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One Day More

Ah…. opening day at Yankee Stadium, the last opening day at Yankee Stadium as the Bronx Bombers will be moving next year to the new park across the street. I was anticipating a great game with a huge opening ceremony and all the pomp and celebration to open the final season in the House that Ruth Built. Alas, it was not to be.

1;05 came and went. The sportscasters on ESPN kept promising to start the game as soon as possible. Then, the channel switched to the Detroit Tigers game. A short time later, the screen went dark announcing a blackout in the area. I then switched the channel to WGN to see if the Chicago Cubbies game was still on. They were also under a rain delay. How ironic that Chicago and New York were getting rain while Detroit was able to start their game on time. I’m sure a certain Tigers fan will have something profound to say about that.

In the end, the Cubs game started shortly after 3. However, it was raining enough in New York to postpone Yankee Stadium‘s swan song season for one day.

As of this posting, the Cubs were under another another rain delay and the Tigers were tied in the 10th inning

Not Very Funny….

Said Short Round to Willie Scott after he nearly fell through the hole of a rickety bridge crossing a wide chasm where hungry crocodiles awaited a tasty morsel. (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom)

As my Liswathistani friend so eloquently pointed out, several people at the wedding reception on Saturday did come down with a case of the dreaded scoots. We have come to the conclusion that it stemmed from some bad creamed chicken sandwiches which are usually very good. Apparently, the canned chicken (which was purchased a week ago) was bad.

All day long, we laughed and joked about the situation. It was definitely a reception no one will forget. Tonight around 10 o’ clock, it became not so funny. Apparently, two of the groom’s relatives are in the hospital with food poisoning. One of them is hooked to an IV.

The bride called the store this afternoon to explain the situation and ask about the return policy. I imagine tomorrow she will be inquiring about the liability policy. They will be getting a copy of the bills. Thank heaven all I have done is take some anti-diarrhea medication which seems to be doing the trick. Ironic how something that seems funny one moment can be so serious soon after.


HELLO EVERY PEOPLE! Morat Notboratnichkov a return to OHHO on his a way west to continue covering for de news election of new owner America country. I a visit the strange person once again a working at the Super Kaiser Market or something like that. When I a enter the store in Edgertown, OHHO a woman say to me: “You are Morat!!!!”

“WOOLY SHEEP! YES, I A MORAT. You a know Morat?”

“Yes, I took my children to see your show. You made me laugh.”

“So… you have little people so a you must be married woman?”

“No, I am not married.”

“OH, then it would not a be possible for a you to go on de Wife Swap trading on tv box. So sorry. Thank you for a shopping at Super Kaiser Market.”

Very strange person he a tell me he sing in wedding on Fiffelday. He a tell me that many people had de running problem to de bathroom today. He a say some sandwich chicken was a bad. Every people they a call his house and ask if everyone was ok. Very strange person he say he still has running to bathroom problem and had to go many times at the work. Morat say that is a very funny 🙂 Strange man person did a not look amused.

OK every people, I a must go to sleep so I a can continue covering for news election of new owner. Morat say “NO WOMANS.” And what is name of Obabadaba… I a no like so much.

Get Me To The Church On Time

No… not for my own wedding. My cousin and her boyfriend were married today and my brother and I were the vocalists. Last night, he went to a karaoke bar and went home with no voice….GREAT!!! Thankfully, he was better today and at least made it through his song and the two songs we sang as duets. For some unknown reason, I seem to get nervous singing at functions like weddings and I do not know why. I stand in the choir loft high above the congregation whose backs are to me. So it is not as if I could be seen. Maybe that is it. I need to be seen. However, I am sure it sounded fine (no one ran from the building covering their ears).

Moments of the ceremony were hilarious. My 3 year old nephew served as ring bearer and the groom’s young niece was the flower girl. When the time came for the pair to process down the aisle, they were nowhere to be seen and the organist was getting near the end of the piece. All of a sudden like a shot, two little people come running down the aisle arm in arm. Honestly, the other attendants could have learned a thing or two about how to walk down the aisle.

During the ceremony, the little ones were all over the place. Noah kept dropping the pillow he carried up… luckily the rings were not on it. Then, they were constantly wandering around smelling flowers having a fun time. I think the priest was just as amused.

More hilarity continued at the reception during the cake cutting ceremony. Rich smeared a whole slice all over Charnel’s face (WTG…. welcome to the family). All Charnel managed was a little dab of frosting on Rich’s nose, forehead, and chin. Probably because she could not see him to get him any better.

So, anyway, another relation sent on her way to married life. I am starting to feel the pressure here.

