doesn’t really mean a great deal.  But why does the season opener have to be THERE!  UGH!

In the midst of all these fun, exciting events, let’s not overlook the reason for the season.  The ultimate sacrifice of the One who died to save us all from our sins.  As Father stated in his homily yesterday, how fickle is man.  Jesus entered Jerusalem amidst cheers and celebration. Five days later, he was crucified upon the order of the same revelers.  Then to complete the prophesy, he rose from the tomb saving all of us.

May you all have a Blessed and Happy Easter weekend!