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You Know It Is The End Of The Month When…

a woman and her four kids come into the store and use the ELEVEN W.I.C. vouchers she started the month off with at once.  Ordinarily, you would expect people to come in and use the last one or two coupons they have at the end but to use all of them at once.  Apparently, the customer’s husband was curious to know if she had any left.  Unfortunately for her, we were out of one dozen large eggs which are the only kind allowed… no 1.5 dozen, no jumbo, no substitutions or we risk losing our license to be able to take the Women, Infant, and Children certificates which are given to those in I believe it is more medical than financial need…(no, I can’t really say that because I know one individual who is in a totally financial situation who at first was too proud to admit that she needed assistance).  However, I had to question the need when at one time you come in to get 6 dozen eggs, 9 gallons of milk, 8 boxes of cereal, and other miscellaneous odds and ends at one time.  What have they lived on throughout the month if you need to be on the program.  She informed us that she forgot to use them.  And the program is changing as of tomorrow whereby they can start to get fresh produce items as well as the usual milk, eggs, juice, and cereal.  After I completed the large cart full transaction,  I was glad that it was nearly time to go home.  But not complaining, I do have a job 😉

Like A Good Neighbor…

I don’t think State Farm could have helped in this case that fittingly enough happened in the state up north.  Until recently, a Michigan woman has been helping three of her neighbors by making sure that their children were safely put on the school bus for the 6 mile trip.  Shortly after the beginning of the school year, Lisa Snyder received a letter from the Michigan Department of Human Services warning her that her charity was in violation of a law aimed at unlicensed day care centers and she would be fined if she continued.  This for watching THREE children (not including her own daughter) who each had their parent’s permission.  They each spent about an hour at the woman’s home preparing for school.  One has to wonder how and why the authorities learned of this generosity.  I can understand a houseful of children but 4 children do not a houseful make (of course others might disagree).

At least after learning of this travesty, the state powers that be are in the process of changing the regulations allowing good samaritans like Mrs. Snyder to continue making sure that a few of her neighbor’s children make it safely to school.  I realize that not everyone can be trusted but this individual was just doing a good deed and known well enough and trusted to do it.

It’s A Wonderful Miracle

I am in a quandary.  Next week, opening week of You Have the Right to Remain Dead, is audtion dates for WCCT’s production of Miracle on 34th Street, a show I dearly love.  However, I do not see much in the way of a possibility to try out when there is rehearsal each of the three nights.

However, the next production of the Village Players is another holiday classic, It’s a Wonderful Life.  I’m not entirely sure when auditions for this show will be; since Travis (director for IAWL) and Mare and are both in Little Shop of Horrors at the same time as my show, I do not see them being held until after that.  Maybe when our time-strapped tangenteer has time to read this post, she might be able to provide a bit of insight or I may be able to ask at our next gathering.

But I think either show would be fun to be a part of.

A Change Has Come

Yes, according to our calendar’s autumn officially arrived last week.  Today is the first real sign that it has indeed come.  The blustery wind, the grey skies, the falling, blowing leaves… AH… love it… evn if I had to put a jacket on to walk up town this morning.  I had to stop at the post office and as I was making my way home, I decided to go back up (after getting my wallet) and get a can of tomato soup for lunch.  Grilled cheese and tomato soup on a wonderful fall day!

The landscape also brings back wonderful memories of Autumn’s past of high school football games, baseball playoffs on the tube, bonfires, hay rides, a sudden chill, and a sense of creepiness that makes its presence known as we close out September and enter the month of October.  Last year was the first season for years that I have been REAL Haunted Attraction scavenging with friends.  Let’s hope that this continues although my next 2 weekends are once again pretty full.  It’s much more fun as the season progresses and more people come out to be given a fright and those that do the frightening are more seasoned as we found out on our multiple trips to ScreamAcres (my favorite of the bunch) last year.  We were there so many times that the ghouls knew we were coming as we approached and one very memorable escapade that I hesitate mentioning at the fear of becoming a real member of the walking dead.

So… whether you are 8 or 108 there is plenty to do during the fall in Northwest Ohio.

