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The Price WAS Right

For only the second time in the history of The Price is Right, a contestant guessed the price of his showcase EXACTLY right.  Unfortunately, the other contestant at the end of the show missed her showcase by $517.00.  According to the shocked Drew Carey, the only other time this phenomenal feat occurred was in 1973 just months after the show began.  I’m not one to make judgements, but to me it looked like the bidder came up with the bid awfully quick.  Check it out! Something else I have been curious about.  Hypothetically, if both showcase winners were to be the same amount away from the suggested retail price of the showcases, would they each win their showcase?  Even more unlikely, if they were to both be within the $250.00 range, would they indeed win both showcases?  Thank goodness for wikipedia, as this nearly happened.  However, on a 1974 episode the differences were $29 and $30.  And yes both contestants would win both showcases.  Law suits surely would result if this were not the case.  Thanks to my brother who was watching while he is laid off for the holidays.