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Super Nanny Saves The Senate

I have heard of two possible heirs to the seat about to be vacated by New York Senator Hilary Clinton, one that sounds at least plausible, the other laughable at best.  Fran Drescher that nasally toned actress who graced television screens a few years back as a domestic goddess has announced that she has her eye on the prize.  One would hope that her political saavy is better than the one she exhibited as The Nanny.  By the way, did you know that she was in the cast of the motion picture Saturday Night Fever?  She played the role of “Connie”.  Sorry I don’t know anymore beyond that.  For all of you This Is Spinal Tap fans, Ms. Drescher played Bobbi Flekman.  Of course, she could be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger and be the next politician whose voice you cannot stand. Although she could take her aspirations beyond the governator.  I’m glad I do not live in New York.  By the way, another possible candidate is the totally unknown Caroline Kennedy.

SLOOOWly I Turned… INCH By Inch… STEP By Step

Be ready to have another second in 2008.  It seems that the Earth’s rotation is continually slowing and to make up for it, a leap second is being added on December 31 at 6:59:59 p.m EST.  This is not the first time the phenomenon has occurred.  Leap seconds have been inserted on numerous occasions since 1972 and the most recent one was on New Year’s Eve 2005.  To read a more in depth explanation click here.

I have no idea how many people will be glued to their clocks and watches (the invention of atomic clocks was mentioned in the article) at one second til 7 on 12-31.  However, it could have happened in the middle of the night when people are sleeping.  Of course, it will be the middle of the night somewhere at that time.  However, by the time some think to remember about the leap, it willl be over.  Unlike this post… does it seem like I am reaching for a topic?