Another Full Weekend

Yes, another weekend full of things to do.  and one more thing after finishing this post… rehearsal… the first at which EVERYONE is to be off book… less than 2 weeks to go, I should think so, although there have been times… but we won’t go there not that I would ever be on book with less than 3 weeks to go.

Friday was another long work day followed by another wonderful night of games and friends.  But why does everyone assume that I am Mafia all the time.  I felt something tickle my leg and I jumped… so NATURALLY that would make me a member of the mafia (ok, the fact that I was that round is beside the point entirely).

Saturday was another birthday for a little princess who is about to turn 2 and is going to be on her way on a flight to Florida in the same less than two weeks.  I have never seen such a haul but there were a lot of relatives and well-wishers so…  I was told that my gift went over really well.  I found a mermaid doll that I thought that any little girl would enjoy.  So, I searched for a card.  I am particularly fond of the cards with sound so for a little more than a traditional birthday card, I found one with Ariel that played “Part of Your World” one of Lauren’s favorites.  I don’t do clothes, so I had to be creative for my little cousin.  Apparently, the parents did not know that the Buckeyes played a 3.30 game because most of us were surprised at the late start (at 5 o’clock).  But since Ohio State handily defeated Illinois 30-0, it was not a great tragedy.  But the menu was delicious and ALOT was to be had (chicken noodle soup, Uncle Delton’s fabulous chili, nacho dip, homemade rolls, not to mention cake, cupcakes, and ice cream).

All this food the day before the church’s annual chicken festival.  Elizabeth (more on her in a bit) told me that it was very warm in the church basement where the dinners were served.  She should have been around when the dinner was in the middle of July with fans blowing nothing but hot air.  My sister asked when this was and honestly, I could not remember when it was changed to the last Sunday of September.  Mom informed us that they used to have two chicken dinners annually.  I don’t remember that.

Speaking of Elizabeth, apparently her joy of getting the role of Mulan was premature.  She told me that she was asked to come for a call back for the part.  The title role was given to another girl and E-beth is a mother/dressmaker.  Oh, well she didn’t seem too upset.  I believe the dates are either the first or second weekend of November.

Ok… off to rehearsal.  Good Luck BEARS… The Yanks are playing for the  AL East title tonight.

Eileen Escapes FIghtin While Having A Pina Colada

This morning before leaving for work, I was listened to our local Classic Rock station to see if I could listen and win.  Thursday is the Three Songs with a Theme in which you listen to the three songs in their ENTIRETY.  I listened to the first song then by song two had the solution.  While the final song was playing, I put the station’s number up, waiting until the song faded, and hit the talk button.  BUSY SIGNAL!? And Mr. Brigle came on and said… “Let’s see if we have a winner.”  Sure enough, we had a winner.  Someone must have been a little quicker on the draw than I.

OK… test your musical expertise and tell me what these three songs have in common.  I can offer no more than your name and answer to be posted on my blog… but isn’t that reward enough?

  1. “Kung Fu Fightin'”
  2. “Come On, Eileen”
  3. “Escape (The Pina Colada Song)”

In the past I have won a few prizes: a gift certificate to an area coffee shop, and two CDs (the soundtrack to one of the Scream movies and one by Daryl Hall and John Oates that must have been their attempt at a comeback).  My mother won a phone-in  contest years ago.  Her prize?  A trip on the Jet Express that ended at the end of the season.  The end of the season being that very weekend.  Unfortunately, she was not able to use the prize.

And Yes… They Keep On Winning (some)

Not all but some…. and look out… her comes the return of the Red Stockings (on Friday)… BOOOO!!!!!! no doubt on the war path following the sweeping of the last series.  The Yanks have clinched a berth for the post season.  They slipped a bit but thanks to a win or two and a loss from Boston, New York has gone back to a six game first place lead and defeated the Angels of Anaheim tonight.  Just sayin’.  Last season, I did not get to say that.

And it looks like the Tigers  (another team on tangent’s radar) will be a post season hopeful, correct, justj?  What about the Cubbies, taylhis?

Another Thespian In The Family?

