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My Game Night Wish List (which will probably lead to another banished game)

After auditions tonight, I came across a new game show that in a game night format would probably have me banned from playing.  “The Money List”  seems to be a update on the classic show 21 (scandals galore) in which two teams compete.  The teams are made up of two complete strangers who are placed into sound proof rooms.  The object of the game is to outbid the other team to complete the given list.  For instance, the category is: “Scrabble Tiles That Are Worth More Than 1 Point.”

To begin, one team bids on the number they can correctly guess.  Then, the other team’s booth is unlocked and they either bid higher or allow the other team to fill in the list.  The first team to win two rounds is the winner and goes on for a chance to win $50,000!!! by completing yet another list.

Other lists:  “Number One Beatles’ Singles,” “U.S. Presidents Prior to 1900 (first and last names had to be given),” “Elvis Presley Songs That Were  On Billboard’s Top 40 (unfortunately, the very first answer given (“That’s Alright, Mama”) was wrong because Billboard was not around when the song was recorded),” and “The 10o Most Populous Cities (a team actually go the bidding up to 30 but misspoke NEW Delhi, Delhi itself would have been correct).” has an online version of the game that I think I may peruse (perused and wish I had not).

Oh, boy, oh BOY, OH BOY… I’ve reached 500 !!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Little Shop Of Which?

Tonight began auditions for WCCTs newest venture: Little Shop of Horrors.  I knew of at least two others who would be joining me.  Mare and Travis from my stint with the Village Players in Meet Me in St. Louis.  However, I began to wonder if they were going to show as Mary promised that they would be early.  Early turned out to be about 7.05 PM.  There was a wide range of talent… some young high schoolers to twenty somethings to the older set (30ish).

To break the ice, we all went around and introduced ourselves (including the director and asst. director).  We then sang our selected audition piece.  SOMEONE so kindly volunteered me to go second.  So, I handed my excerpt to piano man/producer.  I thought I did well.  Honestly, there were a few who I could barely hear singing.  Apprehension, nerves, but there were some who barely opened heir mouths.  Some sang with the MIDI track from the show provided by the director.  Only two others bothered to bring music that was not “canned.”  I have to mention Tim who sang something called “Ladies Choice”  (I have no idea where the song comes from), but the performer was flamboyant to say the least.  So much so, that he was asked to perform the song again.  This time with his hands in his pockets and not moving so much across the stage.

The role of Seymour (after night one of tryouts) seems to be down to two.  If it were up to me, Travis would have had it from the start.  In my eyes, the poor sap should have a whiney voice, totally lacking from self-confidence, and shy.  Travis not only had the voice, but the mannerisms.  He projected well while maintaining the meek, humble character.

As expected, Mary totally rocked as one of the pivotal doo-wop girls.  Her stage presence and “ghetto tude” was exceptional.  Until the director asked the girls on stage to develop a Spanish(?) accent.  Thankfully, that request was quickly abolished.

We also had a lot of readings done for Orin Scrivello, D.D.S.  Tim once again brought some chuckles from the audience.  I attempted to be sly, slippery, and sadistic, as I led Seymour to the chair (“Say, AHHHHH”).  Squirmy put a southern twang into his performance.  I’m just not sure that I could do justice to the dentist’s songs.

Only two were asked to read for the voice of Audrey II.  Tim put his own spin on the voice.  There was a young high schooler who seemed to have the voice.  For his audition piece, he sang with the vocal track for “Feed Me/You Can Do It.”

I was asked to read a segment of Mr. Mushnik’s lines.  After my first reading, I was told to be more Jewish.  After my second and third, I heard no comments.  Maybe I will rewatch some of Vincent Gardenia in the movie version before going back tomorrow night.  No one else was asked to read the role… no one else old enough, apparently.  Guess I am too old for Seymour… did not get asked to read for the role.  But, I think Mushnik would be a fun challenge… he gets eaten, anyway.

I don’t remember too many reading the role of Audrey.  Dunno, maybe tomorrow night.

So… if anyone else is interested, round two tomorrow night at 7.