UPDATE: To read more about the pre-wedding adventures follow the link here 

Whoopee for Whoopi

It is so funny how a simple fun evening with a group of friends can inspire thoughts to re-emerge in your head. I have gotten almost totally out of touch with Star Trek. Tonight, I was reminded that Academy Award winning actress Whoopi Goldberg was indeed a member of the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation beginning in the series’ second season. Although she did not receive a screen credit, she also appeared in the movies Generations, First Contact, and Nemesis. Whoopi played the enigmatic hostess of the Enterprise’s lounge Ten Forward. Perhaps more than any other person to have a role on the phenomenon, her history goes back to the original series.

In 1967 following the premiere season of Star Trek, Nichelle Nichols opted not to return to the show. Her character of communications officer Lt. Uhura was not being developed to its full potential. Upon learning of her departure, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. approached Nichelle and told her that she must not leave the show. The role of Uhura was not only one of the rare good female characters on television but also one of the first important roles for a woman of color. During the shows three year run, Nichelle had the distinction of sharing the first interacial kiss on television. This was shared with William Shatner in the episode “Plato’s Stepchildren.”

Twenty years later, Whoopi approached Trek creator Gene Roddenberry about being on the new television series. She cited the incident between Ms. Nichols and Dr. King as the inspiration behind her fascination with the franchise.

The character of Guinan has always been clouded in mystery. Like any good bartender, she is a good listener. She is extremely long-lived and very little is known about her alien race, the El Aurian. However, Guinan does share some history with Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) that has never been fully explained. Not even during the two-part episode in which members of the Enterprise crew travel back in time to the 19th century where they meet Mark Twain.


Another Office Party

This evening, I watched the final three episodes of the premiere season of The Clinic (ooopssss…. The Office). I am now absolutely hooked and need to seek out the second and third seasons before April 10 (although I am sure that I will not be able to watch them all.. unless I have an Office party :0). The first segment found Jim jokingly forming an “Alliance” with Dwight in order to investigate the downsizing rumor surrounding the Scranton, PA branch of Dunder-Mifflin. Dwight ends up being taped inside a shipping box to spy on other employees. Hilarious!!!!

The second episode found Michael and the staff taking on the warehouse workers in a “friendly?” game of basketball. Each side places a small bet on the outcome. Michael chooses the players that he thinks will defeat the other team in typical stereotypical fashion and hilarity ensues.

In the final episode of season one, an attractive new saleswoman (Amy Adams) enters the office to sell purses. Michael, Dwight (something strange about that one), and Jim each try to win her affections. Pam’s fiance Roy (David Denman) also makes it known that he finds the new arrival very fetching.

After the final segment, I found myself wanting more. I was hoping to hear that Pam finally dumped her jerk of a fiance (after a three year engagement) and moved on to Jim. Of course, just watching the first season it seemed like a forgone conclusion. Who would be the victim(s) of downsizing? A few of these questions were answered by those who know, but I do want to catch up eventually.

I just cannot believe that I have not discovered this hilarious comedy full of great characters, a fantastic ensemble, and brilliant creative staff before now. I also like the references to other series some of which are not part of NBC’s lineup of shows (Survivor to name one).

Please forgive my allusion to The Clinic at the beginning of the post. A wonderful one-act play which I was part of in January 2007).

What A Feelin’ :)

This afternoon I got to sit with some friends at our local Business and Industry show in order to promote our theatre. When we had passers-by inquiring about upcoming shows, it was kind of fun. Even when we had no one to inform, it was enjoyable to sit, chat, and people watch.

There were several people who asked me, personally, what my next role would be. That is really great!. I just finished doing the dinner theatre and am always eager to do the next show. But to have people actually come up to you, tell you that they enjoy your performances, and actually ask what is on the horizon…. just indescribable. Even people I do not know approached me about it. It is just soooo cool!!!!! Then there were a few who found it strange that I would be involved in a theatre group. Apparently, they do not know me very well, do they. Just trying to describe how much joy I get being involved in any way large or small is phenomenal.

What is on the horizon for me? Wellll…. I just found out that there are several male roles in Little Women. I read the novel years ago but did not remember too many male characters, but I will be sure to research the musical before auditions. This summer a local group is also staging The Music Man. I found this very strange because the classic musical has been done so much that it seems stale. I also love the play The Nerd which I know I will be trying out for. So there are at least three productions that I have a great interest in.

Just knowing that there are people who see and remember shows you are involved in creates such a fantastic feeling.