On Tuesday nights, my niece Elizabeth and nephew Noah come to the house while their older brother is taken to Boy Scouts.  Last night after returning from rehearsal, I asked Elizabeth when her school play is going to be.  I never got the dates but I remember last year’s was sometime in November.  I was able to drag out that she has the title role in Mulan, Junior.  I was excited for her and even had to ask again to make sure I heard correctly.  How awesome is that?!  I asked if Joshua got a part… forgetting that he is too old to be in the 4th and 5th grade show.

I must admit… and I don’t know why… but I have never seen the movie.  It must have been because I lost track of Disney movies in the years following The Lion King up until Pixar joined the studio with Toy Story.  I do remember that Lea Salonga was the title voice with Donny Osmond and Eddie Murphy also voicing roles.

Another aspect of Elizabeth that amazes me is her voracious reading.  For her birthday, I gave her two books: a mid-level edition of Marley and Me and a Peter Pan prequel (it had Disney’s stamp of approval for whatever that’s worth).  I thought the first book looked a bit simple for her (she has read all 7 Harry Potter books) but, eh.  I was right because I asked how far she had gotten in them and she finished the first and started Peter Pan earlier that day and was already beyond the first 100 of 500 pages.

Apparently, school children are rewarded for outside reading far more than I was.  When I was in elementary school, we received a coupon for a free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut after reading so many books.  Today, children can read a book go onto a website, take a quiz, and earn points which they can build up to obtain all kinds of fabulous gifts.  I had no idea there was such a thing until my cousin asked if I made sure the books were on the AR list?  I think it is a neat idea but for one thing:  The points do not carry over from year to year. I really don’t have a problem with rewarding those who enjoy reading and I don’t believe that the incentive is connected with the classroom.

Not trying to take anything away from the fabulous news of Elizabeth’s first lead role, so CONGRATS! Break a leg!  OH… my brother came in the store tonight and he had no idea of the news when I asked him about the show dates.  And I was informed as I walked into the house last night?  Priorities.

Off The Book & It Feels Soooo Fine

YAHOO!!!  I took the plunge and ditched the script for the entire rehearsal.  As a wise scientist once stated: “Once you set your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.”  I will not say that I was perfect but I felt good after the evening was complete.  So fun and ultimately rewarding… now I can begin the tweaking of my character.  We also attempted to run the show using the lights: extensive blackouts, many light tricks and sound effects that will definitely need to be worked out during the next three weeks.  Hopefully, our tech crew will arrive soon to get all of their cues.  The entire cast was fumbling around in the dark on numerous occasions tonight but no one was seriously injured… yet.  I even got to provide a word following the run through.  As I have stated previously, this show is much more than an audience-participatory murder-mystery, I think it closely rivals some of the best melodramas out there.  I mentioned that most of the characters have lines that can be delivered as asides to the audience.  That was one of my few complaints with the last melodrama I saw staged… there were asides but the director chose not to have them blatantly directed to the audience which limited the amount of booing and cat-calling.

This new internet is crazy cool.  So much faster than the old Verizon.  Just sitting here makes me feel like a kid in a candy store.  Three weeks to go and our rehearsal schedule has changed so that we now have practices every night except Saturday.  Well… if they are needed (and I think they are, there is just so much to work out technically as well as theatrically).

17 Days 5 1/2 Hours And Counting….

and still actors still have their scripts on stage!  Ok… so I’m one of them but it is more of a crutch than anything else.  Besides, as I said there are still 17 days until the curtain goes up and the “NO BOOK” deadline is set for Friday.  I think tonight I will go completely off book.  I don’t need it!  There are just a few of those incidental phrases that throw me off every time during the rehearsal process.

This is kind of a different role for me.  One reason being, I have the opening line of the show.  Nothing can start until I say so!  I can hold the audience, my fellow thespians, the directors, everyone in the palm of my hand!  MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  I may have had the opening line for School House Rock but that was recorded.

Oh, yes… I received some fliers at last night’s rehearsal which I took around town to display along with some Oktoberfest announcements.  So come one come all to the Huber theatre October 9-11 and solve the mystery of whodunwhat to whom.

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