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Fascinating… Schmascinating

I usually enjoy watching Barbara Walters and her announcing of the 10 Most Fascinating People of the Year.  I usually am surprised to find out who the most fascinating person of the year is; however, aside from a few this year was far from surprising and even less fascinating.  I’m sorry, but Rush Limbaugh just does not make me stop and listen to his political views on the radio… and his pick for Republican Presidential candidate in 2012?  None other than another political figure who made the list, Sarah Palin.  Which led to another person on the list, former Saturday Night Live cast member, Tina Fey whose characature of the former vice-presidential candidate may or may not have been a factor in the Democrats assuming the White House.

Not all of the figures in tonight’s special were from the political arena.  Four of them were on primarily to promote their new movies coming soon to a theatre near you.  Will Smith was promoting Seven Pounds.  Tom Cruise (who seems to be on most of Bawa Wawa’s specials) promoted Valkyrie.  And don’t forget the current “it girl” amongst the tween set: Miley Cyrus and coming soon… Hannah Montana The Movie (I guess the movie this fall was a concert film).  Frank Langella (whom I most recall portraying Perry White in Superman Returns … although I know he has been in a host of other roles) is reprising his Tony winning role in the film version of Frost/Nixon.

In previous years, I have often noticed that Ms. Walters usually lists people whom she has interviewed earlier in the year and recently for that matter.  Within the last month, she has interviewed both this year’s top person and the world’s first “man” to give birth.  As for the top person, it does NOT take much of a genius to figure that out.  During the last fifteen minutes, I was just saying “Come on already.”  Although, I thought the most fascinating person on the show was Olympic gold medal record-breaker Michael Phelps.

At least The Office did not disappoint.

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