New Must See TV

Now…. I have another show to look forward to on Thursday nights (one of the few evenings on which I actually find enjoyable shows). The Office is a hilarious mockumentary based upon a British series. It concerns the everyday workings of the Dunder-Mifflin Paper company. The ensemble cast is awesome. Steve Carell plays the regional manager, Michael Scott. Rainn Wilson plays Dwight, assistant to the regional manager, . John Krasinski portrays salesman Jim. Jenna Fischer is seen as long suffering receptionist Pam Beasley. Finally, B.J. Novak plays Ryan the temp.

I was lucky enough to become acquainted with the show the other night and tried hard to hold my laughter in as some children were trying to go to sleep so the Easter Bunny would come, but at times it was nearly impossible. I saw the first three episodes of the series in which the characters are introduced.

All three episodes were hilarious, but I would have to say that I enjoyed the health-care segment most. Michael is ordered to choose a new health care package for his staff which will dramatically cut the one already in place. He decides to delegate the responsibility to his assistant. Dwight chooses a plan that is so bad that Michael hides in his office to escape the employee’s anger. Michael also attempts to ease the tension by promising a surprise which turns out to be ice cream sandwiches.

Also memorable was a faux-Punked scene in which Pam believes that she has become the victim of downsizing. I also loved the diversity-integration meeting. So much great stuff in only 3 episodes. Unfortunately, it was getting too late before I was able to see all 6 episodes of season 1. Steve Carell is phenomenal as the jerky but hilarious leader of this fine ensemble. New episodes begin April 10 on NBC. Is Thursday night still known as “Must See TV on NBC?


This afternoon after attending Easter services and eating our huge dinner, the kids gathered around the big television to watch what any red-blooded American child would… Underdog (ok… so perhaps not that many). I was pleasantly surprised by the live-action version of the cartoon I remember watching as a child. It remained fairly faithful to the cartoon rekindling enough memories for the old and being fun for the young ones who probably do not remember the television series.

A bomb-sniffing beagle is released from the police force after he mistakenly sniffs out a ham instead of a bomb. While roaming the streets, the dog is captured by the evil scientist Dr. Simon Barsinister and is injected with a serum which gives him amazing superpowers. The dog escapes and becomes the pet of a security guard (played by Jim not John Belushi) and his teenage son, Jack and is given the name Shoeshine.

After discovering Shoeshine’s powers, Jack decides to keep the secret to himself and convinces the reluctant pooch to use his powers to help those in distress. However as Underdog begins his exploits of daring-do, Simon and his henchman Cad continue to hunt for the beagle to use in their own sinister plot.

Ok… while it may not be the most ambitious movie ever made, Underdog did keep 7 children occupied for 90 minutes. It also had many tie-ins to the cartoon (Shoeshine, Sweet Polly Purebred voiced by Enchanted’s Amy Adams, Simon Barsinister and his sidekick Cad, and Riff-Raff who was voiced by Brad Garrett). It was far better than what I expected. It also had a nice nod to another Disney animated film. Underdog and Sweet Polly’s first date was reminiscent of Lady and the Tramp’s spaghetti dinner (down to the single meatball).

Can You Feel The Love This Morning?

Last night’s excursion to Too-lee-doo was full of thrills, chills and did I mention I saw The Lion King? Getting there and enjoying the breathtaking splendor of live theatre was great, getting back was another story entirely. I will concentrate on the show and leave the adventure getting home for another time.

As I noted in a previous blog, the stage production of Lion King includes several songs which were not in the movie. Some of these include: Morning Report, Endless Night, and Shadowland. My favorite new song has always been Endless Night. It is sung by Simba in Act II. It is a beautiful soliloquy in which the lion struggles to decide whether or not to return to the Pride Lands and fight for the throne which is rightfully his or stay and remain hidden in his new life of Hakuna Matata.

Aside from the new songs, everything about seeing the masterpiece on stage is brilliant The puppetry used to personify several characters (towering giraffes, leopards, antelope, and countless other animals) must have taken hours to design and be implemented. The choreography is stunning. Perhaps even more spectacular is the use of African-style chant to enhance the atmosphere. My companions and I were curious as to the English translation for the lyrics. Also of interest was the number of African natives who made up members of the cast. Surely some degree of pride must be felt among them as they sing words native to their homeland.

I would HIGHLY recommend taking the entire family to see this excellent production. One or two of the scenes may be a bit intense for the very young; however, if they have ever seen the movie , it is no more intense than what is seen in it. There were several children in the audience (perhaps no younger than 5) with looks of utter awe and wonder. It is a great way to introduce the whole family to the spectacular world of live theatre..

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