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Wherever One Door Closes Another Is Sure to Open Soon

While at work tonight, my sister and cousin came into the store with some bad news.  The director for Little Shop called the house to inform me that I was not cast in any role… apparently my attempt at a Jewish accent did not meet with the director’s approval?  Have to work on that…. I would hate to think that he only one I am good as is one from Liswathistan 😉 .  I will have to think about the offer to work backstage this time.  It has happened previously and while it was fun, I really want to be on stage.  I know that the Village Players are doing a murder/mystery soon.  Another area theatre usually has a fall production… although the drive is a bit longer.  As I have noted before, I have been on different stages in the area and have had great times on each of them.  I dunno… is this wrong of me?   I love to be a part of the theatrical experience in any way especially when great friends are involved (two of them are producing Little Shop), but I am definately an on stage person.

Another great supporter suggested I research a theatre even farther away in Fort Wayne where they are doing Joseph in the near future.  I signed up to join their email list to be informed of audition dates and info.  That would be a GREAT BIG WONDERFUL adventure.  We shall see.  Until then…