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Deliciously Evil

Today at our second rehearsal, we got to watch the original 1947 classic film starring Jimmy Stewart, Donna Reed, and Lionel Barrymore.  I now wonder why It’s A Wonderful Life has not been a holiday tradition along side the myriad versions of A Christmas Carol and other movies.  I thought it was extraordinary for the first time.  Primarily, Travis wanted us to watch and listen to line inflection and deliveries since many of the lines in the script are taken verbatim from the film, but I think watching Mr. Barrymore’s performance will help even more in developing my take on Mr. Potter.  Producer Mare asked if I could channel Drew’s great-uncle.  I thought the performance was stupendous and I can see why many in the cast have congratulated me on getting the role.

I also had time today to highlight my lines with the extremely cool erasable highlighters.  Whatever genius at Crayola came up with these deserves millions.  I highly recommend them to every actor.

And ONE MORE WIN TO GO! but I will not be so bold as to predict a five game series.  But I will ask… how many HBPs does it take before it becomes intentional?  In his first at bat, A-Rod was hit for the third time in two games.  A warning was immediately given to both pitchers.  Coincidental?  I realize that pitchers like to come inside to him but jeez…

Final score…. Evil Empire 7… Defending Champs 4